Shake off post-daylight saving time sleepiness with a one-day flash storage sale, discounted robotic vacuum, our readers’ favorite Bluetooth speaker, and more deals.

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PNY Flash Storage Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

There’s no such thing as having too much flash storage, and it’s a whole bunch of it is on sale today on Amazon.


Today only in the Gold Box, you can save on SD cards, microSD cards (perfect if you got one of those $224 Nintendo Switches last week), flash drives, and even an SSD from PNY, in a bunch of different capacities. A few of our favorite deals are below, but head over to Amazon to check out the rest.

Anker SoundCore | $22 | Amazon

Anker’s reader-favorite SoundCore Bluetooth speaker spawned a whole line of products, but the original model is still great, and it’s never been cheaper than it is right now.


The SoundCore’s headlining feature is its 24 hour battery life, and in my experience, that’s a conservative estimate. It also packs in dual 6W drivers for room-filling sound, and looks pretty great to boot. It’s been mostly selling for $30 lately, but you can get it for a stocking stuffer-friendly $22 today, no code needed.

Amazon Echo | $85 | Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot | $40 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

While they aren’t as cheap as we’ve seen during major sales events like Black Friday, Amazon’s running some solid discounts on both the Echo and Echo Dot today, if you need some more smart speakers to scatter around your house.

Aduro Gooseneck Tablet Holder | $9 | Amazon | Clip the $1 coupon
Photo: elmerelmer, com_xenox, ProtoSP

Did I see this Kotaku post this morning and immediately try to find a deal to replicate it myself? Why yes, yes I did. Clip the $1 coupon to get it for just $9.

Aukey Fabric 10W Qi Charging Pad | $20 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYWC4
Photo: Amazon

Apple’s adoption of the Qi standard has created an explosion of new wireless charging pads and great deals. This 10W model from Aukey isn’t the cheapest one out there, but it’s the first we’ve seen with a cool-looking fabric cover.

Alxum External Hard Drive Cable | $16 | Amazon | Promo code YV5QMUUL
Photo: Amazon

External hard drive enclosures typically only work with 2.5" or 3.5" drives, but this cable can plug into both. Plus, it leaves your hard drive or SSD drive bare and exposed on your desk, which is a cool look if you ask me. Just $16 today with promo code YV5QMUUL.

3-Pack Mpow Smartphone Dry Bags | $10 | Amazon
2-Pack Mpow Smartphone Dry Bags | $7 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

It might not seem like it today, but it’ll be beach and pool season before you know it, and you can prepare your phone with an inexpensive, waterproof dry bag. Get three for $10 with promo code KOHGXF2Q, or two for $7, no code required. I’ve used one of these to effectively turn my phone into a waterproof camera for a rafting trip, and it worked great.

Anker PowerPort 5 with Power Delivery | $32 | Amazon | Promo code BEST2556

Anker’s PowerPort line of multi-port USB chargers are our readers’ favorites, and this model is one of the few that includes USB-C Power Delivery, which outputs up to 30W to power devices like the new MacBooks, or even a Nintendo Switch. You can save a whopping $22 today with promo code BEST2556, which brings this down to an all-time low $32.

VicTsing Shower Speaker | $14 | Amazon | Promo code 27R526JX

Whether you love to sing in the shower, or just need more time to catch up on your podcasts, everyone should own a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. Especially when they’ll only set you back $14 with promo code 27R526JX.

Fire TV | $45 | Amazon | Prime members only
Fire TV Stick | $25 | Amazon | Prime members only
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you have any insufficiently smart TVs in your possession, today’s a great day to fix that, as both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are down to the best prices ever for Prime members.


The 1080p Alexa-enabled Fire TV Stick is just $25, but honestly, you should probably just buy the 4K and HDR-ready Fire TV for $20 more, if only for future-proofing purposes. Just note that you’ll only see these prices at checkout if you’re a Prime member.

And if you’re an Apple devotee, don’t forget that you can get a 4K Apple TV for just $105 (down from $179) via this DirecTV Now promotion.

Conico Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip | $25 | Amazon | Use code EDEWLTBX

At $25 with code EDEWLTBX, this smart power strip costs about as much as a standard smart plug, but it includes four smart AC outlets that you can control individually with your smartphone or Alexa, plus four USB ports too (though you can only control them as a set). Why has nobody else thought to make this yet?


