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A unique multitool, extra savings at Mountain Hardwear, and Anker’s newest Bluetooth headphones lead off Monday’s best deals from around the web.

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Best Tech Deals

Anker SoundCore Arc Bluetooth Headphones | $30 | Amazon | Promo code ANKER361
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Anker’s new SoundCore Arcs are, by my count, the company’s 47,000th iteration on wireless headphones in the last three years, and they appear to be one of the best sets yet for working out.


IPX5 water resistance is great for warding off sweat, the earhooks keep them firmly anchored in your ears while you run, and the oversized 10mm drivers should produce great sound quality. The standout feature here though is the 10 hour battery, which is about as good as it gets at this size and price point.

Even if you already have a set of Bluetooth headphones that you like, it’s never a bad idea to grab a spare for your gym bag or luggage, just in case you forget your daily drivers. You can save $10 today with promo code ANKER361.

Seagate 8TB External Drive Hub | $140 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

I know storage gets cheaper over time, but damn: 8TB for $140? This drive even has a couple of USB ports on the front that allow you to charge your phone, or plug in additional external storage devices.

You’ve seen the TP-Link Smart Plug, but did you know they make a smart light switch as well? With a little wiring, you can control any lighting fixture in your house with your phone or your favorite voice assistant (assuming that’s not Siri), no hub required. $30's not quite an all-time low, but it most frequently sells for $35-$40.

Samsung U3 32GB MicroSD Card | $10 | Amazon
Samsung U3 64GB MicroSD Card | $16 | Amazon
Samsung U3 128GB MicroSD Card | $29 | Amazon
Samsung U3 256GB MicroSD Card | $73 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Update: Today’s prices are even better than we saw earlier this week!

Samsung’s U3-rated microSD cards are some of the fastest and most popular options out there—I have the 128GB model in my own Nintendo Switch—and all four sizes are down to all-time low prices today on Amazon. If you need extra space for your action cam, smartphone, tablet, Switch, or anything else, these are extremely good deals.


Belkin 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug | $14 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

This wall-mount surge protector is the miniature version of one of our readers’ favorites, and you can get it for just $14 today on Amazon, the best price of the year. The trick here is the pivoting plugs, which makes it ideal for getting oversized plugs out of the way, or running cords behind furniture.

The fact is that picture differences in most sub $1K 4K TVs are unnoticeable by most of us unless compared side-by-side with other sets. For just $398, this 60-Inch Hisense 4K Smart UHD TV is a massive value. Sure it’s just 120Hz, and only has three HDMI inputs, but you’ll spend quite a bit more than $398 to do better in a 4K 60-Inch Smart UHDTV with HDR.

Anker’s PowerPort II | $12 | Amazon | Promo code ANKERW27
Photo: Anker

Anker’s PowerPort II is the travel-friendly version of your favorite USB charging hub, and here’s a rare chance to get it for $12. The PowerPort 2 Elite includes folding plugs (which snap in place with a very satisfying click, for what it’s worth), and 4.8A of power split between the two ports, enough to juice up two iPads at full speed simultaneously.

AmazonBasics Clearance | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

AmazonBasics makes pretty much everything at this point, and generally speaking, it’s a brand you can count on to be affordable and of good quality. While Amazon runs discounts on individual AmazonBasics products with some regularity, a whole bunch of it is on sale right now.


A few favorites are below, but dozens of other products are included, so head over to Amazon to see the full list.

Anker PowerLine II Lightning Cable 6' (White) | $10 | Amazon | All other colors the same price with code ANKERPL2
Image: Anker

Anker’s PowerLine and PowerLine+ cables were already our readers’ favorite charging cables, but the PowerLine II line is even stronger, and comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty.


Think about that for a second. If your cable ever fails, instead of going out and buying a new one, you can just request a free replacement. Obviously, cable standards will become obsolete over time, Anker might not be in business by the time the sun explodes, and they probably won’t replace it if you, like, purposely set it on fire. But under normal circumstances, this could really be the last charging cable you buy.

That being said, your PowerLine II probably isn’t breaking any time soon. Anker claims it’s 40% stronger than the previous model, and it definitely feels heavy duty in the hand. The plugs are thicker and have longer collars than the previous version, and the cable itself is pretty thick and stiff compared to what you might be used to. It’s not the prettiest cable, but it’s clearly built to last.

The 6' white cable is marked down to $10 today, from its usual $13, and you can get the other colors for the same price with promo code ANKERPL2.

iPad (Fifth Generation) 128GB | $349 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Apple hasn’t updated the iPad Mini 4 in a few years, but if you don’t need the latest and greatest processor, and you prefer the smaller footprint, Walmart’s taking $100 off the 128GB model today, the best price we’ve ever seen.


