Anker SoundCore Boost, $63 with code KMFGKG5G

Anker’s original SoundCore is our readers’ favorite affordable Bluetooth speaker, and today you can save on the new, more powerful SoundCore Boost.

While the original sounds great with dual 6W drivers, the Boost upgrades you to dual 10W drivers, so it should be loud enough to fill a large room, even during a party. The biggest difference though will be on the low end, with dual subwoofers and a “Boost” button that instantly boosts your bass. A speaker this small probably isn’t going to rattle your floor, but the sound will be a lot fuller than you’d expect from a portable speaker.


Unfortunately, this does come at the expense of battery life; the Boost gets 12 hours on a charge compared to the SoundCore’s 24. That’s still pretty impressive though, especially since it’s barely any larger than the original. It’s also IPX5 water resistant, so it can take a splash.

Just remember to use promo code KMFGKG5G to save $16.

The original SoundCore is still on sale for $25 as well, if you missed it last week.

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