Philips OneBlade + 3 Extra Blades | $54 | Amazon | Clip the $15 coupon

While it’s not as good as the last OneBlade deal we saw, this Amazon discount is a solid chance to save on our favorite shaving product ever.

For a limited time, you can get a OneBlade plus three extra blades (four blades total) for $54 after you clip the $15 coupon. Those blades should last you 16 months at minimum, but honestly, probably longer.

If you aren’t familiar with this thing yet, Shane shared his thoughts about it on Gear:

I’m pretty blown away by the Philips OneBlade. I was expecting a deconstructed electric razor or a souped up Gillette Power-style situation, but the OneBlade is more like the next evolution of beard trimmers.

The OneBlade can be used to get a close shave, edge, or trim down to your preferred length. It’s also washable and rechargeable, and the replaceable blades that last an estimated four months are already available on Subscribe and Save.

The OneBlade can be used in the shower or over the sink, with or without shaving cream or oil. To be clear, this is not going to give you a straight razor-close shave, but it’s going to get you 99.5% of the way there in no time and with no irritation.