K-25 Bath Towel 2.0 | Kickstarter

If you ever wash your own car, you’ve probably bought a waffle weave towel to dry it. This three dimensional texture increases the surface area of the fabric, meaning it can absorb more water while allowing it to evaporate and dry more quickly.

The K-25 2.0 towel brings this concept out of the garage and into your bathroom, and the samples they sent me worked as advertised. They aren’t quite as soft as I was hoping, but they do absorb water like sponges, and are completely dry by the time I shower again.


K-25 is already fully funded on Kickstarter, but you still have a few days left to preorder and save. Prices vary by the number and size of towels you buy, but all of the reward tiers represent big savings from the expected MSRPs.