If anything in your house runs on batteries, you owe it to yourself to buy some Eneloops. They won your recommendation for best rechargeables, and the voting wasn't even close, so whether you're starting your collection, or just adding some spares, we've got some great deals for you today.

First up, we've spotted the Eneloop Power Pack for under $34. That's one of the lowest prices we've seen on a product that's frequently out of stock. The pack comes with everything you need to start your Eneloop horde, including AAs, AAAs, C and D spacers, and a charger. Update: Sold out at $34.

If you just need a few AAs, check out the high capacity Eneloop XX 4-pack for $21. That's an all-time low price on the longest-lasting Eneloops you can buy. That deal gets you a charger as well, so this really is a steal.

And remember, Prime members can still get $10 of free Amazon credit just for buying a few gift cards. You won't get the credit in time to use it on this deal, but there will be plenty of chances with Black Friday coming up in a few weeks.

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