ElevationLab DraftTable Kit | $52 | Amazon | Promo code DRAFTTABLE
ElevationLab DraftTable (Stand Only) | $37 | Amazon | Promo code DRAFTTABLE
Photo: Amazon
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If you use your iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil as a designer tool, ElevationLab’s DraftTable is a must-own accessory. It holds the tablet steady at a variety of different angles for a more ergonomic drawing experience, and you can even get it bundled with an arm rest and Apple Pencil holder for a little bit extra. It’s a desk stand, not a case, so it should work with all sizes of iPads.

Promo code DRAFTTABLE will save you 25% today on the stand and the full bundle, the best deal we’ve ever seen, and the only deal we’ve seen since Valentine’s Day.