Or, for $50 more, you can opt for the 9.7" iPad fifth generation with the same amount of storage, and a processor that’s one year newer. It’s priced at $80 below its original MSRP, though unlike the iPad Mini, there is a newer model available.

We’ve Got Your Back
Graphic: Private Internet Access

VPNs have been in the news, and whether you want to get around video geoblocks, circumvent proxy filters, or just keep prying eyes out of your browsing data while using sketchy public Wi-Fi, reader-favorite Private Internet Access has a deal to fit your needs.


Private Internet Access doesn’t do much in the way of discounting, but they offer exclusive pricing and packages just for our readers that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are your options, and what you’d pay if you bought the same plan elsewhere:

These deals are only for our readers, but we aren’t sure how long they’ll be available, so go ahead and sign up while you can.

Best Home Deals

Tactica TSA-Compliant Multitool | $29 | Amazon

Tactica is a wrench. It’s a ruler. It’s a box cutter, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener. And somehow, it’s TSA compliant to boot. It’s pretty much always sold for $40 on Amazon, but today, you can pick one up for $29. Needless to say, it’d make a great holiday gift if you stock up on a few now, to give away later.

Football Clubs Of Europe | Pop Chart Lab | 20% off with promo code PE-LESS
Image: Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab makes all your favorite cartographic and infographics prints, from beer varieties to variations of the American flag to a taxonomy of rap names. Their latest print is a list of every European football club of any significance, with each’s club’s crest pinpointed on the map.


Take 20% off with code PE-LESS now through Wednesday, which includes any poster rails or other hanging accessories you buy with it.

If you’ve been clinging to the same, outdated area rug for far too long, this 5' x 7' rug is just $29 on Amazon right now, and you can get it delivered straight to your door. The design, like all designs, is subjective, but it’s modern and generally inoffensive.

30-Pack Grandma’s Cookies Snack Packs | $10 | Amazon | With Subscribe & Save and 30% coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Let’s turn that Monday frown upside down with cheap cookies! Get 30 packs of Grandma’s brand cookies in six different flavors for just $10 by combining Subscribe & Save and a 30% coupon. Just note that you won’t see the discount until checkout.

Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S | $180 | Amazon | Clip the $50 coupon
Photo: Amazon

Vacuuming is simultaneously the worst chore, and the chore most easily pawned off to a robot. How convenient!


While it lacks the brand recognition of a Roomba, this ECOVACS N79S vacuum is the follow-up to the well-reviewed N79, its main addition being Alexa support. That means in addition to setting schedules and controlling the vacuum with your phone, you can now shout into the void that you’d like your floor vacuumed, and some combination of AI, voice recognition, and robotics will work in unison to make it happen. What a world.

Just clip the $50 coupon on the product page to bring it down to the best price we’ve ever seen.

Mothers NuLens Headlight Restoration Kit | $16 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Once, when I was young and naive, I paid a dealership like $75 to clean my foggy headlights. Little did I know, this Mothers headlight restoration kit does just as well at a tiny fraction of the price. Get it for $16, or about $4 less than usual, before the lights go out on this deal.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 | $160 | Amazon

Want to catch package thieves (especially inept ones) in the act? Or just see who’s at the door so you know whether it’s worth getting off the couch? The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is $40 off on Amazon today, and will give you an instant alert when someone’s walking up to your door, and even record the footage to the cloud with a subscription.

Sengled Smart Light Bulb Sale | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you’re smart light-curious, but don’t want to invest in the expensive Philips Hue ecosystem, these Sengled bulbs have most of the same features (the notable absence being Apple HomeKit support), and you can grab starter kits and spare lights for super-cheap today from Amazon’s Gold Box.


A two-bulb color starter kit will only set you back $60, and additional color bulbs are only $22 each. If you just want smart white bulbs, you’re looking at even lower prices.

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag | $55 | Amazon
Photo: Zach Custer

The Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag would normally cost you $85, but today you can grab it for just $55. It’s perfect for the weekend, touting a separate shoe compartment, top handles, and removable padded shoulder strap, plus a waterproof two-way zipper. It also doubles as a great gym bag, which is one thing your roller bag will never do for you.

OxyLED Wireless LED Puck lights | $19 | Amazon | Promo code 4296V9FB
Image: Zach Custer (Amazon)

These battery-powered, remote controlled OxyLED night lights are as simple as they seem. Stick them in closets, hallways, bathrooms, or anywhere else you think you might end up falling or fumbling in the dark. Then, with your remote, turn them on and off, adjust the brightness, or set timers as you see fit from up to 32ft away. Use promo code 4296V9FB and get a 6-pack for $19.

Update: Back in stock!

A good label maker is something everyone should own, and the Brother P-touch Handy Label Maker is back in stock for just $15 today, which isn’t the cheapest, but the best we’ve seen since July. This thing can output nine fonts, over 200 symbols, and even 10 different frames on multiple sizes and finishes of label tape, so you’ll have the freedom to get creative.

PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge | $66 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Gift your cats the one toy they’ll actually use for $15 less than usual today. This $66 PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge very rarely goes on sale. With an insane 4.8-star rating, it probably sells itself.


It’s made of recycled cardboard and its curved design makes it easier for cats to scratch. Pounce on this deal before it’s gone!

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Set | $42 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Rubbermaid’s Brilliance food storage sets have always been among the best you can buy for storing leftovers, but they also come in pantry storage form. Like OXO Pops and similar sets that you’ve ogled at Bed Bath and Beyond, they come in a variety of shapes to fit various pastas, grains, and snacks, and you can get a set of 10 for an all-time low $42 right now.

Fried foods are delicious. Fried foods will kill you. These are the laws of our cruel existence. This Faberware oil-less fryer attempts to break this rule by producing fried-like crispiness using no oil at all. Are the results as delicious as the real thing? Probably not, but if you believe the reviews, it can come pretty damn close. It’s just $39 at Walmart right now, but you won’t see the final discount until checkout.

Perky Jerky Turkey Jerky, Original, 14 Ounce | $11 | Amazon
Graphic: Eria Offutt

Gobble up a big bag of turkey jerky for just $11 when you Subscribe & Save, just remember to cancel your subscription after the first order ships if you don’t want more.

We’ve all had to throw away leftovers or cuts of meat and cheese that spent too much time in the fridge or freezer, but vacuum sealing your foods can keep them safe from freezer burn pretty much indefinitely, and dramatically extend their shelf life everywhere else.


Especially if you’re a new owner of sous-vide circulator, a vacuum sealer is a useful (but not quite mandatory) first step before you start cooking. The FoodSaver FM2000 normally sells for $60+, but today’s $51 is the lowest we’ve seen all year.

Think about how much food you throw away, and you’ll get a sense of just how quickly this purchase could pay for itself.

Don’t be that guy that doesn’t clean up after his dog. When you can get 810 poop bags and a dispenser for $7, there’s no excuse. If you want save another 36 cents, sign up for Subscribe & Save and cancel at anytime.

Muscle Rack Steel Shelves | $60 | Walmart
Photo: Walmart

If you could use more storage space around the house, these Muscle Rack steel shelves would be ideal for a garage, a utility room, or even an industrial-chic kitchen. They’re 4' wide, include free shipping, and are only $60 at Walmart right now.

Best Lifestyle Deals

Mountain Hardwear Web Specials | Promo code MHWSEPT1
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Believe it or not, winter is coming, and you can layer up for a lot less money with this Mountain Hardwear sale. Several jackets and a few lighter tops are included in the selection, and promo code MHWSEPT1 will get you additional savings.


For example, this men’s StretchDown jacket is already marked down to $130, but the promo code brings it to $91. The precise percentage discount varies by item, but if you add any of them to your cart, add the promo code, then navigate to the sale page, they’ll all reflect final pricing.

25% Off Zest Collection | Hydro Flask | Discount shown at checkout
Graphic: Hydro Flask

HydroFlask makes some of our readers favorite water bottles, and they just released a new line of limited colors, the Zest Collection. You can get one of the four colors (kiwi, mango, raspberry, and plum) for 25% off on a variety of different drinking vessels, until they’re sold out!

Preorder Hyddin Belt | Kickstarter
GIF: Kickstarter

Hyddin claims that the belt was invented wrong, and that they have fixed it. That’s a pretty grandiose claim, but I have to say, they’re onto something.


As you might have picked up from the name, Hyddin belts store the flap at the end of the belt behind the rest of belt, rather than dangling out in front. It’s so simple and obvious (in hindsight, anyway), that I don’t really understand why all belts aren’t designed this way. It looks better without adding any complicated or expensive mechanisms, so there’s really no downside.

Hyddin is currently taking preorders on Kickstarter in a variety of colors and materials, and you can save by pledging now, while the earlybird period is still active.

Extra 25% off sale styles | Sperry | Use code SAVE25
Screenshot: Shep McAllister

Sperry is ready to outfit your feet in any styles of shoe worth having with an extra 25% off sale styles with the code SAVE25. That includes their iconic boat shoes, of course, but also snow and rain boots, and even sweaters, dresses, coats, and sunglasses.

Update: We posted this deal a few weeks ago at $45, but now it’s just $37!

While it won’t keep ice frozen for a week like more expensive coolers, this 70 quart Coleman will keep a lot of drinks cold for at least a day, and Walmart’s offering a terrific deal on it today.


For $37, you’ll get the cooler and two Ozark Trail 30 ounce tumblers that can keep drinks cold all day long. The cooler by itself is currently selling for $36, so you’re basically getting those tumblers for a buck, which is a complete no-brainer.

