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It Is 2021 and You Can Buy a Digimon Digivice for $12

Digimon Digivices | $12 | GameStop
Digimon Digivices | $12 | GameStop
Image: GameStop
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Digimon Digivices | $12 | GameStop

If you clicked on this article because of the headline, congratulations: you are a real one. All my friends know that Digimon is where it’s at. Pikawho? I’m talking Agumon. Drake meme, but with Tepig and Boarmon. Hell yeah, man, you know what it’s all about. Now that we all agree that these digital monsters are the champions, you can buy Digivices for $12 at GameStop today. These 90s throwbacks are essentially Tamagotchi for digiheads. Feed your Digimon. Train your Digimon. Teach your Digimon to commit tax fraud. Attend your Digimon’s wedding. Watch your Digimon grow old enough that it has to take care of you. Be buried by your Digimon. Watch down from Heaven as your Digimon thrives as a functioning adult with a six figure job in hotel management. You know, all of those basic Digimon things that we all remember.


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