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It’s not the best deal we’ve ever seen, nor is it likely to be as good as what we’ll get on Black Friday, but if you’re in the market for an Echo Dot, Amazon’s marked them down to $40 today.

LG 55" OLED 4K TV, $1597 | 65", $2597

If you love inky blacks and vibrant colors—and who doesn’t?—this 55" 2017 OLED LG TV is down to $1597 today on Amazon, or $2597 for 65", essentially matching prices that we’ve only seen from MassDrop to date.


As you’d expect from any high-end TV these days, that gets you a 4K panel and Dolby Vision HDR, but OLED technology means the blacks will be far richer, and the colors more vibrant than any LCD-based screen you can buy. It’ll still cost you, but your eyes will tell you it was worth it.

Roku came out with a new version of its popular streaming stick this month, and you can already get it for $10 off on Amazon.

Most of this Gizmodo review of the older model still holds true, but the 2017 model comes with a voice remote, so you won’t have to search for shows with an on-screen keyboard.

iClever BoostCube 45W USB-C Charger, $25 with code ICPD45WC

There aren’t a whole lot of USB-C chargers out there that can output enough juice to charge a MacBook at full speed, but this iClever BoostCube can handle it, and then some.


Its single USB-C port can push out 45W of power, which is squarely between the 12" MacBook’s 29W and the 13" MacBook Pro’s 61W. That means it’ll charge the former at full speed, and should charge the latter fairly quickly considering it’s only $25 with code ICPD45WC, compared to the $69 Apple charges for a 61W power supply.

This WD portable hard drive doesn’t require an external power cord, and can hold 4TB of movies, music, photos, or even console games. Not bad for $100.

Smart plugs are the gateway drug to home automation, and TP-Link’s model with energy monitoring is down to $30 right now, about $5-$10 less than usual. This thing adds smartphone and Alexa control to any power outlet, and unlike some less expensive models, it’ll also tell you how much electricity is running through it so you can identify what’s running up your power bill.

Update: If you missed this last week, the Bloom is now all the way down to $37, and the Go remains on sale for $60.


You’re probably familiar with the color-changing Hue lights that screw into your existing lamps and light fixtures, but if you really want to paint your rooms with color, you’ll want to pick up a few Hue Bloom accent lights as well.

These lights used to sell for around $80, and today’s $45 $37 deal on Amazon is the best we’ve ever seen. If you’re already invested in the Hue ecosystem, you should absolutely pick up at least one.

If you want to take your Hue ecosystem on the go, the Hue Go is similar to the Bloom, except that it’s significantly brighter, and can run off a battery for up to three hours at a time, making it perfect for backyard parties. $60 is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen on it.

BigBlue Hand Warmer, $15 with code ZCL23YL5

This rechargeable hand warmer is like a Swiss Army knife for 21st-century winter. Not only does it warm your hands, it serves as a 6000mAh power bank and a LED flashlight. It’s just $15 today with code ZCL23YL5, so throw out those warming powder packets that don’t charge your phone at all.

VAVA MOOV 28, $20 with code KINJABH9

You probably already own a pair of Bluetooth headphones, but it never hurts to buy an extra set for your gym bag or luggage, in case you leave your favorites at home. VAVA’s MOOV 28 have fantastic Amazon reviews, and are just $20 today with code KINJABH9.

Aukey USB-C to USB-A Braided 5-Pack, $15 with code AUKECMD2
Aukey USB-C to USB-A 3-Pack, $10 with code AUKECMD3

The day will come where all USB ports you regularly interact with in the world will be USB-C ports. Until then, you’ll need some USB-A to USB-C cables to help manage the transition. Get five nylon-braided cables of various length today for $15 with promo code AUKECMD2.

You can also get three 3' cables for $10, but they aren’t braided.

Bestek Power Tower, $31 with code ZY3FFGC8

Vertical surge protectors (power towers, as I like to call them) seem to be having a moment right now, and this one includes eight AC outlets and six USB ports for just $31 with promo code ZY3FFGC8. If that’s not enough power for your desk, you might need a tech intervention.

