Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower | $70 | Walmart | Also at Amazon
Photo: Amazon
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Like the cartoon shows from your childhood, Paw Patrol is designed to sell toys, and you can make sure your younglings never experience the disappointment you felt about not getting an awesome Castle Grayskull for Christmas by having this 32" Paw Patrol Tower under the tree. For just $70 (also at Amazon), you can purchase your child’s happiness! That’s within $2 of an all-time low, but is there any price you wouldn’t pay for a joyful holiday?

This Toy of the Year Award winner features lights and sounds, and the vehicle launcher means that Paw Patrol can literally be on a roll. Only Chase is on the case with an included car, but most 5.5” and 6" Paw Patrol vehicles are compatible, so perhaps the truckless Marshall figure that comes with the tower can get fired up in one that already resides in the playroom. Otherwise, he’ll be stuck relying on his Pup Pack.