GlocalMe G3 LTE Hotspot | $112 | Amazon | Promo code 25GlocalMe
Graphic: Shep McAllister
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If you travel internationally with any regularity, and your wireless company charges exorbitant data fees for bad service, it could be worth investing in a mobile hotspot like this one.

The GlocalMe G3 works with LTE service providers in over 100 countries, no SIM-swapping required, and turns that signal into a Wi-Fi network that up to five devices can share, making this ideal for families who don’t want to pay for multiple international data plans. For $112 (with promo code 25GlocalMe), it includes 1GB of data that’s valid for a year, and you can top it up as you go, so you never have to pay a monthly fee for data that you won’t use.