Start off your week with deals on an LG 4K TV, an Anova sous vide circulator, smart light bulbs, and more.

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Top Tech Deals

LG 65" 4K TV | $690 | Amazon

It’s not too late* to upgrade your TV for the large, popular sporting event happening this weekend, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on a 65" 4K set than this $690 LG. It’s not their most high-end model, but it has solid reviews, HDR10 support (not Dolby Vision at this price, sorry), and oodles of included smart apps.

*Depending on where you live, it might be too late for this deal. The product page should show you the earliest available delivery time.

Aukey USB-C PD 26,500mAh Battery Pack | $56 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYPD7

USB-C Power Delivery battery packs are finally starting to become more common, and thus, more affordable. This one from Aukey packs in 26,500mAh of capacity, and can output up to 30W through its USB-C port, enough to charge a 12" MacBook or Nintendo Switch at full speed. That should be enough juice to keep you powered up through even the longest flight.

Oh yeah, there’s also a Quick Charge 3.0 port on there, because why not?

Logitech Harmony Elite | $250 | Amazon

Logitech’s Harmony Elite is basically the grand poobah of TV remotes, with the ability to control up to 15 different devices, a capacitive touchscreen, the ability to build programs that control multiple devices with one touch, and a lot more.


My favorite feature though? The included Harmony Hub that turns your smartphones, Echoes, and Google Homes into fully-functional remotes; perfect for when you’ve inevitably lost the actual remote in the couch cushions. $250's a pretty penny, but it’s within $10 of the best price Amazon’s ever offered.

Wi-Fi range extenders can’t work miracles, but if there’s one spot in your house with spotty coverage, they can be a much cheaper solution than buying a new router. So at $35, why not give this one a try? Just be sure to clip the $5 coupon, and you’ll see the discount at checkout.

NETGEAR 16x4 Cable Modem | $50 | Amazon | After $10 coupon

If you’re still paying your cable company a monthly modem rental fee, stop what you’re doing and buy your own for just $50. This model supports maximum download speeds of 680mbps, which should cover just about every cable internet plan out there. Just be sure to clip the $10 coupon to save.

Amazon Cloud Cam | $90 | Amazon

While Amazon’s Key service got a lot of attention when it was announced late last year, you might have missed that you can purchase the associated cloud security camera separately.

With 1080p recording, night vision, a 2-way intercom, and 24 hours of free cloud clip storage (or more if you sign up for an account), its specs compare very favorably to the Nest Cam, especially at today’s $90 price point (compared to $200 for the Nest).


Just note that this is a Gold Box deal, meaning it’s only available today, or until sold out. And if, somewhere down the road, you decide to buy a smart lock, you’ll have everything you need to use Amazon Key.

Anker PowerPort Qi 10 | $18 | Amazon | Promo code BEST2539

The recent release of Qi-compatible iPhones means that wireless charging pads are flying off the shelves, and you can score Anker’s 10W model for $8 off today with promo code BEST2539.


While it’ll only charge iPhones at 5W (which is fine for overnight charging), this 10W pad can fast-charge compatible Android phones as well. I bought it for myself late last year, and use it with my iPhone X every night. I love that the edges of the pad light up temporarily when you set your phone down, so I can be sure I placed it correctly even when I’m groggy and not wearing my glasses.

Fire TV | $55 | Amazon

In preparation for the large, popular, football event next week, Amazon’s offering a rare discount on the 4K/HDR/Dolby Atmos-packing Fire TV.

For a limited time, you can snag the streaming box stick dongle for $55, a $15 discount, and within $5 of an all-time low. This is one of the best streaming devices you can buy at any price, so if it’s been on your wish list, don’t miss this deal.

You can also bundle an HDTV antenna, which should be be able to pull in the Super Bowl if you live close enough to a transmitter, for just $15 extra.

1TB SanDisk SSD | $250 | Amazon

An SSD is one of the best upgrades you can give to your computer (or PS4), and $250 is the best price we’ve seen on a 1TB drive in a few months, let alone from a well-known manufacturer like SanDisk.

