iOttie One Touch Qi | $35 | Amazon
iOttie One Touch 4 Dash Mount | $17 | Amazon
iOttie One Touch 4 CD Slot Mount | $14 | Amazon
iOttie One Touch 4 Vent Mount | $14 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

iOttie’s been turning out ultra-popular smartphone dash mounts for years, and several models are cheaper than ever in today’s Amazon Gold Box.

The star of the show here is iOttie’s Qi-compatible mount, which I’ve covered here. It’s similar to their iOttie OneTouch mounts, except that it’ll charge your phone wirelessly as soon as you mount it, so you don’t have to fiddle with any cords. This has sold for $50 pretty much since it was released, but while supplies last, it’s down to $35.

The new OneTouch 4 is also included in the sale, with options available if you prefer a traditional dash or windshield mount, a vent holder, or even one that makes use of your dormant CD slot.