The free control app and Alexa will recognize the power strip as six different devices (four AC outlets, the USB ports, and the entire power strip), all of which you can name and control from anywhere.

Anker PowerCore 5000 | $14 | Amazon | Clip the 10% coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

There’s a place for giant USB battery packs, but that place is not your pocket. For a quick charge while walking around, it’s worth owning a smaller USB battery as well, and this 5,000mAh model from Anker is down to $14 after you clip the 10% coupon on the page.


That’s a bit larger than most “lipstick-style” battery packs on the market, and should give any smartphone out there at least one full charge.

VPNs have been in the news, and whether you want to get around video geoblocks, circumvent proxy filters, or just keep prying eyes out of your browsing data while using sketchy public Wi-Fi, reader-favorite Private Internet Access has a deal to fit your needs.


Last month, they offered our readers $10 off two year memberships, but this time around, you get a few more choices, ranging from a quick taste of the service to an extended commitment with additional savings:

These deals are only for our readers, but we aren’t sure how long they’ll be available, so go ahead and sign up while you can.

Vansky RGB Bias Light | $12 | Amazon | Promo code MUA9KLRI
Vansky White Bias Light | $10 | Amazon | Promo code MUA9KLRI

If you still haven’t tried out a home theater bias light, today’s a great day to pick one up.


Vansky’s LED bias light strips plug directly into your TV’s USB port for power, and stick to the back of the set via built-in adhesive. Once you turn your TV on, the LEDs cast a soft glow on the wall behind them, which can reduce eyestrain when watching in the dark, and improve your TV’s perceived black levels.

You can choose from an RGB or plain white strip today on Amazon for $12 or less, and if that’s too long for your TV, you can actually cut it to length.

Wi-Fi Endoscope | $19 | Amazon | Promo code IYUKEKUB

Look, I get it, you don’t think you need an endoscope. And you probably don’t! At least right now. But the day will come—it could be in a week, it could be in 10 years—where you need a snake-like camera to look down a drain, or in the recesses of a car engine, or inside your air conditioning ducts, and you’ll be glad you bought one for $19.


Dr. Meter’s Wi-Fi endoscope is a 720p camera with built-in LED headlights at the end of a five-meter, semi-rigid cable. At the other end of the cord is an included Wi-Fi module that that broadcasts live video to your phone or computer over, so you see what the camera sees. It also comes with three attachments (a hook, a magnet, and a mirror) that you can slip onto the end to peer around corners, or retrieve tiny items.

At this point, I feel like I should cover my bases and point out that this is not a medical device. Please, don’t put it inside yourself or anyone else. Otherwise, have fun. Thanks.

DirecTV Now is one of the better over-the-top cable replacements out there, and with this deal, there’s very little reason not to give it a try.


For a limited time, if you prepay for three months of the service at $35 per month, you’ll get a 4K Apple TV included for free. That Apple TV costs $179 normally, so you’re basically getting a $74 discount on the box, plus three months of live TV. No brainer.]


The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is your favorite affordable vacuum cleaner, but it’s the step-up Professional model that’s on sale today for $98. Compared to the standard Lift-Away, the Professional includes a longer power cord, a better carpet brush, and a microfiber dusting attachment. It doesn’t suck, is what I’m saying, except in the ways it should. This price is only available today though, so get yours before they’re all cleaned out.

15 Pound Weighted Blanket | $123 | Amazon | Promo code AHIEY3TD
20 Pound Weighted Blanket | $160 | Amazon

Weighted blankets can work wonders for your anxiety, or at the very least keep you warm and cozy all winter long, and you can score all-time low prices on both a 15 (with code AHIEY3TD) and 20 pound model today on Amazon. Not to stress you out, but we wouldn’t expect this deal to last for long.

Ghost Paper Notebook | $20 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA313

Even (or perhaps, especially) in the age of laptops and tablets, many people prefer the tactile experience of jotting down notes with an actual pen and paper, and the most tactile experience of all comes from the Ghost Paper Notebook.