TaoTronics Noise Canceling Headphones | $37 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA22J

Will these noise-canceling Bluetooth over-ears sound as good as, say, Sony’s? I doubt it. But they’re significantly (significantly!) cheaper at just $37, and should still be able to turn down the volume on the background noise in your office, or on an airplane.

Apple’s coming out with a $349 smart speaker next month. That’s...bold, especially when you can get two Sonos Ones for the same price for a limited time.

Update: Now down to $19.

Whether you need a spare card for your dash cam, your GoPro, your Switch, or anything else, this 64GB Samsung microSD card is down to its lowest price today.

1 Year NordVPN, $48 with code VIP70
2 Year Plan, $79 with code 2YSpecial2017
3 Year Plan, $99 with code 3ydeal

VPNs are in the news these days, and with good reason. So if you’re curious to sign up and start protecting your browsing history and personal data (or, you know, getting around websites’ geoblocks), NordVPN charges less per month than a typical trip to Starbucks.

NordVPN has long been one of the most popular and reliable VPN providers out there, and if you sign up for a one-year membership, promo code VIP70 will drop your annual price from $69 to $48. If you’re sure you want to commit, use this link to get a special two year plan for $79 with code 2YSpecial2017, or this link to get three years for $99 with code 3ydeal. Lifehacker has recommended Nord in some previous guides, but if you have any firsthand experience with the service, sound off in the comments!

Top Home Deals

Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb | $14 | Amazon | Promo code KINJABUL

Anker makes smart light bulbs now, because of course they do, and you can get them at a discount today.

This particular bulb can’t display the full RGB spectrum like a Philips Hue lamp, or even different temperatures of white, but you can control and dim it from your phone, or with an Alexa or Google Assistant device, no hub required. And at $14 each (with promo code KINJABUL), you can afford to put them all around your home.

Dog parents rejoice! You can now bathe your dog without having to hunch over the bathtub with this Bissell Barkbath. Like a water jet and vacuum cleaner in one, this product sprays a shampoo/water mixture while sucking up dirt and excess hair in one stroke.


The hose and noise-making vacuum hub can be a good 4 feet away from each other, which might help out if your dog gets skittish around loud noises. It’s just $100 today, which is about $50 less than usual and it might even pay for itself in a few months after some skipped grooming visits.

The key advantage of Ecobee’s smart thermostats, versus say, Nest’s, is their ability to coordinate with wireless sensors to get a fuller picture of the temperature throughout your home, not just in the room that houses the thermostat itself.

If you already have an Ecobee set up (and I know a lot of you do), then you can pick up an extra pair of sensors for just $58 on Amazon today.

If you can’t afford to outfit your entire kitchen with All-Clad gear, this 1.5 quart Cuisinart saucepan uses the same Tri-ply technology of 18/10 stainless steel surrounding an aluminum core, and it can be yours for just $18. I own a slightly larger model of this saucepan, and absolutely love it.

LectroFan Micro | $22 | Amazon

If you just can’t get to sleep without white noise, this tiny LectroFan is small enough to take anywhere, but loud enough to drown out your anxieties hallway noises in a hotel room. You can choose from 10 unique sounds, all of which are generated dynamically to avoid any noticeable skips or loops. It’ll also work as a tiny Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone in a pinch.


So why use this over a white noise phone app? Reviewers say the speaker is much louder and sounds better than a typical phone speaker, for one. There’s also something to be said for not looking at your phone screen as you’re trying to fall asleep, if only to avoid stressful push notifications. Whatever your reasons, it’s only $22 in today’s Amazon Gold Box.

Tacklife Flexible Extension Shaft | $10 | Amazon | Promo code VLEVTE2C

Even if you don’t do much DIY work, you should probably have a screwdriver extension shaft in your toolbox. These let you access awkwardly placed screws that regular screwdrivers can’t reach, and this $10 one even comes with a full set of bits.

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 seconds sorting through your mismatched food containers to find the right lid, it’s time to throw them all out and upgrade to the uber-popular Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid system.

These containers come in six different sizes, and yet you only have to deal with three different lids, making it much easier to find the right one. The 42 piece set is on sale for $16 today on Amazon. We’ve seen better prices in the past, but this set has been selling for around $20-$24 pretty consistently this year, so you’re saving between $4 and $8. Not too shabby.

