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A laptop and accessories gold box, a one-day dale on smart locks at Home Depot, and an under-the-desk elliptical lead off Sunday’s best deals from around the web.

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Today’s Best Tech Deals

Sonos One (Black, Gen 1) | $145 | B&H
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Sonos came out with a slightly tweaked Sonos One smart speaker earlier this year, and while “an updated processor, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and increased memory” are nice upgrades, the thing that really matters, sound quality, remains the same.

That’s why our recommendation is to buy the Gen. 1 model on clearance for $170 $145 from while you still can, down from the original $200, and down from the old clear-out price of $180. The Sonos One hardly ever goes on sale outside of major events like Black Friday, and even then, we rarely see anything in excess of a $20 discount.


So whether you’re buying your first Sonos, or finally adding a speaker to your guest bedroom closet because you already have them everywhere else, this is a great chance to save. I’ve bought a couple of these for my mother in law’s house, and they sound astonishingly good, especially for their size.

Refurbished VIZIO 36" 5.1 SmartCast Sound Bar System | $120 | Woot
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Today only, a refurbished VIZIO 36" 5.1 sound bar system will cost you just $120 on Woot. Selling for about $200 new, this bundle includes the main soundbar unit, two satellites, and a sub to immerse you in sound. This particular unit also offers Chromecast audio support, which is a nice bonus, plus DTS Virtual:X for simulating Atmos-like overhead sound.


For comparison’s sake, this same refurb is selling for $50 on Amazon. Just make sure to act quickly because this deal goes away by the end of the day, and may sell out before then.

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS | $229 | Walmart

The release of the new Apple Watch Series 4 coincided with a price drop for the still-excellent Series 3. But today, prices have dropped even lower; a full $80 lower to be exact, and down to the best prices we’ve ever seen.

This deal is valid for both the 38mm and 42mm sizes, in both GPS and GPS + Cellular varieties. Assume the clock is ticking on this deal though, because we don’t know how long it’ll last.

Choetech Dual Qi Charging Mat | $32 | Amazon | Clip the $5 coupon and use code KBXDNH76

We’re entering a world where people own and use multiple devices that can charge wirelessly. Obviously, your phone. Increasingly, your earbuds. For some of us, even our computer mouse. So, yes, there’s a case to be made for a dual-charging Qi pad, and this one’s on sale for $32 after you clip the $5 coupon and use promo code KBXDNH76 at checkout.

It includes a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter in the box, it has five coils for flexible device placement, it supports high-speed 7.5W iPhone Qi charging, and <slaps top of Qi pad> this baby’s even topped with only the finest (PU) leather.

Anker PowerWave 10W Charging Pad | $10 | Amazon | Clip the $4 coupon
Photo: Amazon

Once you have a phone that supports Qi charging, you know that you can’t have enough charging pads. You want them in every room, on every table, at all times. And since this pad from Anker is only $10 today (after clipping the $4 coupon), you can afford to inch closer to your ubiquitous Qi charging ideal.


This one doesn’t support 7.5W iPhone charging, but it does support 10W charging for compatible Android phones, if you plug it into a Quick Charge adapter.

Laptops and Computer Accessory Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Today’s Gold Box is lowering the price on a ton of PCs and accessories. Inside, you’ll find Wacom tablets, convertible laptops, mouse pads, mesh networks, and more all marked down to great low prices.


For example, an Alienware M15 laptop with a 144hz display, 512 SSD, and RTX 2060 graphics is down to just $1,515, an all time low or about $300 less than average.

Just remember that these deals are only available today, and the best stuff could sell out early. Of course, there’s a ton of gear here, so make sure to visit the main page to see all of your options.

Refurbished GeForce Graphics Cards Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Those looking to upgrade their gaming rig have a few options from today’s Amazon Gold Box. Choose from refurbished GTX 1070 Ti and 1080 TI graphics cards, from MSI and EVGA.

Whether you want to eek out more gaming performance or need to edit a big video project, you’ll want a seriously powerful graphics card. And while these are last year’s models, they should be powerful enough for most of us.


