Refurb Nintendo Switch (Gray or Red and Blue) | $275 | eBay
Nintendo Switch + Two Ematic Wired Controllers | $299 | Walmart | Upgrade to wireless for $315
Nintendo Switch + NBA 2K19 | $298 | Walmart
Nintendo Switch + LEGO The Incredibles | $299 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister
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The Nintendo Switch has been around long enough that we’re starting to see certified refurbs hit the market en masse. This one’s available for $275, which is only a $25 discount, but it’s sold direct from Nintendo’s own eBay storefront, and includes the standard one-year warranty.

Don’t want a refurb? Walmart will sell you a new console for the regular price, plus your choice of either two third party controllers, NBA 2K19, or LEGO The Incredibles for free. Not bad!