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Stay Hydrated (or You Will Die) From a Takeya Bottle or Pitcher, Now up To 47% Off

Up To 47% off Takeya Bottles and Pitchers | Amazon Gold Box
Up To 47% off Takeya Bottles and Pitchers | Amazon Gold Box
Graphic: Gabe Carey

Up To 47% off Takeya Bottles and Pitchers | Amazon Gold Box

If the new year has you embarking on your fitness journey, trust me when I say one of the most important steps to getting in shape is to Drink. More. Water. Seriously. If your lips are dryer than the Sahara, no wonder you don’t have the energy to get out of bed. H2O won’t cure your depression or chronic fatigue, but it can certainly help keep your symptoms at bay. Take it from me—Swole Gabe. Lord knows I didn’t get this jacked overnight. Achieving this Dad Bod took years of pumping iron, non-stop, without a moment’s rest.


If you’ve never drunk water before, the first thing you’ll need is a reusable bottle. Sure, you could use a plastic cup, but keep in mind the contribution you’d be making to our planet’s ecological demise. Besides, Amazon’s deal of the day today sees Takeya insulated bottles, children’s sippy cups, adult sippy cups, and airtight pitchers on sale for up to 47% off. On the low end of that spectrum, you can get a 32-ounce stainless steel bottle, a 2-quart pitcher, or a 14-ounce kids’ bottle (with a straw!!!) for $16. Shell out a few bucks more and you can up the size of your bottle to 40 ounces, or just over a liter.

Whether you’re drinking water to quell the threat of dehydration or simply looking for a discreet way to drink in public, you might as well save a few coins by taking advantage of this thirst-quenching deal while it’s live.

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