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Kindle Voyage | $150 | Amazon
Photo: Gizmodo

Amazon runs deals fairly often on the entry level Kindle and the Paperwhite, but is far stingier with discounts on the Kindle Voyage. If it’s been on your wishlist, you should absolutely pick it up for $50 off.


The Voyage isn’t that much better than the Paperwhite, all things considered, but the page turn “buttons” (really just pressure-sensitive areas) are a great touch, as is the ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts your backlight. If you love your Kindle and use it every day, it could be worth the upgrade.

Aukey 28W USB Solar Charger | $52 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYPP5
Aukey 21W USB Solar Charger | $42 | Amazon | Promo code AUKEYP25

Solar USB chargers are great for camping trips, but they can also give you peace of mind if you’re ever stuck in a situation without electricity for any extended period. Two different models from Aukey are on sale today (a 28W model and a 21W model), just be sure to note the promo codes.

Anker Nebula Mars II Portable Projector | $440 | Amazon | Promo code NEWMARS2
Photo: Amazon

Anker’s Nebula Capsule mini projector gets all the hype, but if its standard definition resolution and 100 lumen brightness won’t cut it for your portable cinema needs, the brand new Nebula Mars II just launched with a $100 discount.


The Mars II puts out a 720p picture of up to 150", is three times as bright as the Capsule at 300 lumens, and can run for four hours on a charge, meaning you could watch a double feature outdoors without having to plug it in. It’ll normally sell for $540, but since it just launched, you can save $100 today with promo code NEWMARS2.

Hisense 55" 4K Smart TV | $320 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You’d expect a $320 TV to be stripped of basically all features, but this 55" set from Hisense actually has smart apps, HDR support (though not Dolby Vision, sorry), and yes, even 4K resolution. It’s obviously not the best TV you can buy, but it’s a hell of a bargain if you’re in the market.

Anker PowerPort Qi 10 | $15 | Amazon | Clip the $2 coupon
Photo: Anker

Anker’s 10W Qi charging pad is the best-selling wireless charger in Kinja Deals history, and it’s down under $15 on Amazon today, after clipping the $2 coupon, the best price we’ve ever seen.


It’ll charge compatible Android phones at 10W, but just note that it’ll only feed 5W to iPhones. That’s fine for overnight charging, but it’ll be pretty slow if you’re using it during the day.

Anker PowerDrive 2 | $8 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Anker’s PowerDrive 2 can output 12W on both ports simultaneously, and its USB ports even light up so you can find them in the dark. Even if you have a car charger you’re happy with already, I like keeping a spare in my luggage for rental cars.

Anker SoundSync Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver | $33 | Amazon | Promo code ANKER222
Graphic: Shep McAllister

External Bluetooth transmitters and receivers with 3.5mm jacks have been around for years, but this model from Anker raises the bar with support for optical (SPDIF) audio.


The little box can both receive and transmit Bluetooth signals, and includes SPDIF in and out ports to connect it to your TV or high-end audio equipment. Plus, it can even pair to two pairs of headphones simultaneously when transmitting, which would allow two people to, say, listen to the same TV over headphones to avoid waking up someone in the next room. It even includes an optical audio cable, which doesn’t normally come cheap. Just be sure to use promo code ANKER222 at checkout to get it for $33.

iPad (2017) 32GB | $249 | Walmart
iPad (2017) 128GB | $329 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Apple’s latest entry-level iPad is a little faster than the previous model, and supports the Apple Pencil. But if you don’t really care about such things, you can get a great deal on the old one.


Walmart has the 32GB fifth-gen tablet marked down to $249 ($80 less than the equivalent 6th gen), as well as the 128GB model for $329 ($100 less). This is the iPad I currently own, and yes, it can run Civilization VI.

VPNs have been in the news, and whether you want to get around video geoblocks, circumvent proxy filters, or just keep prying eyes out of your browsing data while using sketchy public Wi-Fi, reader-favorite Private Internet Access has a deal to fit your needs.


