Sceptre 75" 4K TV | $760 | Walmart | +$50 shipping, or free if you pick it up from a store
Graphic: Shep McAllister
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If size is the most important consideration in your hierarchy of new TV needs, Walmart’s running a pretty fantastic deal on a really big TV for Black Friday.

This 75" Sceptre is the barest of barebones sets. While it does have 4K support, it lacks HDR, and even built-in smart apps. But you can always plug a 4K-compatible streaming dongle into one of its four HDMI ports for the same effect.


Will it look as good as Samsung’s Black Friday sets? Of course not, but it’s less than half the price for the same screen size. In fact, at just $760 (plus $50 if you get it shipped, rather than picking up from a store), it’s the cheapest 75" set we’ve ever seen.