30% Off Games From What Do You Meme? | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez
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30% Off Games From What Do You Meme? | Amazon

JK, you can totally still laugh at all of the Area 51 memes that you want, but you might as well put your meme knowledge to the test. For Prime Day, What Do You Meme? has 30% off their games and expansion packs. You can get the original What Do You Meme? for $21, the Stoner Expansion Pack for $7, the Basic Expansion Pack for $7, and Fresh Meme Expansion Packs One and Two for $8 each.


Not the What Do You Meme? is exactly safe to play with your coworkers, there is an even dirtier NSFW Expansion Pack that is marked down to $9. You can get other adult games from the brand like Buzzed, 4-Bidden Words, and For the Girls on sale as well.