If you don't have the yard space for a real garden, there are a couple of deals available on Amazon today to grow your favorite herbs, spices, and even small fruits or vegetables anywhere in your house.

First up, the highly-rated Miracle-Gro AeroGarden starter kit is down to $140 today, an all-time low. It uses an LED light system and aeroponics to grow soil-free seed pods of herbs, spices, and even small fruits and vegetables. You can even plant your own seeds if there's something really specific you're after. All told, it's a pretty advanced machine; its included control panel can automatically cycle the light, tell you when to add nutrients, and tinker with the oxygen levels in the water. [Miracle-Gro AeroGarden, $140]

Of course, this little garden is probably going to be in a pretty visible area of your house, so aesthetics and size are both important. Luckily, the Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden Kit looks like a work of minimal art, and it's quite a bit smaller than the Miracle-Gro. Its Amazon reviews aren't as good, but Gizmodo liked it, and it's only $60 right now (down from $100), including three starter seed pods. [Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden, $60]

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