As a happy MacBook Air user, I'm ashamed to admit that I have Microsoft's stupid Surface Pro 3 holiday jingle stuck in my head. If the ad blitz (or the positive reviews) has convinced you to try out Microsoft's hybrid device yourself, here's the best deal we've ever seen on it.

Amazon is taking $100 off the top on every configuration of the Surface Pro 3, from the 64GB Core i3 model ($799), all the way up to a 512GB rig with a Core i7 ($1,949). Plus, you'll get an extra $100 Amazon gift card with your purchase, which is the next best thing to pure cash.

Fun sidenote: Gizmodo's subsite Indefinitely Wild called it the best outdoor computer you can buy, if you like to be one with nature without fully disconnecting.

It's worth noting that these don't come with a Type Cover, but hey, you'll have some extra cash to buy it with now. [Amazon]

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