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Kindle downloads for Mother’s Day, handy 1' extension cords, and a TriggerPoint foam roller lead off Sunday’s best deals from around the web.

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Best Tech Deals

If you’re planning on traveling internationally or fleeing the country any time soon, you won’t want to miss this deal on one of our readers’ favorite international power adapters.

Bestek’s popular 220V to 110V universal voltage converter is down to an all-time low $22 today, bundled with a bonus (non voltage converting) universal outlet adapter. The main voltage converter is a complete 3-outlet/4-USB power strip, and will work with US, EU, UK, and AU outlets, converting 220V power sources to US-friendly 110V, for any of your electronics that can’t handle both. And even when you aren’t traveling, it’ll act as a perfectly good desktop power strip.

Giant plugs that cover up half the outlets on your power strip should be outlawed, but until that day arrives, these short extension cords will have to do. $28 gets you a pack of 10, which should be enough for even the most advanced home theater setups.


The deal doesn’t require a promo code this time around, but today’s price is about $4 less than the usual going rate for this set.

TaoTronics Standing Desk | $120 | Amazon | Promo code KINJAB9E
Photo: Amazon

If you want to try a standing desk, but you’re not ready to commit to it for eight hours a day, this TaoTronics monitor riser is on sale for $120 with promo code KINJAB9E.

This riser arrives fully assembled, and just sits on top of your existing desk. Put your monitor(s) on the top shelf, your keyboard and mouse on the bottom, and use its integrated spring system to raise the entire setup from a sitting to standing position within seconds.

12.9" iPad Pro (256GB-512GB) | $950-$1150 | Amazon
11" iPad Pro (64GB - 512GB) | $750-$1000 | Amazon
9.7" iPad | $249-$329 | Amazon

Whether you require the raw power, advanced screen, and superior camera, and USB-C connectivity of the latest and greatest iPad Pros, or if the standard 9.7 iPad can fulfill your tablet needs, Amazon’s offering all of Apple’s latest tablets for some of the best prices we’ve seen.


Depending on capacity and color, the mammoth 12.9" iPad Pro is $50-$220 off (though the 256GB and 512GB models are the best deals, relative to usual pricing), the 11" Pro is $50-$150 off (the 512GB is the sweet spot, but it’s been cheaper in the past), and the 32GB standard iPad is $80-$100 off. If you need help deciding which one’s right for you, Apple has a handy comparison chart here.

Best Home Deals

Lucid 3-inch Mattress Topper (Various Sizes) | $48 - $93 | Amazon

If you don’t love your mattress, the answer isn’t necessarily to buy another mattress. Sometimes the only thing you need you need to make a good mattress great is a topper.


These Lucid 3-inch thick mattress toppers are made with memory foam gel and carry an impressive 4.2-star rating from over 5,000 reviews. The price on the queen size has been cut down to an all-time low $62, and every other size you could want is on sale as well, but these prices will only last until the end of the day, so don’t sleep on it.

Bonsai Tree Sale | $32 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Life is stressful, but if you take your eyes off your Twitter feeds for a few minutes to tend to one of these little bonsai trees, it might just lower your blood pressure a tad. Two different, already-mature trees are on sale today, both of which come with a decorative container.

Amazon’s highly rated Blink home security cameras are one of the easiest ways to monitor your home while you’re away, and the indoor cams are back on sale for the best prices ever. A single camera starter kit (with a hub) is just $64, add-on cameras are just $55, and larger starter kits with more cameras are on sale as well.

COSORI Air Fryer, 3.7QT | $80 | Amazon
COSORI Air Fryer, 5.7QT | $100 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Air fryers are hot on the heels of pressure cookers as the must-have buzzy kitchen appliances, and two different sizes of Cosori’s popular fryers are on sale today for $20 off.


Pro-tip: They’re amazing at cooking frozen snack foods. We’ll have more about that on The Inventory this week...

Anker Bolder LC90 Flashlight | $20 | Amazon | Promo code ANKERLC90

With a whopping 900 lumens of brightness, a rechargeable battery, a zoomable beam, and IP65 dust and water resistance, Anker’s LC90 flashlight is enough flashlight for just about everyone. And with those specs, it’s a steal at $20.


To give you a little context about the brightness here, your smartphone’s flashlight probably puts out about 40-60 lumens. Again, this has 900. Don’t look directly at it.

Just use promo code ANKERLC90 to get this deal before it goes dark.

Best Lifestyle Deals

TriggerPoint Grid 26" Foam Roller | $45 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

TriggerPoint’s GRID foam rollers are the most popular on the market, and Amazon just discounted the 26" extra long model to $45, from the usual $60. Foam rollers use compression from your body weight to simulate a sports massage after you work out, and they hurt like hell, but they really work!

And in case you missed it last week, you can also save on the tiny miniature model.

