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Shep’s Mom’s Favorite Kinja Deals Of 2017

I like to think that Sheppy got his tenacity to ferret out a deal from me. I don’t mind spending money, but I am going to spend less than anyone else for the same item. Shep and his Kinja Deals helped to save (spend) a lot this year.

My favorite deal—Shep, turn your eyes away—was the Ex-Officio underwear. There, I said it. Granny panties galore and what a deal. I am not a granny yet, by the way (Shep, get on that). Not only did I stock my drawers with drawers, I bought a bunch of these quick dry wonders for Shep’s younger brother too. He is a mountain man and Ex-Officio is the bomb for camping. He and I drove to Alaska in the fall. He started the trip with his 5 new pairs. By the time we got to Anchorage he only had the pair he was wearing. Not sure where he lost the rest along the way but we will hope this deal reappears in 2018.

I enjoy the fashion deals that Kinja has started listing. Fashionable, I am not, but I LOVE the Spyder Hayer Top I got recently. It makes me feel like Superman. Pretty, pretty sure if I wore it in a race, I would win. Like a marathon in under three hours kind of winning. Yep, that good. Also on the same running theme, Anker’s Soundbuds Curve Wireless headphones are the only bluetooth earbuds that have actually stayed in my ears when I run. They look kind of ridiculous, but they stay put and still allow me to listen for traffic. I can hear my 80’s music and trucks thundering by. Win-Win.

The McAllister house added a few Victorinox knives to the kitchen collection this year. These are the workhorses in my kitchen. They sharpen easily, and have never let me down. I have lost worthy competitors to butternut squashes. These knives hold up to everything.

The kitchen gadget I didn’t know I needed but now can not image life without is the Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser bottle. What a dirty spoon and time saver. Not sure how it hadn’t been invented before 2017 (editor’s note: it’s several years old), but I’m very glad someone came up with the idea, I just wish it had been me.

I jumped in on the Cutie’s Baby Wipe sale. My youngest baby is 23 years old, so clearly I am not using them on humans, but I can’t imagine not having wipes in the car to wash my hands after I actually have to shop in a real store. The volume of packages in this deal leads me to believe I will never have to order wipes again.

For the money saving winner of the year I’m going with the Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat for Back, Neck, Shoulders. I have a lot of problems with my neck and shoulder blades. A few cycles of this and I didn’t have to call for as many chiropractor and massage therapist appointments. Also, it is quite relaxing and puts me to sleep.

Sandusky’s Steel Garden Utility Wagon will handle anything I might come across in my garden that needs moving from one place to another. It’s much more stable for things like wood than a wheelbarrow. A good addition, and another item I didn’t know I needed until I saw it on Kinja Deals.

I purchased an Aukey phone car mount a while ago, and have bought several for other cars and family members since. It isn’t particularly noticeable in the car, but it has never failed to hold my hugely oversized iPhone 7+. Not sure if I will go for such a big phone next go-around, but I know I’ll stick with Aukey. Also in the family station wagon is iClever Boostdrive dual USB car charger. It sits flush in the power outlet. I don’t even know it is there until someone riding with me needs to power up their phone. A good change from the awful things that stuck out of sockets and toppled over from being so tall. Hooray for technology!

I got a Philips Norelco OneBlade for Shep’s brother who reports it is great. It was a good Kinja Deal price when I got it. Moms, if you have mountain men college age boys, keep your eye out for one of these if you want them to clean up for family gathering. Another Kinja Deal for him was Cowin’s E-7 Headphones. He got those for his birthday over the summer, and they are still going strong. I have seen them listed for sale a couple of times. I give them 2 thumbs up based on the fact that they still work after a semester in the dorm.

I admit it…I bought the Accutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder. I had to hide it in the yard because Shep’s dad is far more concerned with how the yard looks than I am. I won’t give up its location in case his dad reads my post, but suffice it to say, Shep was right when he said everyone needed one of these. Listen to Shep when he tells you to buy something. He is always right.

(Editor’s note: This is true. Thanks, Mom)

I had 210 Amazon orders for the year. Not a record, but a lot of shopping to be sure. Shep knows how to find a deal and I count on him to make sure I know I spent the least amount possible on things I didn’t know I needed until I saw them on Kinja.

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