If you’ve been cultivating the idea of starting your own vegetable garden, your day has come. Amazon has marked down a veritable produce section’s worth of veggie seeds to just $5 as part of today’s Gold Box, including a few pepper, tomato and lettuce varieties. The number of seeds per order varies by vegetable, but ranges from 30 to 50 for tomatoes; 125 to 150 for peppers; and over 1,000 for lettuce. Sounds like the makings of a delicious salad.

And to help get your garden off to a good a start, Amazon is also offering a few handy tools — like fluorescent grow lights, fans, and water pumps — for more serious indoor growers as part of the sale. Or, if your green thumb isn’t quite so sophisticated just yet, you could just pick up a pack of 500 basil seeds for $5 and call it a day.