TImbuk2 Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Pack your travel stuff into a new Timbuk2 bag. There are plenty of messengers on sale in today’s Amazon Gold Box, as you’d expect from any self-respecting Timbuk2 sale, but you’ll also find backpacks in all shapes and sizes, as well as useful one-offs like this bicycle seat pack.

Prices for full-sized bags start at under $35, but like all Gold Box deals, they’re only available today, or until sold out.

Basics Under $20 from Amazon Essentials | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Amazon’s rapidly expanding line of affordable basic clothing is on sale once again. This time, you can choose from 164 styles for men and women for under $20.

Anjou Bath Bombs Gift Set, 6 x 4.0 oz | $10 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

You don’t need to justify this bath bomb purchase to anyone. It’s $10, you get six of them. Treat yourself.

Best Media Deals

Kindle Bestsellers Sale | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another Kindle ebook sale, and it’s only fitting that today’s is centered around Mother’s Day. Choose from a dozen top-selling books for moms for $5 or less. A few of the most popular titles are below, but head over to Amazon to see all of the options.

Forgot to get Mom a gift? The new, waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is still on sale, and if you live in a Prime Now city, you might be able to get it today.

Best Gaming Deals

3 Months Xbox Game Pass | $1 | Microsoft | New subscribers only
Graphic: Amazon

With Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft basically created the Netflix of video games, and it’s a great deal at its usual $10 per month. But for a limited time, new subscribers can get their first three months for just one dollar.


Xbox Game Pass grants you access to newer releases like State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves (which has gotten really good!), as well as classics like KOTOR and all of the Gears of War games. The only catch is that you’ll be auto-renewed at $30 per three months after your first three months is up, so remember to cancel if you don’t want to keep paying.

4D Cityscapes Game of Thrones 3D Puzzle Sale | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Celebrate the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones with a discounted 4D puzzle of Westeros. Three different options are on sale, including a full globe which I don’t think is canon...

Kingdom Hearts III [PS4] | $30 | Amazon
Kingdom Hearts III [Xbox One] | $30 | Amazon
Photo: Kotaku

If you’ve somehow managed to keep track of Kingdom Hearts’ story over the years—or even if you haven’t, and just want to enjoy a bizarre mashup of Disney and Square Enix IP—Kingdom Hearts III is $30 off on both PS4 and Xbox One today.






Deals You May Have Missed

Assuming your computer can handle it, your games will never have looked as good as they will on this 27" 4K monitor from LG, complete with HDR10 support and AMD FreeSync, which will reduce choppiness on games if you have a compatible graphics card. At $279, it’s never been cheaper.

You can also opt for this 24" 1080p Dell display, with 1ms response time and FreeSync support, if you’re on a tighter budget. $150 is a new all-time low by $20.

Anker has long been the purveyor of our readers’ favorite affordable Bluetooth headphones, and the SoundCore Spirits looks to be one of the best models yet. With an IP68 rating and an additional hydrophobic nanocoating that keeps them operating under sweaty conditions, they’re perfect for working out. And that 10 hour battery is best in class for this form factor. They’ll normally sell for $50, they’re marked down to $33 with week, no promo code required.

Zero Grid Neck Wallet | $12 | Amazon | Clip the $1 coupon and use promo code CFPQLK4L

If you don’t want to use a money belt to protect your valuables when traveling (I get it, it’s a little dorky), Zero Grid’s neck wallet might be the next best thing. Made from ripstop nylon, it can hold your passports and multiple cards underneath your shirt, or attached to your belt, and it’s even RFID shielded to protect you from more modern forms of theft.


For a limited time, you can get it for $12 by clipping the $1 coupon and adding promo code CFPQLK4L, complete with a bunch of bonus RFID-blocking card sleeves. That’s a steal...the good kind.

$2 Off AmazonFresh Direct Trade Coffee 12 oz. | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Amazon’s AmazonFresh ground coffee is affordable, convenient, and as I’ve written about here, pretty great for cold brew lovers. The company’s single-origin, direct trade blends cost a little more, but are purchased directly from growers, so you can feel good about drinking it.

For a limited time, single 12 ounce bags are $2 off when you clip the coupon on the page, bringing them down to about $8 with Prime shipping, or less if you want to use Subscribe & Save. Several flavors are available, so click around to find one you’ll like.

Lifetime 55 Qt. Cooler | $97 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

It might not have the name recognition or cool factor of a YETI, but this 55 quart Lifetime cooler is a lot cheaper at just $97 today, and keeps ice frozen for up to seven days. It just met that threshold in this YouTube test, even when it was left outside in the hot sun. Now grab this thing and start planning out beach trips and picnics.

DeWalt FlexTorq Impact-Ready Bit Set | $18 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you’ve lost or worn down half of the drill bits in your collection, you can get a complete new set for just $18 today on Amazon, an all-time low.


That gets you a total of 40 drill bits, screwdriver bits, and even some impact-ready bits. This is the most popular drill bit set on Amazon, with a 4.6 star review average from over 6,000 customers, so you can’t really go wrong here.

