Christmas is just three weeks away. Pick up gifts like these Anker wireless earbuds, a spa shower and tons more, or ramp up the holiday decorating with a holiday decor Gold Box and Eufy string lights.

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Top Tech Deals

Zolo by Anker Liberty Wireless Headphones | $80 | Amazon | Clip the 20% coupon

Update: The 20% coupon is gone, but they’re still in stock for $100.

Anker’s first set of truly wireless earbuds is finally here (under its new ZOLO audio umbrella), and you can get them for half the price of AirPods today with a 20% clippable coupon.


The ZOLO Liberties run for 3.5 hours on a single charge, but include a charging case that packs an extra 24 hours of listening time. You also get on-board buttons for audio control, one-tap access to your phone’s virtual assistant, and unlike AirPods, a bunch of different tips to customize your fit.

You might recall an Anker crowdfunding campaign several months ago for these, but that campaign was actually for the Liberty+, which are shipping early next year. Those will have slightly bigger drivers and a battery case with 48 hours of extra capacity, and will be priced at $150.

Anker PowerCore II 10000 | $23 | Amazon
Anker PowerCore II 20000 | $35 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA126

Anker’s PowerCore line of battery packs have been our readers’ favorites since they debuted, and now you can save on two different sizes of its sequel, the PowerCore II.

Cosmetically, the PowerCore IIs look very similar to the original PowerCores, but with more precise eight-dot charge indicators so you know how much juice you have left. But inside, they’ve been upgraded with Anker’s new PowerIQ 2.0 charging technology, which delivers the fastest possible charging speed to your devices, including Quick Charge-compatible phones. That speed works both ways, as the entire battery will recharge in four or five hours (for the 10,000 and 20,000mAh models, respectively) if you plug them into a QC wall charger.

Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable | $13 | Amazon
Anker PowerLine II Lightning Cable | $10 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA843
Anker PowerLine+ USB-C to USB 2.0 Cable 2-Pack | $10 | Amazon | Promo code CMCM5555

A really good Lightning cable is a great stocking stuffer for any iPhone owner, and two of the best are on sale right now.

Your options are a 6' nylon-braided PowerLine+ cable for $13 (no code needed), or a 3' PowerLine II cable for $10 with promo code KINJA843. The braided shell of the PowerLine+ will feel nicer, but the PowerLine II comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can’t go wrong either way. Both are offshoots of Anker’s reader-favorite PowerLine product line, and either one will make Apple’s first party cables feel like cheap toys.

USB-C device owners, there’s a deal here for you too.

Luminoodle Basecamp | $72 | Amazon
Luminoodle Plus | $32 | Amazon

Luminoodle reinvented what string lights can be, and two different models are 20% off today.

The Luminoodle Basecamp plugs into the wall or the power port in your car, and provides you with 20 feet of flexible light in 14 different colors. It works great as a permanently installed accent light, say on your patio, but you could easily throw it up between a couple of trees to illuminate an impromptu outdoor event, if you have a place to plug it in.

For a more portable option, check out the Luminoodle Plus. This one’s only 5' long, and only glows white, but it runs off USB, and includes a 4400mAH battery pack that can power it for about three hours. You can even ball it up and throw it into the included translucent bag to use it like a lantern.

Unless you reallllly need to print in color, Brother makes some of the only printers worth buying, and their small office-friendly DCPL2540DW is on sale for a consumer-level price today.

Like Brother’s home printers, this model spits out about 30 pages per minute, includes Wi-Fi connectivity, uses inexpensive and long-lasting toner, and just generally works much more reliably than any inkjet printer out there. The biggest advantage of this model over a consumer-level HL-series printer is that it includes a document feeder for the scanner, meaning it can automatically scan 35 pages in a row with no user input. You might use that feature, like, once, but you’ll probably be really glad you have it.


$100 is a match for the best price Amazon’s posted on this model all year, so list that inkjet printer of yours on Craigslist, and go lock in your order.

If you’ve been meaning to buy yourself some noise canceling headphones, there’s no time like the present. These Sony XB950s are all the way down to $113 today, besting their already-great Black Friday price by $10. They would also make a great gift for anyone that spends a lot of time on planes or trains.

Update: Back in stock, and the $5 smart plug is now available with a whole host of Alexa devices. The Dot is the only one currently discounted though. 


