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Perfect Your Waffle Skills Whether You're in Pawnee or Hawkins With This Cuisinart Flip Maker

Belgian Waffles Flip Maker | $30 | Best Buy
Belgian Waffles Flip Maker | $30 | Best Buy
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Belgian Waffles Flip Maker | $30 | Best Buy

I’ll never stop making Leslie Knope jokes because who loves waffles more than her? Actually...maybe Eleven from Stranger Things. We know that new episodes are due sometime this fall so here’s the best way to prep. Do Hawkins proud and start perfecting those waffles with this Belgian Flip Maker and it’s $40 less today at Best Buy.


Get thick, crisp yet fluffy waffles every time with this easy to use Cuisinart Flip Maker. The automatic beeper guarantees pristine golden brown goodness each use so no worries you’ll burn them. You can adjust the timer given your level of fluff to crunch, it’s a personal choice. And the nonstick coating means it’s easy to clean too. They actually suggest making dessert waffles which firmly places us back in the Leslie category. Enjoy waffles anytime any way with this no-fuss maker for 57% off. Wait...what is it with Indiana and waffles? 

This item has two-day shipping for $9.


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