KitchenAid mixers are an essential part of every kitchen. If your kitchen is still lacking one, pick up this KitchenAid 4.5-quart Classic stand mixer for $169 today, that’s ~$30 less than usual. Unfortunately, only the white is available at this price, but this is a very good deal if you aren’t picky about the color.

I was in the camp of people who felt like aromatherapy diffusers were glorified Glade plug-ins. And they are to some extent, but the fact you can use natural essential oils to create the scent, rather than whatever Glade uses, is a real game changer. The peppermint and eucalyptus scents can help with migraines and sinus headaches as well as help humidify the air during drier winter months.


You can take your pick of these two diffusers. Both have color-changing LED lights and automatic shut-off features. The $10 model (with code KINJAAS7) has two mist modes and doesn’t beep, making it great for bedrooms. The $13 model (with code KINJAAD5) is double the size of the first, so would require less re-filling. Throw in this 8-pack of essential oils for $16 (with code TBRER4PU) and you’ll be all set.

Lansky BladeMedic | $7 | Amazon

No matter how great your kitchen knives are, they all need some tender loving care from time to time. This $7 Lansky BladeMedic includes two v-sharpeners, a fold-out sharpening rod, and a ceramic sharpening edge for serrated knives, all in a handheld package that can fit into any kitchen drawer.


This thing amazingly has a 4.6 star review average from over 3,000 customers, and it’s sold out within a few hours every time we’ve posted it at this price, so I wouldn’t wait.

If you’ve ever eaten at a nice steakhouse, there’s a good chance you’ve eaten sous-vide meat. Here’s a secret though: It’s really easy to get those kinds of results yourself, and Amazon’s here to help with a $129 deal on the newest Wi-Fi version of Anova’s top-selling immersion circulator.

Lifehacker has a great explainer on Sous-Vide cooking for you to check out, but the basic idea is that you seal the food in plastic bags, and then cook it in precisely heated water over a longer period of time. It sounds weird and vaguely alchemical, but the result is meat (and other stuff, too!) that’s cooked to the exact right temperature all the way through.

We saw this for slightly less around Deals Week, but by any other measure, this is a fantastic deal if you’ve been meaning to pick one up.

Amazon is listing this box of delicious, relatively-healthy KIND bars for $11, which is a good deal on it’s own, but then slapped on a 15% off coupon making this a great deal for just $10.


If you’re unfamiliar with KIND bars, they’re gluten free and pretty much exclusively made with nuts and dried fruit, so think of it like fancy trail mix in bar form. This 12-bar variety box includes Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan, and Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt. If those flavors sound appetizing (I can’t see how they wouldn’t), I’d give these a try.

You can save a little more money by using the Subscribe & Save option, which you can cancel at anytime after your first shipment.

We finally found it. The best product on Amazon.

This is a horse head-shaped squirrel feeder that hangs from a tree branch. To get to the food, a squirrel has to stand on its back legs and put its head inside the horse, which the Amazon product description claims “causes much hilarity.” Understatement of the century, if you ask me.


$13 is on the low end of its usual price range, and kind of insane considering this product is clearly worth hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.

It’s also one of my Shep’s favorite Kinja Deals of last year.

Contigo’s Autoseal West Loop travel mugs are a longtime reader favorite, but the similar SnapSeal Byron is marked down to the best price we’ve seen today on Amazon.

You get to choose from either the 20 oz. for $6, the lowest price ever, or 24 oz. model for just $4 more. Usually, when we post a deal on Contigo mugs, it’s for the West Loop model, but the Byron’s a little bit different. Unlike the West Loop, the Byron’s lid doesn’t open and close automatically, though many reviewers say it’s easier to clean. The Byron also includes a rubberized non-slip sleeve, which is a nice touch, especially at these prices.

Note: Though all three colors listed of the 20oz are the same price, the red is an Add-On item for some reason.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree | $34 | Amazon

This is the lowest price this cat tree has ever been, so you can spend $34 to try and win your cat’s affection, and fail miserably.

Refurb Dyson V6 Motorhead | $184 | Amazon

Dyson dominated the nominations in our favorite vacuum Co-Op, and you can pick up a refurbished Dyson V6 Motorhead from Amazon for $184.


