A $20 VR headset, a rugged external hard drive, and a litter box that cleans itself lead off Saturday’s best deals.

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HooToo’s VR headset brings out the very best Google Cardboard has to offer, and you can strap it to your face for $20. Unlike most inexpensive Cardboard headsets, this one has a magnetic trigger on the side, meaning you won’t have to pair a janky Bluetooth remote.

Multi-port USB chargers belong on every desk and night stand, and Anker’s 6-port 60W model has never been cheaper.

$54 is a solid price for any 1TB external hard drive, but it’s particularly good for a shockproof and water-resistant one. Even if you aren’t taking it to the beach or whatever, the extra ruggedness can help keep it safe when it bangs around in your bag.

This is everything you could want in a $12 surge protector. Six outlets, two USB ports, and a swiveling design that minimizes the distance the whole setup will project out from your wall once everything’s plugged in.

Today only, Amazon’s selling men’s Nike Dri-Fit t-shirts for just $17, which might be the least expensive Nike product I’ve ever seen. Multiple colors and sizes are available, but you might need to click around a bit to find a combo on sale.

Ninja’s new high-end coffee maker has all the bells and whistles you could want in a coffee machine, and you can pick one up for $130 today, the best price we’ve ever seen.


The headlining feature here is Ninja’s Auto-iQ system, which automatically adjusts the water level based on the brew size and type you select, but you’ll also get a permanent filter, milk frother and tumbler in the box.

If you love to play guitar, but don’t want to pack one every time you travel, this Zivix jamstik+ lets you host a jam session from anywhere.


The jamstik+ essentially boils down the guitar to its essential components: Frets and strings, and uses Bluetooth to communicate to a computer or smartphone to turn your strums into sounds. The connected apps also include tutorials and games to get you started, and you can even use it as a MIDI tool to play sounds in hundreds of other apps.

Even if you don’t need it yourself, this $18 barbecue set just screams “office white elephant gift.” Which, hey, is a perfectly good reason to buy something.

This isn’t as exciting as a deadbolt that unlocks via your smartphone, but Kwikset’s SmartCode electronic deadbolt only costs $78, requires no special wiring, and allows you to program up to 8 unique access codes for friends, Airbnb guests, or house sitters.

When it comes to cleaning hard floors, you’ve basically got three options to choose from, if you don’t want to get down on your hands and knees:

  • A regular old mop, which can leave your floors wet for hours.
  • A Swiffer WetJet, or any similar product that uses chemical spray that can leave a residue, and disposable (i.e. expensive) cleaning pads.
  • A steam mop, which cleans using regular old water that dries within seconds.

Now, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, but the choice seems rather obvious to me, especially when you can get a highly rated Hoover steam mop for just $55 today only on Amazon. That’s the best price we’ve seen in over half a year.

A litter box that cleans itself? And it’s $30 off? Why, that sounds purrfect.

I’ll see myself out.

Speaking of cats, I turn this thing on when mine wants to play, but I don’t have time. It’s his best friend.

And here I thought my carry-on bag was smart because it has a battery pack built-in. The Bluesmart One includes built-in GPS location tracking, a digital lock that you can engage from your smartphone, a built-in scale, and yes, a USB battery pack. $404's not cheap, but it’s the best price Amazon’s listed in quite some time.

Cablex Bluetooth Headphones, $16 with code 925JSD7H | iClever Bluetooth Headphones, $13 with code ZSY2NODI

Unless you’re a true audiophile, there’s really no reason to buy wired earphones anymore, and that’s doubly true for iPhone owners. So when you can choose from two different sets of Bluetooth earbuds for under $20, there’s no reason not to make the jump.