Pull ups take a long time to master. Practice at home with this $37 pull-up bar. Just be sure to be very confident about the sturdiness of your house.

Amazon Essentials Gingham Shirt | $11 | Amazon | Prime members only
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Amazon makes shirts now, and this long sleeve gingham is just $11 for Prime members, in a variety of colors and sizes. It’s not an expensive shirt to begin with at $18, but with this deal, you can really afford to stock up. Plus, if you don’t like it, it’d be easy to return.

Best Media Deals

iTunes gift card discounts are noticeably less common than they used to be, so if you need more credit for apps, music, movies, iCloud storage, or anything else, buy a $100 gift card from eBay for 15% off, while supplies last.

Blade Runner 2-Film Collection | $16 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Whether you’ve been obsessing about Deckard’s identity for decades, or have never seen a minute of either film, both Blade Runner movies are included in this Blu-ray box set, now down to an all-time low $16, while supplies last. It’s too bad the deal won’t live, but then again who does?

Best Gaming Deals

Preorder Shadow of the Tomb Raider | $60 | Amazon | $10 credit available for Prime members
Screenshot: Amazon

Reviews are out for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and they’re good! If you were waiting until this moment to lock in your order, Amazon still has a $10 promotional credit available for Prime members when you preorder the standard edition, the limited steelbook version (which is the same price), or the Croft edition.


Just note that the code is only available on the physical releases, and that the code will be added to your account 30-35 days after the game ships. Yes, I miss the simplicity of the old 20% Prime discount, thank you for asking.

Preorder 2nd Breakfast Board Game Table | $500 | Kickstarter

There are people who occasionally pull out a copy of Catan or Scrabble for a game night, and then there are people who spend a couple hundred bucks on Gloomhaven, or play through the roguelike Pandemic Legacy with the same group for months on end. This board game table is for them.


The 2nd Breakfast board game table is up for preorder on Kickstarter, and even with the earlybird discount, it costs $500. That’s an investment (though actually fairly cheap, as gaming tables go)! But if board games are a major hobby of yours, it’s totally worth it. Each table includes the following:

  • Removable playfield
  • Eight USB charging ports
  • Clear acrylic cover
  • Two A outlets
  • Reversible leaves
  • Four trays
  • Two double cup holders
  • Two single cup holders

When you aren’t playing, the leaves cover up the play surface, transforming the table into a regular looking dining room table without any garish, gaming-centric design details.


I think it’s safe to say that game night will be at your place in perpetuity once this arrives.

Preorder Super Smash Bros. Edition Pro Controller | $75 | Amazon
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller | $63 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.-themed Switch Pro controller is...well, it’s there. I’m not sure the design is what I would have picked, but if you’re a fan, it’s up for preorder for $75 now, a $5 premium over the standard Pro controller’s MSRP.


Want a Pro controller for less, and want it before December? The regular one is also available for $63, a nice discount from the usual $69.

Refurb Nintendo Switch | $275 | eBay
Graphic: Shep McAllister

The Nintendo Switch has been around long enough that we’re starting to see certified refurbs hit the market en masse. This one’s available for $275, which is only a $25 discount, but it’s sold direct from Nintendo’s own eBay storefront, and includes the standard one-year warranty.

Preorder Pikachu and Eevee Edition Nintendo Switch Bundle | $400 | GameStop
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet today, you’ve probably heard about this Pikachu And Eevee Nintendo Switch Bundle. Now, mere hours after it was announced, the console is up for preorder. It’ll set you back $400, rather than the usual $300 for a Switch, but includes a Pokéball Plus accessory and a preinstalled copy of Let’s Go Pikachu.

PDP SNES Classic Carrying Case | $20 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

The SNES Classic has all the great two player games you used to play at your friend’s house way back when, but it’s small enough to actually...carry to a friend’s house. This PDP carrying case has multiple game covers that you can swap in and out on the cover, and keeps your console and controllers safe on the go.


It’s sold for $30 since it came out, but now you can grab it for just $20, at least until this deal runs out of lives.

Don’t have an SNES Classic? It’s in stock right now for $80.

I don’t know what Overwatch! is but I guess everyone with a PC loves it and can’t stop playing it. And now subscribers to Humble’s October bundle, which unlocks on Friday, October 5 at 1 p.m. EST, can get it for $12 along with the other yet-to-be-named games. That’s $8 cheaper than buying on its own.


As always, Humble Monthly is only $12 per month (or $11 if you prepay for a full year), and every game you get is yours to keep forever, even if you cancel.

Xbox One Controller | $40 | Walmart | Also available in white
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Outside of major sales events like Black Friday, Xbox One controllers don’t drop to $40 very often, so if you think you might want one, now’s the time to place your order. These are the newest models with built-in Bluetooth, so they’ll also work with your PC without an adapter. Available in black or white.





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