Amazon says these products “works and looks like new” and comes with a 90-day warranty.

Just remember that this is a rare discount on these refurbished graphics cards, these prices are only available today, and there’s a small chance they could sell out. So do your soul-searching quickly before this deal disappears.

The Battery Organizer Storage Case | $17 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt


Our readers have bought thousands of rechargeable batteries over the years, so it’s safe to assume you guys have some rolling around in the back of a drawer somewhere in your house. You can start organizing them with this $17 storage case. It has 93 slots of varying shapes and sizes, so it will fit most battery types, and has a removable battery tester. Today’s price is a rare discount, and a few bucks less than the usual $20.

Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB | $130 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

While its 6TB sibling is included in today’s big PC accessory sale, this 8TB Seagate desktop drive is also on sale for its lowest price ever of $130. Not only does it have 8TB of hard drive space packed inside; it also has a couple of USB ports on the front that let you plug in even more storage. Or, you know, just charge your phone.

Today’s Best Home Deals

20% Off Amazon Snacks | Amazon | Prime members only
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Amazon sells a ton of its own private label food now, and everything we’ve tried—from coffee to trail mix to coconut oil—has been pretty good. If you’re a Prime member, you can try any of the above, and more, for 20% off right now.

You can see all of the available deals here, just note that the 20% Prime discount isn’t reflected on the product page, but you’ll see the final price at checkout.

20% Off Subscribe & Save Tide Pods | Amazon | Discount applied at checkout
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

There is one thing in life that is always guaranteed: laundry. No matter what, you’re always going to have dirty clothes. Detergent doesn’t always come cheap, which is why you’re going to want to snag this discount. If you sign up for Subscribe & Save on Tide Pods, you will save 20% on your first subscription. That really adds up when you think about how many loads of laundry you do every week. If you have kids, then you know discounts on detergent are actual lifesavers. To get the deal, you’ll need to use Subscribe & Save on any of these eligible products, but you can always cancel after your first delivery.

FREE (With $20 Purchase) Mrs. Meyers Gift Set | Grove | Automatically adds $20 of items to cart, but you can replace them with anything you want
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Here’s your no-brainer deal of the day. If you visit this page and enter your email, Grove Collaborative will give you $30 worth of Grove and Mrs. Meyer’s products for free when you spend $20 on anything else on the site. I was also given a free glass spray bottle and concentrated cleaner, for seemingly no reason at all.


After you enter your email, you’ll automatically be taken to a cart with more than $20 worth of popular items already added, but you can delete those and replace them with anything you’d like. Grove’s well stocked with laundry supplies, cleaning gear, pet products, personal care, and even baby know, stuff that you have to buy anyway. So you might as well get a bunch of Mrs. Meyer’s stuff for free.

Note: The offer will also give you 60 days of Grove’s VIP free shipping membership for free, which will auto-renew at a rate of $20 per year, but you can cancel the auto-renew immediately after ordering.

One-Day Smart Lock Sale | Home Depot
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Smart locks are low key <chuckles> one of the best smart home improvements you can make. You can get into your house without a key! You can potentially let in trusted delivery drivers! You can give your dog walker or overnight Airbnb guest a code!


Now, you can save on your choice of lock from Kwikset, Schlage, and more during Home Depot’s one-day smart lock sale. Have you tried any of these in your own home? Let us know in the comments.

30-50% Off Dog and Cat Treats | Chewy
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Did you wake up today to the sound of your cat or dog begging for treats? Same. Like clockwork, our furry best friends know exactly when they’re supposed to get a treat. If you’re running low on treats, stock up now while Chewy is having a huge blow out sale on hundreds of different cat and dog treats. You can purchase treats from Meow Mix, Blue Buffalo, American Journey, Pup-Peroni, Rachael Ray Nutrish, Wellness, and more. The 30 to 50% off discount will be applied at checkout.