In addition to last week’s smart lighting bundles, Amazon is currently throwing in a TP-Link Smart Plug for $5 when you purchase an already-discounted Echo Dot for $30.

These switches effectively add smartphone and voice control to anything with an on/off switch, including, it must be said, Christmas string lights. I can turn my own tree on just by stating “Alexa, turn on Christmas tree” into the void.

This deal also works with the as-yet unreleased Echo Spot, which has yet to receive a discount itself at any point, obviously.

JBL Pulse 2 | $80 | Amazon

Featuring a customizable LED light show that pulses along with your music, the JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth speaker is a self-contained party. $80 is easily the best price we’ve ever seen on this one, so this is a deal worth dancing to.

Sparkr Mini | $24 | Amazon

Plasma lighters are the lighter, evolved. They can light things on fire while fixing the three biggest problems with traditional lighters:

  1. Fuel - This lighter doesn’t need fuel; you recharge it over USB. How cool is that?
  2. Wind - Since it’s using tiny electrical coils to create heat rather than an open flame, it can’t be blown out.
  3. Orientation - You can use a plasma lighter upside down without burning your fingers, which makes lighting candles a lot easier.

We covered the Sparkr Mini here, and now you can get it for $24 on Amazon, down from its usual $30. That’s a few bucks more than some other electric lighters we’ve seen, but the Sparkr Mini is one of the most compact models out there, yet it features two criss-crossing arcs for a more reliable spark, and also a built-in flashlight. Needless to say, this would make a fantastic little stocking stuffer for the holidays.

AUKEY Tripod Mount | $8 | Amazon | Use code AUKEYCT1

You know what’s better than taking a selfie? Taking a self portrait with a real damn camera, or at least the good rear-facing camera on your phone. This super-cheap tripods let you use just that, and it’ll work with your phone, your GoPro, or even your DSLR.

Plus, pick up a pair of extra adapters, just incase you lose the one it comes with.

iClever BoostCube+ 40W 4-Port USB Charger | $15 | Amazon | Promo code ICICWC40

It might seem crazy to you or me, but a lot of people charge their gadgets exclusively with the chargers that they came with. If they need to bring a phone, a tablet, and a Kindle on vacation, they’ll pack three separate USB wall chargers to power them.


If you know anyone like this, do them a favor this holiday season and buy them a travel-friendly four-port charger for just $15. It’ll probably be the most useful gift they receive this year.

Luminoodle White Bias Lights | $7-$14 | Amazon | Promo code NZ6Y8AN2

HDTV bias lights are nothing new to our readers, but Luminoodle’s are some of the most highly-rated out there, and you can save 30% on the white models today on Amazon.

For a limited time, you can choose from all three lengths (there’s a guide to help you pick on the product page, but you can trim them every two inches to get the right fit) for 30% off with promo code NZ6Y8AN2. If you aren’t familiar, these ease eyestrain when watching TV at night, improve your TV’s perceived contrast, and just look really cool. Needless to say, this would make for a creative holiday gift as well.

Sonos PLAY:1 | $149 | Sonos
Sonos PLAY:3 | $249 | Sonos

If you missed out on Sonos’ Black Friday discounts, their $50 discounts on the PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 speakers are still available. Sonos speakers hardly ever go on sale, so if you’ve been wanting one for yourself, or plan to give one as a gift, I wouldn’t recommend waiting.

Anker SoundBuds Slim | $18 | Amazon | Use code KINJA379

Anker’s SoundBuds are our readers’ favorite affordable Bluetooth headphones, and the newest version just dropped to an all-time low $18.

The SoundBuds Slim are, as you might have gleaned from the name, far smaller than the originals. Heck, they look like a small set of wired earbuds; you might never guess there were batteries and Bluetooth radios in there. Despite the size, these buds are still rated for seven hours of battery life, and recharge fully in just 90 minutes.

1 Year NordVPN, $48 with code VIP70
2 Year Plan, $72 with code 2YSpecial2017
3 Year Plan, $99 with code 3ydeal

VPNs are in the news these days, and with good reason. So if you’re curious to sign up and start protecting your browsing history and personal data (or, you know, getting around websites’ geoblocks), NordVPN charges less per month than a typical trip to Starbucks.

ordVPN has long been one of the most popular and reliable VPN providers out there, and if you sign up for a one-year membership, promo code VIP70 will drop your annual price from $69 to $48. If you’re sure you want to commit, use this link to get a special two year plan for $79 with code 2YSpecial2017, or this link to get three years for $99 with code 3ydeal. Lifehacker has recommended Nord in some previous guides, but if you have any firsthand experience with the service, sound off in the comments!

