Mynt Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Mynt

We’ve featured several Mynt massaging products here over the past year, and now, they’re running an Amazon Gold Box deal for the first time ever.

There are three products included in the sale, all priced at new all-time lows. The most popular of the bunch is almost surely the cordless massage pillow, now available for just $30. Its four rotating nodes can massage any part of your body in pretty much any location, and it runs for two hours on a charge.

For a more intense experience for your shoulders, consider this cordless model for $44. It includes arm straps to help you apply pressure, and eight massage nodes with multiple modes.

And finally, your feet deserve a little TLC too, and this high-end foot massager can do both shiatsu and air pressure massages, and seems like the ideal place for your feet after you kick your shoes off for the day.