TP-Link Kasa Dual Outdoor Smart Plug | $30 | Amazon | Clip the $5 coupon
Graphic: Amazon

TP-Link Kasa Dual Outdoor Smart Plug | $30 | Amazon | Clip the $5 coupon

I posit that the best use for a smart plug is to control string lights. And unless we’re talking about a Christmas tree, those lights are almost surely set up outdoors, where regular smart plugs aren’t really designed to go.


Enter this dual-outlet outdoor smart plug from TP-Link. Featuring two smart weather resistant outlets that you can control independently, it’ll let you turn your lights (or anything else outdoors) on and off with your smartphone or your voice. Get it for just $30 today after clipping the $5 coupon.

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper - 12 Big Rolls | $6 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Look, you need toilet paper anyway, so you might as well get it delivered, and buy it while it’s on sale. $6 is a terrific price for 12 big rolls of Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare, one of our readers’ favorite toilet papers.

Eufy BodySense C1 Smart Scale | $20 | Amazon | Promo code EUFYSLC1
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you want to keep track of your summer weight loss goals, the new model of Anker’s ultra-popular Bluetooth smart scale is on sale today for just $20 right now with promo code EUFYSLC1, the best price we’ve ever seen on a smart scale from a major brand.

In addition to functioning as a normal digital bathroom scale, the Eufy BodySense can measure metrics such as body fat percentage and body water, and sync all of that data over Bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone, and send it to those platforms’ Google Health and Apple HealthKit apps. You can see my impressions of the previous model here, but it’s the most seamless and reliable smart scale I’ve ever personally used.

Amazon Cloud Cam | $90 | Amazon

Whether you want to use Amazon’s Key in-home delivery service, or, you know, don’t, Amazon’s Cloud Cam is a solid standalone product for monitoring your home, and it’s $30 off today.

With 1080p recording, night vision, a 2-way intercom, and 24 hours of free cloud clip storage (or more if you sign up for a paid account), its specs compare very favorably to the Nest Cam, especially at today’s $90 price point.


That’s $30 less than usual, and if, somewhere down the road, you decide to buy a smart lock, you’ll have everything you need to use Amazon Key.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Even if you don’t have wrinkles yet, it is never too early to start using wrinkle cream. Many professionals believe that moisturizer is one of the most important steps in skincare. Wrinkle creams are meant to target fine lines and help moisturize for softer, smoother-looking skin.

Eucerin is a popular brand for hand and body cream, but they also sell face creams. Right now, you can get the Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream for $7 when you clip the 25% off coupon on your first Subsribe & Save order.

BioLite Fourth of July Deals | BioLite

BioLite, the company behind the wood burning camp stove that recharges your phone with fire, just kicked off its Fourth of July Sale, with something for every tech-loving outdoor enthusiast (no, they’re not mutually exclusive interests!).

The CampStove 2 is there, as is the SolarHome 620, which adds some lights and USB chargers to any off-grid shed or cabin, and the HeadLamp 330, which is our favorite product of its kind. But the most exciting deal is the rare discount on the FirePit. This Kickstarter sensation uses thermoelectric fans to promote big, beautiful flames that you’ll be able to fully enjoy thanks to the transparent mesh sidewalls. It also doubles a hibachi grill, so safe to say the next neighborhood barbecue is going to be in your backyard.

Ozark Trail 12' x 12' Slant Leg Canopy | $43 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

The beach is best enjoyed from underneath a canopy, in the shade. And if you’d like to jump into the comments to tell me that I’m wrong or that tents and umbrellas are ruining the beach, I kindly invite you to not do that, because I assure you that I don’t care.


This one from Ozark Trail has a 10' x 10' canopy, but utilizes slanted legs to create a 12' x 12' uninterrupted space underneath, which should give you plenty of room to stretch out. It’s down to just $43 today, which is less than a lot of resorts and beach clubs would charge you for a single day’s worth of umbrella use.

Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak | $60 | Walmart
Photo: Amazon

You don’t need waterfront property to enjoy a kayak. You don’t need a roof rack. Hell, you don’t even need a lot of space in your home to store one. This inflatable two-seater from Intex only weighs about 30 pounds deflated, so you can throw it in your trunk, and blow it up once you get to the water.