Extra PureVPN savings with code PRIVACY20

There’s a nasty new Wi-Fi exploit out in the wild these days, but you can protect yourself from prying eyes (and get around geo-blocked content too) with a VPN subscription.

Lo and behold, PureVPN is offering some pretty stellar discounts right now when you use promo code Privacy20:

  • 24 months for $62.40 ($2.60 per month)
  • Six months for $42.96 ($7.16 per month)
  • One month for $8.76

PureVPN encrypts and obscures all of your internet traffic from everyone from malicious hackers to your ISP to the government, and includes some cool features like a kill switch to automatically disconnect your Wi-Fi if the VPN stops working, as well as split tunneling, which can route some of your traffic through the VPN, while letting the rest go through your ISP.


Eufy Lumos Tunable Smart Bulb, $26 with code BULB1234

Anker makes smart light bulbs now, because of course they do, and you can get them at a discount today.

This bulb can’t display the full RGB spectrum like a Philips Hue lamp, but it can hit any flavor of white from sunlight-simulating daylight to Edison-style warm white. It sounds like a small thing, but different shades of light can seriously boost your productivity, or help you relax when it’s almost time for bed.

You can control the bulbs with your smartphone via the free Eufy Home app, but the real fun is hooking them up to Alexa. Any Alexa-enabled device can do this, including the Echo Dot, which happens to be on sale today.

You might not need to use a Dremel all that often, but it’s one of those things everyone should keep in their tool box, if only for sanding wood and carving jack-o-lanterns. So if you don’t have one yet, Amazon’s currently discounting the Dremel 4300-4/40 to an all-time low $99 (from about $120).


The Dremel 4300 features a variable speed motor that can spin anywhere from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM, and includes 40 accessories and five attachments to get you started with projects all around the house.

It’s a great day to buy a Breville Smart Oven. Two of your favorite toaster ovens, the Breville Smart Oven and the Breville Compact Smart Oven, are both around $40 off today, and the Breville Smart Oven Air is down about $80. (See this chart to compare features them all side-by-side.)


Let’s start with the classic Smart Oven. On top of the praise from our readers (they say it basically replaces their normal oven), it boasts a very impressive 4.7-star rating with over 1,000 reviews. At $216, it’s the cheapest it has been since February.

The Compact, as you may have assumed, is ideal for smaller kitchen. It’s down to $144 from its typical $180 price and contains almost all the features of the larger model.

The Breville Smart Oven Air, normally $400, is also being offered at a deep discount today at just $320. In addition to normal toaster oven capabilities, this one also functions as an air-fryer and food dehydrator. Shane reviewed this model earlier this year:

The Smart Oven Mini I’ve had for years is a great alternative to my oven and microwave, but the Smart Oven Air makes me question why I even have a full size oven.

K-Cup Variety Pack, $20 with Subscribe & Save and 15% coupon

I know Keurig coffee isn’t the best coffee, but there’s no denying it’s convenient, and with deals like this, it makes it easy to try a lot of different blends. While they last, get 40 K-cups with no duplicates for $20 when you use Subscribe & Save (you can always cancel) and clip the 15% coupon on the page.

Amazon already made some extremely popular packing cubes, and now, you can pair them with Amazon-branded luggage.


The AmazonBasics 24" hardside spinner just got its first discount ever, down to $63 from its usual (and still insanely affordable) $70. This thing’s too big to use as a carry-on, but it’s a good size for a checked bag if you value maneuverability. It also has good organizational tools inside, and it carries a stellar review average, especially considering its rock-bottom price.

What’s that noise your car’s making? It’s all the crap rolling around in your trunk. Luckily, this $15 pop-up organizer will keep everything in its place. It even comes with a bonus cooler, and a built-in reflective hazard triangle if you ever need to pull over. Just be sure to use code MCFCTO15 at checkout to save $13.

Just because it’s getting colder out doesn’t mean you have to batten down the hatches and abandon your patio: With these discounted gas heaters, you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round.