Last month, they offered our readers $10 off two year memberships, but this time around, you get a few more choices, ranging from a quick taste of the service to an extended commitment with additional savings:

These deals are only for our readers, but we aren’t sure how long they’ll be available, so go ahead and sign up while you can.


25% off sitewide | Pop Chart Lab | Use code SALESTICE
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

There’s always that one person in your life that has nothing on their walls. Add some awesome to someone’s life, or upgrade your own bare walls with rad prints during this 25% off sitewide at Pop Chart Lab. Check out their newest prints, like The Invincible Armors of Iron Man and Famous Ballparks. Enter the code SALESTICE at checkout to see your discount.

Kershaw Cryo Knife Gold Box | $16-$24 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You know that person that always seems to have a knife ready to go when a box needs to be cut open? You could be that person with today’s Kershaw Cryo knife Gold Box. Prices vary a bit by color and blade length, but they’re all great deals, and in most cases, all-time low prices.

Wusthof Classic Paring Knife | $35 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Everyone should own a paring knife, and Wüsthof makes our readers’ favorite (in addition to an amazing chef’s knife). It rarely deviates from its typical $40 price, but Amazon has it for $35 today, the best price since January. Just mind your fingers as you go through the checkout process.

Refurb Dyson V6 Origin Cordless Vacuum | $180 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

The Dyson V6 Origin transforms from a compact-but-powerful hand vacuum into a full length stick vac in seconds, and is of course completely cordless too. Dyson dominated the nominations for your favorite vacuum, and today’s price is solid, as long as you don’t mind buying a refurb.

Electric lawnmowers are quieter and cleaner than gas mowers, and at an all-time low $128 today, this 19" battery-powered model from GreenWorks is surprisingly affordable.


The catch, and it’s a big one, is that this particular mower doesn’t include a battery in the box. If you have other 40V GreenWorks tools, your existing batteries will work just fine. If not, standalone batteries are actually on sale for about $10 less than usual right now. You’ll also need a charger.

Rev-A-Shelf Cabinet Drawers | $45 | Woot
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Instead of you reaching into your cabinets to access your stuff, let your stuff roll out to you. These discounted cabinet drawers organize and maximize space, and will make it a hell-of-a-lot easier to find what you’re looking for. There’s only one size to pick from today, so if it fits your cabinets, it could be a good inexpensive kitchen upgrade.

AmazonBasics Hardshell Spinner 20" Carry-On | $30 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Amazon makes its own luggage now, and you can grab their 20" hardshell spinner for just $30 today, an all-time low. It’s sized to fit in pretty much any overhead bin, and includes a three year limited warranty, which is awfully generous at this price.

If it’s time to refresh your sheet collection, pick up a discounted set from this one-day Amazon sale. They have every possible size and nine color options to pick from, all 25% off.


They’re made of 100% Egyptian cotton, which means they’ll be more breathable and softer than less expensive sheet sets, and they’ll fit mattresses up to 22" deep. This sale will only last through the end of the day or until the products sell out, so don’t sleep on it!

Chemical Guys Foam Gun Wash Kit | $58 | Amazon | Clip the 10% coupon
Photo: Amazon

Between the pollen and the bugs, the last few months have probably been tough on your car’s exterior. But you can give it some TLC with this Chemical Guys foam wash kit, which includes a foam gun that you attach to your hose, soaps, wash mitts, and a microfiber drying towel.


The listed $64 price tag is pretty good for this kit, historically, but the 10% coupon on the page brings it all the way down to $58.

Etsy’s Birthday Sale | Etsy
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Etsy’s celebrating its 13th birthday with big discounts on jewelry, vintage items, clothing, crafting supplies, and home goods. There’s a lot to look through, but if you’re looking for somewhere to start, I’d take a look at these cool fingerprint rings, floating shelves, a personalized cutting board, and 3D papercrafts. Just be sure to get your orders in early if you need it by a specific date, these typically don’t ship with Amazon 2-day guarantee we’re used to.