$60 is the best price of the year, and it even includes two oars and an air pump. We aren’t sure how long this deal is going to last though, so pick it up before it capsizes.

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical (Black and Silver) | $249 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical (Black and Silver) | $249 | Amazon

If you can’t find the time to get to the gym every day, this under-desk elliptical lets you squeeze in some light exercise while you procrastinate doing your expense reports. This Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical has the added benefit of being able to connect to your smartphone’s fitness apps to keep track of your daily burn.


This price is the lowest we’ve ever seen on this particular unit. However since it’s a Gold Box, this deal ends tonight.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair | $230 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

If you ran out of upgrades to make to your computer, maybe it’s time you invest in a gaming chair. Right now you can pick up a bonafide AKRacing gaming chair for just $230.

Like all racing style gaming chairs, this Core Series model is ergonomically sculpted, includes all the adjustment options you’d expect including a 180 degree recline. Available in multiple colors, this gaming chair is $70 off normal and is an absolute steal.

Act fast before this deal disappears.

Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse | $50 | Amazon
Photo: Tercius Bufete

The Razer Basilisk combines the customization options and high-end components of a gaming mouse with the ergonomics and (mostly) understated design of the best work mice out there, making it one of the best options for keyboard jockeys who also like to have fun.

Normally priced around $55-$70, you can grab it for its holiday price of $50, if you hurry.

Super Mario Maker 2 | $52 | Amazon | Prime members only
Screenshot: Amazon

Super Mario Maker 2 | $52 | Amazon | Prime members only

Amazon’s $10 video game preorder credits seem to have gone the way of the dodo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save a few bucks. Super Mario Maker 2 for Switch is discounted to $52 right now for Prime members, the best price we’ve seen so far. Note: Discount shown at checkout.


That’s not a huge price drop, obviously, but as far as first party Nintendo games go, it’s as good as you can hope for. Let’s a-go.





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Deals You May Have Missed

Corsair MM300 Extra Long Gaming Mouse Pad | $15 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Many of you won’t bat an eye in spending $50+ on a good gaming mouse, but don’t neglect the mouse pad! This extra long model from Corsair is available for $15 today, about $5 to $15 less than usual.

Elgato Stream Deck Mini | $70 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

If you want to take your streaming game to the next level, Elgato’s time-saving and workflow-automating Stream Deck Mini is on sale for $70 right now, down from its usual $100.


Its six keys are actually tiny, customizable LCD screens, and you can assign them to different actions and workflows on YouTube, Twitch, and other popular streaming platforms. It’s basically a very cool, very elegant alternative to custom keybindings and keyboard shortcuts, and it would make a great gift.

If you can drag yourself off the couch and into your nearest Target today, you can save 30% on select video games by choosing in-store pickup at checkout. Some of the deals, like a full-priced copy of NBA 2K19, are terrible. Others, like the first-party Nintendo games for $35 after the discount, are incredibly rare.

Robert Graham Semi-Annual Pop-Up Sale | Robert Graham
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Robert Graham’s bold designs and colorful fabrics might be a bit outside your comfort zone, but at these prices, it’s worth taking a fashion risk. The company’s semi-annual pop-up sale is on, with up to 70% off dozens of styles for men and women.


Even if you aren’t going to go full paisley, they do offer some more understated options and solid, neutral colors. But where’s the fun in that?

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer | $52 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a damp boot. Okay, that’s not true, but it’s unpleasant, and also easily avoidable with this DryGuy boot dryer. They also work great on gloves and socks!

WD 4TB Elements Hard Drive | $90 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

This WD portable hard drive doesn’t require an external power cord, and can hold 4TB of movies, music, photos, or even console games. Not bad for $90, an all-time low.


This isn’t WD’s newest drive (though it does carry a 4.3 star rating from over 3,000 reviews), and thus doesn’t have built-in software like password protection and encryption like WD’s newest drives, but those are things that you can easily set up yourself.