TCL C-Series 55" 4K Dolby Vision TV | $400 | Rakuten | Promo code WC80
TCL C-Series 65" 4K Dolby Vision TV | $815 | Rakuten | Promo code WC135
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TCL’s P and C-series TVs are noteworthy for offering Dolby Vision HDR for a fraction of the price of most competitors, and you can get last year’s 55" C-series set for $400 right now with promo code WC80, or $100 less than the previous low price. A 2018 65" alternative also available for $815 right now with promo code WC135, which is $85 less than elsewhere.

The 55" was technically TCL’s top of the line set last year, but actually offered slightly worse contrast performance than the cheaper P-series, due to the lack of full-array direct backlighting. However, the trade-off is a slimmer, sleeker design, and you’ll still get a terrific picture and Dolby Vision.

The 65" isn’t quite as sexy looking on the outside, but it’s bigger (obviously), and the picture quality should be all but identical to the 55" model, which is to say very, very good.