Save $10 When You Spend $50 on Toys & Games | Amazon
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez
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Save $10 When You Spend $50 on Toys & Games | Amazon

Do you have a game night coming up on your schedule soon? You’re going to want to snag a bunch of these board games (some of which are discounted) right now. Because, when you spend $50 on Toys & Games, you save $10 on Amazon.


You can get Azul for $23 (which is just $4 shy of the best price we’ve ever seen it), Jenga for $7, Nintendo Labo for $40, Code Names for $13, Exploding Kittens for $19, and so much more.

There are some very odd and random items in this promotion as well, including Elmer’s glue sticks (tell all of your teacher friends) and Clorox chlorinating tablets.

Now, remember, you cannot just add any game or toy or glue stick to your cart. You’ll need to check the landing page to see what is included in this promotion.