Cheetah Mounts 20"-70" TV Wall Mount, $18 with code 667ERJQA

If you’ve been meaning to wall-mount your TV, this highly-rated Cheetah mount will only set you back $18 today with promo code 667ERJQA. This particular model doesn’t articulate left and right, but it can hold TVs anywhere from 20" to 70", so it should be sufficient for most of you.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into LED lighting, this 6-pack of higly-rated TCP soft white (2700K) bulbs is down to just $17 on Amazon right now, one of the best per-bulb prices we’ve ever seen. They aren’t dimmable, so you won’t want to put them in certain fixtures, but it’s a great bulk pack for filling out ceiling lights and lamps throughout your house.


Once you’ve got them, check to see if your local utility company offers rebates for purchasing LEDs. If so, it’s possible these could pay for themselves even quicker than they would otherwise.

If you prefer daylight bulbs, the equivalent 5000K pack is just a couple bucks more. If you want my advice, use daylight in rooms where you do things (offices, kitchens, bathrooms), and soft white in spaces where you want to relax (bedrooms, living rooms).

Seneo Qi Charging Pad, $6 with code TWVZ8TFZ

If your phone supports Qi wireless charging, $6 is one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on a charging pad. I recommend stocking up, and scattering these all around your home and office. Just use promo code TWVZ8TFZ at checkout to get the discount.

If you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at 3D printing, this deal offers a great excuse to take up the hobby.

Monoprice’s Select Mini 3D printer is marked down to just $197 on both Amazon and Jet, and Jet shoppers can save an extra 15% with promo code TRIPLE15, if they haven’t already used that code three times. While obviously not the biggest desktop printer you can buy, it does come pre-assembled, and can use multiple types of filament.

RAVPower 3'/6' Lightning Cables + RAVPower 10' Lightning Cable, $17. Add both to cart and use code H5O32IJT

There’s no such thing as owning too many Lightning cables, and today on Amazon, $17 gets you a 3', 6', and 10' cable from RAVPower. The two shorter cables are sold as a bundle, and the 10' cable is a separate Amazon product, so you’ll have to add both to your cart, and use code H5O32IJT at checkout.

If you love inky blacks and vibrant colors, and who doesn’t, this OLED LG TV is down to an all-time low $1500 today.


You might remember that another OLED LG TV was on sale for $1000 on Amazon earlier this week, and though this model is $500 more for the same size, it does feature HDR and a 4K panel, rather than standard 1080p. That’s still a huge price premium over a standard LED TV, but it just might be worth it.

The new $50 Echo Dot is most useful for people who own compatible smart home gadgets, so to that end, Amazon’s once again offering big savings when you bundle the Dot with a compatible product.

The bundle includes a Dot and a Logitech Harmony Elite remote for $288, or $60 less than buying them separately. You can use your Dot, or any other Alexa-powered device, in conjunction with the remote (specifically the included Harmony Hub) to control your entire home theater with your voice. The future!

If you want to dip your toes into the world of electric toothbrushes, Philips’ entry level Sonicare Essence line is an amazing value at $20 (after clipping the $5 coupon). I’ve been using this brush for years, and I still love it.

We saw this deal last month, but if you missed out, it’s back in stock today.

Because I’m sure none of you have had enough of Nate Silver lately, his book is just $2 on Kindle today.

Want wireless streaming and handsfree calling in your older car? This $10 dongle receives the Bluetooth signal from your phone, and transmits it to the FM radio station of your choice. It even includes two USB charging ports for your phone.


We’ve seen several deals on Bluetooth car kits in the past, but most require that your car include an AUX jack, whereas this only needs a working FM radio.

Etekcity Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, $22 with code SFQZHAP2

$22 is a great price for any LED desk lamp, but it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen for a model that includes a USB charging port and adjustable color temperature, which can seriously boost your productivity.

Nobody knows software better than our friends at Lifehacker, and Humble’s making it easy to augment your PC with a name-your-own-price bundle of some of the site’s favorite Windows apps.


We’ve broken it all down in this post, with links to Lifehacker to help you learn more about the software. Just remember that like most Humble Bundles, certain apps require you to pledge more money than others, so be sure you’re paying enough to get all of the apps you need.





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