This Cuisinart expanding Grilluminate clips onto your grill’s lid and shines LED lights on its contents for a better year-round, day or night grilling experience. It’s a $1 away from its lowest price ever today, and would make a nice gift for the grill master in your life.

Kwikset Z-Wave Smart Deadbolt | $129 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

This Kwikset smart deadbolt combines the flexibility of a smartphone and Alexa-connected smart lock when you want it, and the relative simplicity of a code-based lock if you don’t. That means you can lock your front door from your bed with a voice command, and set up temporary access codes for pet sitters or overnight guests as well, so they don’t have to download an app.


$129 isn’t an all-time low, but it is the best price Amazon’s listed this year, so go ahead and lock yours up.

Sorbus Hammock Chair Macrame Swing | $53 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

What’s better than spending a summer night outside with friends? Spending a summer night outside with friends swinging in a hammock chair. Amazon can help fulfill that novel idea with this $53 macrame hammock chair swing, on sale today only. Give yourself the best seat in the house tree anytime you’re outside.

Shark Steam Mop S1000A | $49 | Amazon
Image: Amazon

Clean your floors with the power of steam with this Shark mop. It’s just $49 today, the best we’ve seen since March. It’s said to clean up grime and grease, and doesn’t use chemicals.

Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker | $17 | Amazon | Clip the $2 off coupon
Image: Amazon

This top-selling Takeya carafe makes 1 quart of highly concentrated, cold brew coffee without most of the acidity of traditionally-brewed coffee. After you clip the $2 off coupon, this is only $17 today, which means this thing will pay for itself very quickly if you’re used to buying cold brew at coffee shops.


As an added bonus; When you’re not using it for coffee, you can fill the mesh insert with fruit or tea bags for homemade infused water and iced tea.

Meterk Voltage Tester | $5 | Amazon | Promo code ROGUUZUV
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Let me tell you from experience as a kid; getting shocked by an electrical outlet is not pleasant. So if you’re ever planning on doing any electrical work around your house, you’ll want this affordable voltage tester. Just place the tip near wire or outlet, and it’ll light up if it detects current running through it. Get it for $5 right now with promo code ROGUUZUV.

Kobra Wi-Fi OBD2 Scanner | $11 | Amazon | Promo code PP94JP7K + 20% On-Page Coupon
Kobra Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner | $7 | Amazon | Promo code Z6KXA33D + 20% On-Page Coupon
Kobra Corded OBD2 Scanner | $12 | Amazon | Promo code 7934LGIX + 15% On-Page Coupon

The computer in your car is a treasure trove of information about gas mileage, engine performance, maintenance issues, and more, but without an OBD2 scanner, most can only communicate with you through the primitive language of dashboard warning lights.


Luckily, three such scanners from Kobra are on sale right now, including some wireless ones that sync to your phone and work with third party apps to track and record anything and everything about your car.

The Bluetooth model ($7 with code Z6KXA33D and a 20% on-page coupon) will only work with Android, but the Wi-Fi one ($11 with code PP94JP7K and a 20% on-page coupon) supports iOS as well. There’s also an old-fashioned code checker on sale ($12 with code 7934LGIX and a 15% on-page coupon), if that’s all you’re really interested in.


Sonicare 2 Plaque Control | $20 | Target | Promo code CLEAN10
Graphic: Erica Offutt

If you want to take better care of your teeth, buying a Philips Sonicare 2 Series toothbrush for $20 would be a great start. This brush is specially designed to remove plaque, brushing away up to 6 times more than a regular manual toothbrush.


It’s just $20 today after entering promo code CLEAN10, which is just about the lowest we’ve seen this product and very affordable for the Sonicare brand. Your teeth and your dentist will thank you.

CAP Barbell Rubber-Coated Hex Dumbbells, Set of 2 Sale | $9-$101 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

While not as versatile as top-selling adjustable dumbbells, if you just need one or two sets of weights, Walmart’s discounting CAP Barbell rubber dumbbell pairs, ranging from $9-$101. Obviously, the price goes up as the weight increases, so just select your desired weight on the product page. Orders over $35 ship for free, or you can pick them up yourself (bring a cart for the heavy ones!) from your local Walmart.

