Thank you for your interest in working with us to bring Gizmodo Media readers the best deals on the Internet. Here’s everything you need to know.


Anyone can submit a deal to us. The easiest and best way to do so is by e-mailing the deal to:

Do not submit deals to our personal e-mail accounts, our personal social networks, through Facebook, through Linkedin, or attempt to call us to submit a deal.

Best Practices for Submission

Submitted deals should be historic low prices or near historic low prices on quality products from known retailers.


Do not submit deals that require a membership, that require a specific credit card, where the discount is primarily in the form of a rebate, that require a lot of legwork, are in-store only, or that have a “YMMV” caveat.


What can I do to give my deal the best chance of being featured?

Make it a good deal on a good product from a good retailer.

How do I know my deal will be featured?

You don’t. We don’t agree to be held to inclusion. You submit the deal and we’ll take it from there.

Does a deal have to include affiliate commission to be posted?

No. Many of the deals posted on Kinja Deals are from retailers that are not part of any affiliate program.

What affiliate programs is Kinja Deals a part of?

Amazon Associates and Skimlinks.

What are the fees/costs/etc. associated with placement on Kinja Deals?

There are none. We do not accept payment for posting deals. Kinja Deals is not advertising and not Sponsored Content.

Do you cover international deals?

Not at this time or in the near future.

I want to run a revenue share deal with you.

Those are not part of Kinja Deals. We call them Promotions. Email

I want to buy advertising/run a sponsored post.

Advertising is not part of Kinja Deals. Email

Exclusive Deals

We very selectively run exclusive deals if we determine the deal would greatly benefit our readers, or in order to create a deal for our readers on a product that would otherwise not be discounted.


If you want to send a non-exclusive deal to us and no one else, you are free to, but do not use our brand names/assets/etc. in a deal or promo code without our confirmation.

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