Graphic: Shep McAllister
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While there isn’t a big, advertised board game sale this Prime Day, a bunch of popular games are individually discounted for Prime members. The best ones we’ve seen are below, but I’ll give a special shoutout to Ticket to Ride - Europe, which features some mechanics not present in the North American version that make it a better game.

The Game of Thrones board game is also way better than it has any right to be.

There are also a few varieties of Catan on sale, the most interesting of which is Catan Traveler, which is easy to transport, and can be played in a car or even on a plane.

And because it’s Rick and Morty, I have no doubt that Total Rickall for $7 will be the most popular deal of them all.

Mysterium is a great option for $30 if you want to put your non-verbal communication and teamwork skills to the test. Check out our review on The Inventory if you’re on the fence.

Here are the rest of the deals we’ve spotted. If you don’t see them, try pausing your ad blocker; some of them mess with our Amazon product insets.