Shep: I got the Animal version of this vacuum a few months ago, and it’s seriously life changing. I use it for floors, for my furniture, and even just for dusting. You’d be hard-pressed to find any Dyson vacuum for under $200, let alone a battery-powered one, so I’d take advantage of this deal before they’re all cleaned out.

Aukey Night Light | $15 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYS24

Aukey made an orb of light that you can take anywhere, and it’s only $15 today with promo code AUKEYS24. The light can sit on your table, hang from above, stick to any magnetic surface, and even float in the pool while putting out five hours of light at max brightness with its built-in battery. Oh, it’s also an RGB lamp, so you can change its color too.

A first aid kit is one of those things you should probably keep in your glove box, and you should definitely have at home, and at $12 for 299 pieces, there’s no excuse not to be prepared for minor accidents.


It includes bandages, gauze, medicines, an instant cold pack, and more, all tucked away in a refillable soft pack. You can thank us later.

Top Lifestyle Deals

If you don’t know about REI Garage, here’s your chance to get great outdoor gear, for a lot less. It was launched to help extend REI’s massively successful Garage Sale to an all year experience, and right now, they’re adding massive markdowns to hundreds of items. Grab up to 70% off stuff like layering pieces, sleeping bags, day packs, climbing shoes, and more.

What’s better than an LED camping lantern for $16? Four LED camping lanterns for $16, obviously. Each of these lamps folds down to the height of an iPhone 8 when not in use, and puts out a 146 lumens, which isn’t much, but it’s enough to illuminate the inside of a tent.

Just note that each lamp requires three AA batteries (not included), so I’d recommend investing in rechargeables.

When it comes to having a corner on the market, nothing really compares to Nike. And right now, take an extra 25% off their sale styles for both men and women, no code needed. Everything you could need for a good workout wardrobe is included, from apparel, to sneakers, to gear.

Panasonic Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer with Vacuum | $12 | Amazon | Clip the $2 coupon

$12 is a pretty good price for any typical nose and ear hair trimmer. But this one from Panasonic incorporates a tiny vacuum cleaner to grab your hairs so they don’t go all over the bathroom. It would make a great, if somewhat passive aggressive stocking stuffer.

Top Media Deals

Amazon’s running a Marvel digital comic sale that’s bigger than any Avengers movie today, with literally thousands of titles marked down to just a few bucks, in most cases. You’ll find everything from the Guardians of the Galaxy to Darth Vader to Deadpool to Captain America in there, and every hero in between, so there’s never been a better time to stock your digital shelves.


The selection is overwhelming (400 Amazon pages, or over 20,000 titles!), but we broke out a few of our favorites on this post. Otherwise, let us know what you found in the comments!

h/t relic1980

If you’ve never subscribed to Google Play Music Unlimited, you can get a four month free trial right now, complete with a free YouTube Red membership, which gives you access to some exclusive content and (much more importantly) eliminates ads from YouTube videos.

You’ll need a credit card to access the trial, as it’ll automatically charge you after the four months are over, but you can cancel your account immediately, and still have access until the trial expires. Unfortunately, this promotion is only available for new Google Play Music Unlimited members - if you’ve ever had an Unlimited account in the past, you aren’t eligible.

Top Gaming Deals

First Martians | $24 | Amazon

If you’re getting sick of all the board games in your cabinet, you can pick up First Martians for just $24 on Amazon today.

Built on the core of the award-winning Robinson Crusoe: adventures on the cursed Island, first Martians: adventures on the red Planet pits players against the hostile Martian environment and a whole host of new adventures and challenges. The immersion experience is further enhanced with an integrated app that maintains the balance and challenge throughout. Players have the option of taking on the design as a series of separate games, in a custom campaign mode (like in legacy games) in which each successive game builds on the last, or even an open world mode in which they are free to roam about the Martian surface and explore for as long as they can survive.

It doesn’t have a ton of Amazon reviews, but over 1,200 reviewers give it a solid score on Board Game Geek.

While certainly not perfect, Shep actually really enjoyed Mass Effect Andromeda. Plus, it’s likely to be the last we see of Mass Effect for quite some time. I think it’s absolutely worth $12 for the deluxe edition on Xbox One.