Rather than simply printing lines on the sheet to keep your letters straight, Ghost Paper’s lines are very slightly embossed, giving your pen an actual base from which to start each character. Shane tried one of these out earlier this year and loved it, and you can get your own notebook for $5 off today with promo code KINJA313.

And in case you missed it last week, you can still get a set of Ghost Paper stationery for just $10, due to a defect on the cartons that hold the paper and envelopes (which are in perfect condition). Just add it to your cart, and you’ll see the discount at checkout.

Save a couple bucks and a whole bunch of greens with this large Rubbermaid FreshWorks container. It can keep your produce fresh 80% longer than storing in a traditional container, and it would normally set you back $4-$6 more. Plus, it will pay for itself after you’ve stopped throwing out produce that rots before you have a chance to eat it.

The bestselling, top-rated, and audience-favorite robotic vacuum got upgraded to a new and improved model late last year, and you can suck up yours today for just $180, a whopping $70 less than usual, and an all-time low.


It has the features you guys loved about the original RoboVac 11, including a remote control, a slim body to reach under furniture, and a large dust box, but boasts upgraded suction power, so the vacuum will sense when it needs to use a little extra juice to take care of a mess. It also has slightly larger wheels to easier navigate over door jams and higher-pile carpets, plus a larger HEPA-style filter to better trap allergens and pet hair. At this price though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sell out.

Oak Leaf Solar Pathway Lights LED Landscape | $29 | Amazon | Use code YVQPYYL4

If you find yourself walking outside at night to a black abyss, pick up this 8-pack of solar-powered LED lights. They’ll brighten up your yard for up to 8 hours, turning on automatically after the sun goes down. Plus, these will cost you just $29 after code YVQPYYL4.

This 6-piece stackable container set will keep your refrigerator looking presentable. It comes with special sizes for cans and eggs, and then more generic shapes for everything else. This set normally bounces around ~$35, so grab it today for $29 before this deal gets moldy.

Our readers’ favorite food storage containers are selling for $27 today on Amazon, putting them within a dollar of their all-time-low price. They’re glass so they’re less likely to stain or hold odors, and they last forever. But don’t take my word for it - here’s what you like about them:

Easy to clean, great size selection, very sturdy. - thethinwhiteduke

Far and away the best as they will never stain or crack and the lids are replaceable and inexpensive. Tons of different sizes and shapes. I’ve replaced almost all of my old plastic crap except for a few even smaller ones that go in the kids lunch boxes. - Dar

I have what I believe to be the oldest version of this product, purchased ~23 years ago at Costco. The sets (I bought 2) included two sizes of rectangular containers, small bowls, and two sizes of small round, all with blue lids. The have held up perfectly with only the replacement of two lids on the larger bowls. Glass is the perfect storage material but don’t microwave with the lids snapped on tight DAMHIKT. Excellent product and worth many times what I paid. - Bodger

You don’t have to commit to one flavor with this 40-count variety pack. It’s just $15 today, which is the lowest price it’s been in over a year, and would be a smart thing to keep on hand for guests. It even comes with a couple of single-serving honey sticks.

‘Tis the season of shedding for your pups, so if you’d like to get ahead of the soccer ball-sized hair clumps and brush your dog’s coat to a nice shine, pick up a few of these highly-rated FURminator brushes.


First up, the dog rake (yes, it’s really called that) isn’t so much for shedding, but for de-matting your dog’s coat. Its metal rounded pins will detangle without pulling out hair, and won’t break off like plastic teeth. It’s just $7 today, which is just a $1 more than its all-time low.

Next, the curry comb has rubber teeth which can help brush out dirt and loose hair in between baths. It’s also $6 today, and designed for dogs with short or medium-length hair.

Finally, the grooming slicker brush will add shine, detangle, and pick up loose hairs off of dogs with longer or curly coats. It’s also discounted a few bucks today.

Perfect for small kitchen, this magnetic strip will keep your knives accessible without taking up counter space and looks way cooler than a knife block.


It would also work well for tools, or you can use magnets on the lids of jars to store just about anything.

For just $12 with code ZY3WCNDW, it’s hard not be attracted to it.

Cinema Light Box | $20 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

You’ve seen these cinema light boxes on Pinterest, and now, you can buy your own for just $20, complete with black letters, color letters, and even a bunch of emojis. I suggest writing inappropriate things, and seeing how long it takes your family to notice.