Top Home Deals

Nebia Spa Shower | $500 | Amazon

If you saw Gizmodo’s recent review for the Tim Cook-approved Nebia Spa Shower, and decided you wanted one as soon as it got a little cheaper, today’s your lucky day.

For one day only, Amazon’s discounting the Nebia to $500 from its usual $650, the first discount we’ve ever seen on the system. The gist of this thing is that it atomizes the water into millions of tiny droplets, and propels them at twice the speed of a regular shower stream, forming full wall of water coverage that can blast the soap right off your body. It’ll feel great, and it uses up to 70% less water than a regular shower, so in theory at least, this will pay for itself eventually.

Every year around the holidays, Amazon offers a limited edition teddy bear when you order gift cards of certain denominations, and it never lasts long. 2017's bear just went live on gift cards ranging from $100-$500, so lock in your order before they’re all adopted.

Dash Egg Cooker, Black | $16 | Amazon

Update: This deal is back if you missed it over Black Friday.

Cooking eggs isn’t exactly rocket science, but I’d say the ability to make soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs, plus omelettes and poached eggs at the touch of a button is worth $16. The Dash is Amazon’s top-selling egg cooker, and carries a stellar 4.5 star review average from nearly 4,500 customers, so get it while it’s on sale today!

OxyLED Under-Cabinet Light Kit, $22 with code CX6GRMG3

OxyLED is best known for its battery-powered light strips, but this discounted kit plugs into an AC outlet, and is designed specifically for under-cabinet installation.


The kit comes with three foot-long LED light bars, plus three connecting cables. You can either plug the bars into each other to create a longer strip, or use the cables to snake around corners and extend your setup. Once it’s all installed, just use the touch-sensitive power button to turn them on and adjust the brightness, and enjoy a well-lit countertop while you prepare dinner.

Mynt Essential Oil Diffuser with 7 LEDs | $13 | Amazon | Use code MYNT3173

I was in the camp of people who felt like aromatherapy diffusers were glorified Glade plug-ins. And they are to some extent, but the fact you can use natural essential oils to create the scent, rather than whatever Glade uses, is a real game changer. The peppermint and eucalyptus scents can help with migraines and sinus headaches as well help humidify the air during drier winter months.


This diffuser is just $13 (with code MYNT3173), has two different aromatherapy settings (intermittent and continuous mist), and doubles as an LED light with seven color options. Throw in this 6 pack of essential oils and you’re all set.

Levoit Elana Himalayan Salt Lamp | $30 | Amazon | After 10% off coupon

Down from its usual $40 price tag, you can give someone on your gift list one of these extra trendy Himalayan salt lamps for just $30 after you clip the 10% off coupon. They claim to having calming effects, and whether that’s true or not, we can all agree the world could use a little less stress. Plus, these come out of the box gift wrapped. How convenient!

Eufy String Lights with remote | $10 | Amazon | Use code XMASLIT2
Eufy String Lights | $8 | Amazon

We posted a deal on these best-selling 33' string lights last week for $8, but today’s deal at $10 (with code XMASLIT2) includes the remote, which allows you adjust the brightness, set the twinkling speed, or simply turn off and on. So grab a couple of strands before this deals burns out.

If you don’t need the remote, the $8 deal is still going strong.

Buying ornaments to hang on your tree or around the house is a tradition, but sometimes those decorations are just...really old. Amazon can help you bring your decor into 2017 with this one-day sale on ornaments, LED lights, candles, and more. Whats a holiday without new decorations that you’ll see for three weeks and then not again for another 12 months?

Igloo Travel Pillow Set | Kickstarter

Let’s get this out of the way - you’re going to look really dumb using the Igloo travel pillow set. But that’s the case for really any travel pillow, so let’s get over it and move on.


Igloo is a Kickstarter-funded travel pillow set that can help make long flights in economy just a little more bearable. It consists of three main parts: a wraparound memory foam neck pillow, a lumbar cushion, and a carrying bag that doubles as an arm sling to help them relax. Each set also includes an eye mask and some ear plugs, to help you find a little more peace in that claustrophobic flying aluminum tube.