Six Night Vietnam Vacation with Air | $999+ | Gate 1 Travel | Promo code TZWEV
Photo: Jonathan Kalifat (Unsplash)

The conventional wisdom for traveling to Vietnam is that it’s expensive to get there, but cheap once you arrive. But what if it was cheap to fly there too?

Note: If the link isn’t working, try pausing your ad blocker.

Gate 1 Travel is currently offering six-night tours of the country, including roundtrip and inter-city airfare, starting at just $999 per person with promo code TZWEV. That includes your hotels, breakfasts, and even a tour guide too.


Prices vary by departure airport and date, but promo code TZWEV will take $200 off per person, no matter what options you choose.

Two-Pack Darn Tough Merino Wool Hunter Socks | $34 | MassDrop
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Darn Tough lost out by barely a dozen votes to Smart Wool as your favorite socks, so if you’re a diehard Darn Tough fan, here’s a sale you can get on board with. Pick up two pairs of merino wool Darn Tough Hunter Socks for $36 on MassDrop, compared to the $24 you’d normally pay for a single pair. You can also add $2 at checkout to upgrade to extra cushioning, or an over-the-calf version.

20-Pack Oh My Clean Thick Melamine Sponges | $8 | Amazon | Clip the $1 coupon
Photo: Amazon

You know those “Magic Erasers” that can wipe stains off seemingly any surface? They’re really just melamine sponges with a marketing budget, and you can get 20 off-brand equivalents for just $8 on Amazon (after clipping the $1 coupon), an all-time low. I used these after moving into a new apartment last year, and they made quick work of all of the scuffs I made on the walls.


We’ve seen packs with more sponges for about the same price, but they usually ship from China, whereas these have Prime shipping, and are even eligible for Subscribe & Save. They’re also twice as thick as most of the inexpensive competitors on Amazon, so they should last longer and be easier to use.

Zappos Rewards Sale | Zappos
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

Zappos is basically a one-stop shoe destination already, but right now, they’re having a very rare sale, marking down thousands of shoe, boots, and apparel for the summer season. Heels, boots, sneakers, swimsuits, workout gear, all kinds of styles from brands like Clarks, Adidas, Nike, SOREL, Converse, Dr. Martens, and more. Stock up for the season while you can, because they only run sales this big once or twice per year.


Plus, if you join their free rewards program, you’ll get free two day shipping on all orders through 2018. You can’t beat that.

Privé Revaux Sunglasses | $22 | Amazon | Promo code KINJAPRV
Graphic: Jillian Lucas

Privé Revaux turned the sunglass industry on its head last year with a wide variety of attractive frames for just $30 each, but you can get them for even less today with 25% promo code KINJAPRV.


Everything they sell on Amazon is eligible, so be sure to look beyond the main page. The Men’s and Women’s sections have a lot more styles, and some frames, like the new Madelaine Collection (featuring Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsche) are only available from the New Arrivals dropdown menu. The unisex Commando aviators are Privé’s most popular though, so feel free to start with those.

Privé now sells a couple of blue light-blocking computer glasses as well that you could grab with this sale. They aren’t sunglasses, and they obviously aren’t prescription, but they could be just what you need if suffer from eyestrain at work.


Target REDcard | Sign up before 6/23 to receive a $25 off $100 Target coupon

If you ever shop at Target, you should have a Target REDCard. It comes in both credit and debit forms, and both save you 5% on almost everything Target sells. But if you want a little added incentive to sign up, if you get the card between now and 6/23, Target will send you a $25 off $100 coupon in the mail. It has a few restrictions, but with everything Target sells, you should have no trouble using it.

Community - The Complete Series - Blu-ray | $54 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

You sing along to with Troy and Abed in the morning when you preorder this Community box set on Blu-ray, just $54.

The Princess Bride | $8 | Amazon
Graphic: Erica Offutt

Grab this $8 deal on the 30th anniversary edition Blu-ray of The Princess Bride before it’s all dead, not just mostly dead.