Bissell PowerLifter | $79 | Amazon

If you’ve never deep-cleaned a carpet, get ready for an eye-opening experience when you see just how much crap a person can track into a home. At $79 (about $20 less than usual), this discounted BISSELL PowerLifter is perfect for keeping your carpets actually clean as opposed to just looking clean.

Utopia Towels | $22 | Amazon

Replace your worn out towels and grab a few new sets from Amazon today. These Utopia 8-piece towel sets are all around ~$22 today, which is a few dollars less than usual. And they’re Amazon’s best-selling towel set, so chances are they’re pretty nice.

2-Pack OxyLED T-02 Warm Lights | $12 | Amazon | Promo code YR2EJ335
Photo: Amazon

OxyLED’s T-02 motion-sensing night lights have long been popular among our readers for lighting up dark closets, hallways, and cabinets, and you can get two of them for just $12 today.


These particular T-02 lights are pleasantly warm tinted, which is especially nice at night when you’re stumbling to the bathroom but don’t want to blast your eyes with blue light. Just use promo code YR2EJ335 at checkout to save a few bucks.

Bamboo Activated Charcoal Air Freshener | $22 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

These highly-rated air-freshening bags contain activated charcoal, and are believed to remove funky smells, mold, and bacteria from the air without harmful chemicals or fragrances. This deal is on a 5-pack of bags, so you can spread them around your house, throw one in a gym bag, and one in your car.


Unlike other air fresheners, these last for a full two years before needing to be replace. These typically sell for $25+, and are discounted to $22 today.


Surprise Sale | Kate Spade | Free shipping on orders over $99

Enjoy up to 75% off on a ton of Kate Spade items today through Thursday. They’ve discounted over 200 purses, wallets, jewelry pieces, clothing and accessories, so even if you’ve just been thinking about getting a new bag, today’s the day to pull the trigger. Shipping is free if you spend over $99, which shouldn’t be too hard to do.

1byone Shiatsu Massage Pillow | $23 | Amazon | With code MP3BPXNH

Nothing beats a massage after a tough day at work, and this $23 pillow (with code MP3BPXNH) includes four rotating massage nodes and infrared heating to knead your aching muscles. Now you won’t have to drive yourself to the mall to sit in the Sharper Image massage chairs. It even comes with a car adapter, so you can use it during your commute!

20% off Clearance | Backcountry

Update: Today is the final day!

Backcountry’s massive clearance section is all an additional 20% off today, so you can save on winter gear for next year, camping supplies like tents and sleeping bags, and more. You’ll be able to see the additional discount at checkout.

It’s that awkward time of year where the weather ping pongs between pleasant and Hoth, but you’ll be prepared to go outside no matter the conditions with this rare REI clearance sale. From now until March 19, you’ll get an extra 25% off anything in the site’s sale section, no code needed.


There’s a lot to sort through here, but options include reader-favorite Smartwool socks, Mountain Hardwear’s Ghost Whisperer coats, and a lot more. Drop your suggestions in the comments below!

Extra 20% off Under Armout Outlet | Under Armour | Promo code MARCH20

What better way to get ready for the better weather than an extra 20% off at the Under Armour Outlet? This sale is full of practically every style you can think of, from the classic Under Armour long-sleeves to training shoes to their Threadborne microthread technology, perfect for running outside in the warmer months. These are already on sale by virtue of being in the Outlet section, but promo code MARCH20 will take an extra 20% off at checkout.

Philips OneBlade with two replacement blades | $32 | Amazon | After $10 coupon

We didn’t think Philips OneBlade deals could get better than the $17 price tag we saw around Black Friday, but I think this actually has it beat.


Amazon’s currently listing the OneBlade plus two replacement blades (a $25 value) for just $33 after a $10 coupon is applied at checkout. That’s $2 less than the regular price of the OneBlade by itself, with no replacements.

If you aren’t familiar with this thing yet, Shane shared his thoughts about it on Gear:

I’m pretty blown away by the Philips OneBlade. I was expecting a deconstructed electric razor or a souped up Gillette Power-style situation, but the OneBlade is more like the next evolution of beard trimmers.

