$10 off H&R Block tax software with code 10HRBLOCK. Disc only, not valid on downloads.

If you still haven’t gotten around to doing your taxes, you’ve got a big advantage over the early birds: $10 in additional savings on H&R Block tax filing software, courtesy of Amazon.

Those crossed out MSRPs you see? Those are the prices H&R Block actually charges, and this $10 promo on physical discs (with code 10HRBLOCK) is in addition to Amazon’s standard discounts, so we’re talking about some serious savings here. If you need help deciding which tier to buy, H&R Block has a handy comparison chart here.


Note: I realize this makes no sense at all, but the code only seems to work on discs, not downloads.

The best part? When you file through this software, you can opt to receive all or a portion of your refund in the form of an Amazon gift card, which will net you a 10% bonus. So a $1,000 refund could become $1,100 in your Amazon account, which would more than make up for the cost of the software.

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