Amazon’s deeply discounting a couple of AZ patio heaters in today’s Gold Box, plus a cover for $13 if you need it. Other than the finish, the two models are identical, so you’ll be paying extra if you want hammered bronze. Just remember that these prices are only available today, so get yours before the deal burn out.

Let’s get this out of the way early: Yes, BioBidet is a terrible brand name for a kitchen faucet company.


Okay, moving on. Their FLOW faucet has pretty much every feature you’d want in a kitchen faucet: A retractable hose, an attractive design, and a hands-free motion sensor that runs off AA batteries, so you don’t have to have a power outlet available under your sink.

Today only, you can get it in brushed nickel, chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze for $130, an all-time low. Just be sure to get yours before the deal gets rinsed away.

Update: The 3 qt. model is back to its regular price, and the 6 qt. model has risen from $81 to $85, though that’s still $15 less than usual. The 8 qt. remains at an all-time low $114.

If you don’t own a pressure cooker, today’s a great day to fix that. The newest, pint-sized 3Qt Instant Pot Mini wants a permanent home on your kitchen counter, and it just got its first discount down to just $60.


Perfectly sized for any apartment, this is also our readers’ favorite slow cooker, and one of their favorite rice cookers too. To put a fine point on it: It’s one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets you can own. Even if you already have one, I don’t need to tell you that these make great gifts, and the holidays are just around the corner.

If you need something bigger though, the other two larger sizes are also on sale:

It may not be patio season anymore (at least on the East Coast), but for $22, you can grab a new umbrella that will keep you cool and protected from the sun.

Before you know it, it’ll be time to get started on holiday decorating, but you can save money, not to mention time, by taking advantage of Amazon’s Star Shower Motion deal.


If you aren’t familiar, these genius little gadgets use lasers to project red and green lights onto the front of your house, giving the appearance of holiday spirit without the hassle of actually hanging up outdoor lights. We’ve seen a few deals lately on similar products, but this is the original, as-seen-on-TV Star Shower that started the trend a few years ago, and it’s never been cheaper.

Eufy Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, $200 with code MMSM8QWT

The bestselling, top-rated, and audience-favorite robotic vacuum just came out with a new and improved model, and you can suck up yours today for just $200 with code MMSM8QWT, matching a launch deal we saw last week.


It has the features you guys loved about the first model - remote control, a slim body to reach under furniture, and large dust box, but boasts upgraded suction power, so the vacuum will sense when it needs to use a little extra juice to take care of a mess. It also has slightly larger wheels to easier navigate over door jams and higher-pile carpets, plus a larger HEPA-style filter to better trap allergens and pet hair. How convenient!

Cascade Complete ActionPacs, $9 after $4 coupon

You need dishwasher detergent anyway, so you might as well buy it on sale. While supplies last, Amazon’s offering a $4 coupon on this 78-pack container of Cascade Complete ActionPacs, nearly a 25% savings.


Extra 40% off sale styles with code SAVE40

If reliability is something you crave in a pair of shoes (if it isn’t, you may need to reconsider), I bet you have Cole Haan in your closet. And if you’re looking for a new pair but don’t want to spend the normal asking price, Cole Haan is giving you an extra 40% off sale styles with the code SAVE40. Men’s and women’s styles both are included, so go ahead and have a field day.

40% off at Banana Republic, Old Navy, and GAP with code

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Banana Republic, Old Navy, and GAP are in cahoots when it comes to sales; they are owned by the same company, after all. But with 40% off coming from all three retailers when you use the code STYLE, maybe you get a whole new wardrobe by the end of summer.

Crest 3D White Strips, $19 after $15 coupon

This coupon is back! Let’s say you’ve already upgraded to a good toothbrush; what’s the next step for cleaner teeth? Judging by the excellent user reviews, this 14-treatment box of Crest 3D Whitestrips is a great place to start. Just be sure to clip the $15 coupon before you check out.

The Philips OneBlade is the electric shaver of choice for pretty much every man on our staff (and tens of thousands of our readers as well), and both the original and the upgraded Pro model are on sale right now.