DIRECTV Now | $10 per Month For Three Months | Promo code YESNOW3. Fox not available in all markets
Sling TV World Cup Package | $10 | French and Portuguese Commentary
Graphic: DIRECTV Now

If you want to stream all of the FIFA World Cup games at home (or at your desk) without a real cable subscription, DirecTV Now looks to be your cheapest option at the moment, if they include Fox in your area.


The service’s base package includes Fox Sports 1 and Fox, which together will broadcast every World Cup match, though Fox is only available in certain markets (use this tool to find out if you’re covered). It normally costs $35 per month, but you can get your first three months for just $10 each with promo code YESNOW3. That’ll auto-renew at the regular price after the promotional period, but you can cancel any time, including after your first month, meaning you’d only pay $10 out of pocket for full World Cup access.

If Fox isn’t available in your area, Sling TV has another $10 option with every match that doesn’t rely on Fox, though commentary will be in French and Portuguese. Pretty much every country has more exciting soccer announcers than ours, even if you don’t understand the language, so maybe this is a plus! But if you’re primarily watching on mute at your desk at work, it doesn’t really matter.


New Nintendo 2DS XL Black & Turquoise | $130 | Walmart
New Nintendo 2DS XL White & Orange | $130 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you’re going to buy a console from the 3DS family in the age of the Nintendo Switch, the New 2DS XL is probably the one you should get. It normally costs $150 (half the price of a Switch), but Walmart’s marked that down to a $130 today (both black/turquoise and white/orange), which leaves you with an extra $20 to spend on SNES Virtual Console titles, or Super Smash Bros., because who wants to wait for December?

Xbox Live Gold 12 Months | $44 | eBay
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Xbox Live Gold is basically a requisite add-on for your Xbox One, but don’t get suckered into paying the full $60. While supplies last, here’s an entire year for $44.

Preorder Minecraft [Switch] | $24 | Amazon | Prime members only
Screenshot: Nintendo

Minecraft has been available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for awhile, but if you prefer physical copies, or just want to save a few bucks, Prime members can preorder and save $6 today. The physical version releases this Thursday, so this discount will only be available until then.


The Switch version can play online cross-platform, and includes a bunch of Super Mario-themed skins and goodies as well.

Preorder Mario Tennis Aces | $48 | Amazon Prime | Discount shown at checkout.
Screenshot: Amazon

Did you get a chance to play the Mario Tennis Aces online demo earlier this month? I really enjoyed it, and not to brag, but I won two tournaments. If you enjoyed it enough to buy the full game when it comes out this Friday, you can preorder on Amazon right now to save $12 with Prime.

Note: Discount shown at checkout.

Preorder Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube Controller | $30 | Amazon
Preorder Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller Adapter | $20 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

It’s not technically a deal, but if you want to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a GameCube controller, as nature intended, you’ll want to preorder the controller and/or the official adapter now. Given Nintendo’s penchant for sold out hardware, you probably don’t want to wait.


Note: If you have the original adapter for the Wii U, or any old GameCube controller, those will work too.

No Man’s Sky [PS4] | $15 | Walmart
Screenshot: Kotaku

No Man’s Sky had a shaky launch, but a series of updates and an upcoming multiplayer mode mean that now’s a great chance to try it out. Grab a copy on PS4 for just $15 from Walmart, while it lasts.

Sony’s PS4 Pro E3 discounts went live a few days ago, and Microsoft has finally followed suit with $50 discounts on a variety of consoles, including the first “official” discount ever on the Xbox One X (though we have seen other savings opportunities on it before). But at least with these deals, you could have the console in your possession as soon as today, if you pick up in store.

PS4 Pro | $350 | Walmart
PS4 Controllers | $40 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you were waiting on E3 discounts to pick up a PS4 Pro, your time has come. The console is available now for $350, or $50 less than usual. We’ve seen a few better deals in the past, especially during sitewide eBay sales, but this is still a solid discount, and you can pick it up today.


Need some extra controllers? Those are marked down to $40 as well, in a variety of colors.




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