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Save $600 on a 65" LG 4K OLED TV at Newegg

LG OLED65CXPUA CX 65" 4K OLED TV | $2,200 | Newegg
LG OLED65CXPUA CX 65" 4K OLED TV | $2,200 | Newegg
Image: LG

LG OLED65CXPUA CX 65" 4K OLED TV | $2,200 | Newegg

Shopping for a new TV might be one of the least enjoyable shopping experiences imaginable. There’s too many options with unclear specs, lots of brands to choose from, and you’ll never really know if you’ll be happy with it until you take it home and give it a shot. Then, there’s the cost of the dang things. There’s certainly affordable models out there, and some are pretty good, but most feel like a passable experience more than an enjoyable one. For casual watching and binging a few Netflix shows, that’s fine, but maybe you’ll want crisper pixels for your home theater.


LG’s 4K OLED TVs aren’t cheap, but they produce excellent images without cluttering up your room’s aesthetic. Typically $2,800, LG’s OLED65CXPUA CX 65" 4K OLED TV is down to $2,200 today on Newegg, saving you $600 while giving you some of the best image quality you can get.

A quick note, though: since this is a smart TV, you’ll have the option to connect the TV to your home Wi-Fi network for updates and streaming. If you’re concerned about privacy, that’s not a great idea. Consumer Reports has a great piece on how to turn off some of these tracking features, but if you want to be certain your viewing habits aren’t being tracked by prying eyes, the best thing to do is never log on. If your router’s nearby, you can always connect your TV directly to it and unplug once you’ve updated your TV, but it’s best to keep it disconnected outside of updates.