The OneBlades are notable for their simplicity, versatility, and performance. They work as razors or beard trimmers, you can use them with or without shaving cream, they’re waterproof enough to go into the shower, and they cut through stubble like a hot knife through butter.


Some people balk at the replacement blade cost (a set of two is about $25), but they’re rated to last at least four months each, and I’ve been using mine about three times per week for about seven months now, without issue.

The original model is great, but the Pro has more stubble length settings (three combs vs. a single comb with 14 options), and a battery that lasts longer and charges faster. Honestly, I’d probably buy the original for $24 (about $10 less than usual), but the $70 Pro (down from $80) is a bargain as well.

Thousands of our readers have bought Bowflex’s adjustable SelectTech dumbbells, and you can put them in your own home gym today for $250.


That’s a decent chunk of change, but they barely take up any space, each dumbbell can go up to 52.5 pounds (apologies to your delivery driver) and make it more likely that you’ll work out this winter when it’s too cold to go to the gym. They were quite a bit cheaper back in April when Amazon and Walmart got into a bizarre automated price war, but that one blip aside, $250 is a great price for the set.

Optimum Nutrition Sample Box, $8 with $8 credit

Amazon’s back at it again with another sample box deal. This time around, $8 gets you eight or more protein products from Optimum Nutrition, plus an $8 credit on your next eligible protein purchase from Amazon. If you were going to buy any of these products anyway, then this is a no-brainer.

Cymas Resistance Bands, $15 with code YPT3MBW6

It’s going to be too cold to schlep to the gym soon, but this $15 resistance band set lets you get a full workout in any room in your house, so you can stay in shape through all the holiday overeating.

Extra 10% off sale styles with code OCTOBERSALE10

Merrell may be most known for their quality hiking footwear, but they also make some really great outerwear and layers. Right now, they’re giving you an extra 10% off their sale styles, which include a bunch styles of for men and women, with the code OCTOBERSALE10. Some styles have a couple colors to choose from as well, and even the leather boots for women are waterproof.

Extra 20% off sale styles with code 20EXTRA

Update: Last day for this sale!

When it comes to having a corner on the market, nothing really compares to Nike. And right now, use the code 20EXTRA and take an extra 20% off their sale styles for both men and women. Everything you could need for a good workout wardrobe is included, from apparel, to sneakers, to gear.


$50 Google Play Gift Card, $45 with code GOOGLE5

We see deals on iTunes gift cards with some frequency, but Google Play credit almost never goes on sale. If you buy your movies, apps, music, or anything else from Google Play, this $5 gift card discount is basically free money. Just add a gift card of $50 or more to your cart, and use code GOOGLE5 to save $5.

For better or worse, our lives exist largely in the cloud these days, and that shows no signs of changing. So if you want to understand how it works, and maybe even find gainful employment managing those massive server racks, Humble’s latest book bundle is here to help.


Pay what you want to download DRM-free ebooks that teach you about Azure, AWS, and more. You can get get all 16 titles for as little as $15, or fewer books at two lower price tiers.


The holidays are coming soon, and with them, extended family time. So you could all sit in a circle on your phones with a football game blaring in the background, or you could pick out some board games or puzzles from today’s Amazon Gold Box, and enjoy those together instead (probably with football still blaring in the background).


This sale is definitely geared towards family-friendly games, so you won’t find your favorite obscure German board game with a complex in-game economy and an instruction book the size of an Agatha Christie novel in here. But Operation is fun as hell, and I wouldn’t mind playing Mouse Trap again. There are dozens of other options available too, so head over to Amazon to see the full list.

Do you need a hardcover game guide to find every moon in Super Mario Odyssey? Of course not, but the Collector’s Edition Prima guide is still a nice keepsake for one of the year’s best games, and it’s only $24 today.

XCOM 2 [PC], $24
Deluxe Edition, $30

If you were waiting for a good discount to dive back into the world of XCOM, Amazon’s offering Steam keys of XCOM 2 for $24, or the Deluxe edition (which includes a reinforcement pack and soundtrack) for $30. Good luck, Commander.