The OneBlade can be used to get a close shave, edge, or trim down to your preferred length. It’s also washable and rechargeable, and the replaceable blades that last an estimated four months are already available on Subscribe and Save.

The OneBlade can be used in the shower or over the sink, with or without shaving cream or oil. To be clear, this is not going to give you a straight razor-close shave, but it’s going to get you 99.5% of the way there in no time and with no irritation.


Graphic Novel Sale | $1 | Amazon

Including Spider Man, Wolverine, Star Wars, and Marvel more characters, there’s a little bit of everything in this Amazonsale. All of these digital titles are just $1, so what are you waiting for?

DIRECTV Now Live a Little Package | $10 for First Three Months | Promo code YESNOW3. Cancel any time.
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you want to stream all of the March Madness games at home (or at your desk) without a real cable subscription, DirecTV Now looks to be your cheapest option at the moment.


The service’s base package includes TNT, TBS, TruTV, and CBS (in select markets), which together would cover all 63 tournament games. It normally costs $35 per month, but you can get your first three months for just $10 each with promo code YESNOW3. That’ll auto-renew at the regular price after the promotional period, but you can cancel any time, including after your first month, meaning you’d only pay $10 out of pocket for full tournament access.

Alternatively, you can still prepay for three months at regular price ($105 total), and get a free 4K Apple TV, which normally costs $179 by itself. I did this myself a couple of weeks ago, and I’m really liking it.

Ingrid Goes West | $10 | Amazon
Image: Star Thrower Entertainment/Neon

With all due respect to Frances McDormand, Aubrey Plaza deserved the best actress Oscar for her role in Ingrid Goes West. If you haven’t seen darkly funny send-up of our Instagram and celebrity-obsessed culture, do yourself a favor and grab the Blu-ray + Digital combo pack from Amazon for just $10.

Humble’s latest bundle features over 18 DIY instructional books and magazines from Make:. As the publication’s name might suggest, most of these focus on teaching you the skills you need to run science experiments, build model rockets, design drones, or even build a better home. As always, you can name your own price, but the titles are spread across four different price tiers.


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip | $20 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

This Nintendo Switch Joy-Con grip is exactly like the one that came bundled with your Switch, except that it includes a USB-C port to charge the controllers, whether you’re actively playing with them, or just recharging between gaming sessions. I probably wouldn’t buy it to replace the stock grip, but if you have a spare set of Joy-Con, it’s worth grabbing for $20, or $10 below MSRP.

Nyko Power Shell Case | $27 | Amazon
Nyko Power Pak | $25 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you managed to get your hands on one of last week’s $224 Nintendo Switches, you might want to spend some of your savings on a Nyko battery-extending accessory today.


The Nyko Power Pak and the Nyko Power Shell Case are marked down to all-time low prices today on Amazon. Both products include 5,000mAh battery packs (larger, even, than the Switch’s built-in battery). The Power Pak attaches directly to your Switch (though you’ll have to take it off to fit in the Switch Dock), while the Power Shell Case is a carrying case and kickstand combo with a battery and charging cable built in. Personally, I think the Power Shell Case offers more flexibility and is the way to go, but either one will get the job done.

Super Smash Bros. | $48 | Amazon
Mario Tennis Aces | $48 | Amazon
Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy | $32 | Amazon
Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition | $48 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Update: The 20% discount is working on Smash now, if you weren’t able to get the deal earlier.


It won’t be out until some indeterminate date later this year, but it’s worth remembering that Prime members can preorder Super Smash Bros. (or any other physical game) for 20% off. It’s not unheard of for preorders of popular Nintendo games to sell out prior to release, so if you know you’re going to buy it anyway, you might as well put an order in, since you won’t be charged until it ships.

Note: Discount shown at checkout.

The same discount applies to other games mentioned in today’s Nintendo Direct, including my most anticipated game of the year, Mario Tennis Aces.

The Humble Monthly clock just reset again, and April’s early access selection includes a trio of titles: Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Mafia III, and God Eater II. You’ll also get a cache of as-yet-unannounced games next month, plus 10% off on all Humble Store purchases, all for just $12 per month. And yes, even if you cancel your membership, every game you got is yours to keep forever.





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