Dark Souls Remastered [PS4] | $30 | Amazon
Dark Souls Remastered [Xbox One] | $30 | Amazon
Preorder Dark Souls Remastered [Switch] | $32 | Amazon Prime | Discount shown at checkout
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Update: It’s sold out for the PS4 and Xbox One, but it’s still in stock for the Switch.

Whether you played the original or not, Dark Souls Remastered is worth picking up for action RPG fans, if only to better understand its dedicated following. Amazon just knocked it down to $30 (from its original $40) on both PS4 and Xbox One, which needless to say is the best price yet.

Want to play it on the go? It’s coming out on Switch later this year (the date hasn’t yet been announced), and you can preorder it for $32 if you have Amazon Prime. Just note that you won’t see the discount until checkout.

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