90-Count 10mg Natrol Melatonin Gummies | $8 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Everyone has trouble getting to sleep every once in awhile, so even if you don’t consider yourself a bad sleeper, it’s not a bad idea to keep some melatonin gummies stocked in your medicine cabinet. We’ve reviewed these gummies from Natrol, and you can grab a jar of 90 of them for under $8 today, down from the usual $10.

Pro-tip: they work wonders for sleeping on a plane, and are worth the purchase for that alone.

3-Pack David Archy Mesh Boxer Briefs | $24 | Amazon | Promo code DASAVE20
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Our readers have bought tens of thousands of pairs of ExOfficio’s quick-drying mesh boxer briefs, but if their sky high cost (you’d be lucky to get a single pair for $15) has scared you off, here’s a budget-friendly alternative with great reviews.

David Archy’s performance boxer briefs use a similar nylon/spandex combination as ExOfficio (they say polyamide and Lycra to be fancy, but it’s the same thing), and Amazon reviewers say they compare very favorably. The biggest difference: Price. While supplies last, you can get three pairs for $24 with promo code DASAVE20, a $6 discount.


Just note that the product page includes mesh, stripe, and solid options, with decreasing sweat wicking abilities, respectively. Get the mesh if you see any in your size, is my advice.

Princess Mononoke Collector’s Edition | $35 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Princess Mononoke is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s most beloved films, and it’s getting a long overdue collector’s edition, releasing next week.


The box set retails for $50, but Amazon currently has preorders marked down to $35, an all-time low. And if it drops any lower before it ships, you’ll automatically get the best price.

The set includes a Blu-ray with the film and special features, a soundtrack CD available for the first time in North America, and a 40 page book featuring essays from prominent film critics, the producers, and even Miyazaki himself.

Preorder Rage 2 [PS4] | $50 | Walmart
Preorder Rage 2 [Xbox One] | $50 | Walmart
Screenshot: Bethesda

If you liked the 2016 Doom reboot, it seems like a pretty good bet that you’ll like Rage 2, releasing next week:

I’ll give you an example: The level I played took place in an abandoned government space base in the middle of a crusty desert ridge, rife with mohawked jamokes raiding the wreckage. I whipped out my assault rifle and started firing, which filled up a God of War-style combo tally in the corner of my screen.

Eventually, I was instructed to launch into something called “Overdrive.” Functionally, this was a standard “enrage” meter that increased my damage while also regenerating my health. But it’s the aesthetics that make it stand out: Overdrive sends a purple wave of synthetic energy over your screen, makes your bullets physically larger, and ratchets up the gore to esoteric levels of excess.

After the demo I talked to a developer who told me that you can also air juggle dudes with your gunshots in overdrive, and if that’s true: Jesus. It’s the Doomguy button. It’s also responsible for the single most satisfying sequence I’ve had with a shooter this year.

If you preorder a copy for PS4 or Xbox One from Walmart today, you can get your copy for $50, instead of the usual $60.

Update: This deal is available again, if you missed it a few weeks ago. Amazon lists the AirPods as “temporarily out of stock,” but you can still order them for $140, and you’ll get them once Amazon gets a new shipment.


Apple’s excellent AirPods now support a hands-free “Hey Siri” feature and, now, you can also grab a pair from Amazon for $140. I’ve had mine since the day they came out, and they’ve carved out a permanent place in my pockets.

Amazon says they’ll be“in stock on May 7, 2019,” and they’ll ship soon after that. So if you can wait a few weeks for your truly wireless headphones, this is $20 off the price on the Apple Store and one of the lowest prices we’ve seen. If you want the unit with the Qi-charging case, there’s unfortunately no discount on it, today.  

If you just want the new wireless charging case to use with your existing AirPods, it’s also down to $70 today, from the usual $79.

Get $100 Off Every $1000 You Spend, Up to $300 | Casper | Promo code SHUTEYE
Image: Casper

Get some good sleep and save some money with Casper’s 4 Day Sale, now through May 13. For every $1,000 you spend, the sleep retailer will knock off $100, and you can save up to $300 total. And unlike other Casper promotions, you don’t have to buy a mattress to take advantage of it. So, feel free to stock up on new bedding, bed frames, pillows, and other Casper products using promo code SHUTEYE, and have sweet dreams of savings.

Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 24 Pack | $11 | Amazon
Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 48 Pack | $22 | Amazon | Clip $1 Coupon at Checkout
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you hate wasting money on paper towels, stop doing that. If you use microfiber towels, you cut costs and you also reduce the amount of waste you create in a year. You can get a 24-pack of Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for $11. There’s also a 48-pack available for $23 with a $1 coupon you can clip at checkout. The cloths can be used with or without cleaning solution to clean the kitchen, your car, or around the house. You can wash the microfiber cloths and continue to use them hundreds of times.