TicWatch Pro Dual Mode Smart Watch | $225 | Amazon | Promo code SX5EETMX
Graphic: Amazon
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Smart watches are mostly great, with one very, very big drawback: battery life.

So how does the TicWatch Pro run for five days on a charge? A unique dual-level display that keeps the essentials always visible, but still lets you use Android Wear to its fullest when you need it. The essential mode display is monochrome, and will only show the time, date, your number of steps, and your most recent heart rate reading.


But when you flick your wrist, that display goes away, and a full-color AMOLED takes over to give you access to everything Android Wear has to offer. With this auto-switching mode enabled, you should expect to see five days of battery life. You can also stretch that to 30 days by switching to essential mode only.

For a limited time, you can save 10% on the TicWatch Pro with promo code SX5EETMX, if you’re a Prime member. That’s the first discount we’ve seen.