Magno Ti Mechanical Pencil | $35 | Indiegogo
GIF: Indiegogo
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Clicking the button on a mechanical pencil was a fidget toy before fidget toys were even a thing, but it was just made obsolete by the power of magnets.

The Magno Ti mechanical pencil uses an intuitive magnetic ring to raise and lower the 2mm lead. It’s also constructed from polished or brushed aluminum, and the simplicity of its magnetic mechanism means that it should enjoy a much longer lifespan than the cheap pencils you’d buy at the store.


The Magno Ti already wrapped up an incredibly popular crowdfunding campaign, but you can still order an aluminum model from Indiegogo On Demand for $35, compared to £30 (roughly $41) on the company’s website, or a titanium one for $77 vs. £70 (about $95).