I tried out a final prototype of the set, and was plenty impressed. The pillow won’t support the weight of your head if it dips off to the side, but the fact that it reaches up above your ears means that you can comfortably lean on a wall or one of those wing-tipped airplane headrests. The memory foam lumbar pillow also really does make a difference if you can’t fully recline your seat. The arm holder bag is...well, it’s optional.

The Kickstarter still has a few weeks to go, and you can get the pillow alone for about $27, or the complete sleeping kit for about $40, with expected delivery early next year.

We sort through the noise of Kickstarter to find you preorder discounts worth taking advantage of. Someone on our team has tested a prototype (or final version) of every Kickstarter we cover.

It’s doubtful this 10-piece cookware set will last a lifetime, but at $28, it might be worth giving them a try for a little while. These pots and pans are nonstick and dishwasher safe, and have a surprisingly-decent 4-star rating with 1,700 reviews. They’d be great for a very casual chef or someone who is just moving out on their own.

Just because the sun goes down early doesn’t mean you can’t still fire up the grill to cook your dinner. This Cuisinart Expanding Grilluminate clips onto the lid and shines LED light on your grill’s contents for a better year-round grilling experience. It’s at its lowest price ever of $17 today, and would make a nice gift for the grill master in your life.

Contrary to what you might have heard, you don’t have to risk burning down your house to fry a turkey this holiday. This Butterball electric fryer doesn’t use an open flame to heat the oil, so you can set it up on the counter in your kitchen.

The $77, 8L model has never been this cheap since October, and can accommodate birds up to 14 pounds. If you plan on having more turkey this holiday season, gobble up this machine before it sells out.

As part of its 12 Days of Deals, Amazon’s running a big sale today on a variety of hand and power tools from a variety of manufacturers. It’s worth checking out the whole sale, but I think the two most noteworthy deals are both DEWALT bundles. Find out more in the full post.

We’ve all had to throw away leftovers or cuts of meat and cheese that spent a little too much time in the fridge or freezer, but vacuum sealing your foods can keep them safe from freezer burn pretty much indefinitely, and dramatically extend their shelf life everywhere else.


It sounds like an expensive proposition, but today, Amazon’s selling this well-reviewed FoodSaver V3240 Starter Kit for just $71, within a few cents of an all-time low. Of course you can use this to store meats in the freezer for a long time, but it can also keep cheese from molding, lettuce from wilting, or cookies from going stale, just to name a few examples. Think about how much food you throw away, and you’ll get a sense of just how quickly this purchase could pay for itself.

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork | $6 | Amazon

I know this “tactical spork” is designed for camping, but if I owned one, I’d probably use it at home on a regular basis. The best part is undoubtedly the hidden knife that uses the spork handle as a sheath, but the $6 price tag is a close second. Just don’t try to bring it on an airplane.

Update: Now even a better deal, down from $30 to $25.

There are tape measures, and there are laser distance measures, but this $25 gadget is both. Needless to say, this would make a great gift for any home improvement enthusiast.

Lansky BladeMedic | $7 | Amazon

No matter how great your kitchen knives are, they all need some tender loving care from time to time. This $7 Lansky BladeMedic includes two v-sharpeners, a fold-out sharpening rod, and a ceramic sharpening edge for serrated knives, all in a handheld package that can fit into any kitchen drawer.


This thing amazingly has a 4.6 star review average from over 3,000 customers, and it’s sold out within a few hours every time we’ve posted it at this price, so I wouldn’t wait.

Ghost Paper Notebook | $20 | Amazon | Promo code 121KINJA

Even (or perhaps, especially) in the age of laptops and tablets, many people prefer the tactile experience of jotting down notes with an actual pen and paper, and the most tactile experience of all comes from the Ghost Paper Notebook.

Rather than simply printing lines on the sheet to keep your letters straight, Ghost Paper’s lines are very slightly embossed, giving your pen an actual base from which to start each character. Shane tried one of these out earlier this year and loved it, and you can get your own notebook for $5 off today with promo code 121KINJA.

This seemingly-simple keychain add-on includes a laundry list of useful tools including, small and medium flat screwdrivers, a Phillips head screwdriver, a wire stripper, a pry bar, and a bottle opener. Plus, TSA won’t confiscate it when you travel. These have never been cheaper and they make awesome stocking stuffers.