Samsung Chromebook Plus | $350 | Amazon
Samsung Chromebook Pro | $449 | Amazon

Samsung’s Chromebook Plus and its faster Pro variant are a bit expensive by Chromebook standards, but even at their regular prices, they’re worth every penny. This is Black Friday though (sorta), so you can get either one for $100 off, while they last.

So what makes these Chromebooks so special? Their 2400 x 1600 touchscreen displays jumps off the page, as do their included styluses and ability to fold into tablets. But the headlining feature here for both computers is full Google Play support, meaning you can download and run over a million Android apps to expand the laptop’s capabilities. Some of those will work better than others, and lag can be a problem with certain apps, but the fact is that Chrome OS isn’t just a browser window anymore. It can even run Photoshop!