Antlion ModMic Wireless | $100 | Amazon
Photo: Corey Foster
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Antlion ModMic Wireless | $100 | Amazon

Antlion’s ModMic Wireless can turn your favorite pair of headphones into a capable gaming headset, and you can get it for $100 today, the first real discount we’ve seen since it launched at $120.

Here’s how you install it, according to Corey Foster at The Inventory:

Installation is mindless, apart from deciding what side of your headphones will be blessed with the Modmic’s stronger new mag mount. I suppose both sides is an option since Antlion includes a couple of mounts, but I prefer to put my spare on a second set of headphones. I only needed to plug in the USB transmitter, press a single button, and my new ModMic was initialized and ready for me to bark noises into it.

Easy peasy. Now go practice your trash talk.