Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. Click here for more.

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Commerce Content is created independently of the Editorial and Advertising branches of Gizmodo Media Group, Fusion Media, and Univision, and helps the company’s hundred million readers discover, vote on, discuss, and save on the best products.

Hyperlinks to supporting retailers on Gizmodo Media’s CMS, Kinja, are automatically made into affiliate links, and if you purchase a product through these links, Gizmodo Media may get a small commission on the sale.

  • Deal Tips: Deals@GizmodoMedia
  • All other inquiries: Shane@GizmodoMedia


Kinja Deals is home to the best deals coverage on the Internet across every consumer product category. Follow along to never miss a deal.

Advertisement is the home for product recommendations straight from our team, as well as our reader-voted Co-Op series, and the archive of Kinja Deals’ bestselling products.


As will all Commerce Content, Gear content is created completely independently of the Editorial and Advertising branches of our company. Every product that will ever be featured on Gear has been used by someone on our team, at home.

Who Are We?

Shane Roberts, Executive Editor, Commerce

Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Email: Shane@GizmodoMedia

Shep McAllister, Managing Deals Editor

Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Email: Shep@GizmodoMedia

Jillian Lucas, Lifestyle Commerce Editor

Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Email: Jillian.Lucas@GizmodoMedia

Erica Offutt, Associate Commerce Editor

Twitter | Linkedin | Email: Erica.Offutt@GizmodoMedia

Corey Foster, Commerce Researcher

Twitter | LinkedIn | Email: Corey@GizmodoMedia

Amazon Insets


You’ll find Amazon “insets” across much of the content on our network. These modules provide readers with the name of an item, the price, an image of the product, and another instance of our affiliate link disclosure.

The green text in insets is “social proof”, a counter for how many of a product has been purchased through links on Gizmodo Media sites. This counter tracks all-time purchases, not purchases from a single post, and is delayed 24 hours.


We’ve recently added a promo code field to our insets, so Kinja Deals readers can now get everything they need to take advantage of a deal in one place.

Submitting a Deal

Readers can submit a deal through any of the following methods:

  • Emailing Deals@GizmodoMedia
  • Tweeting at @KinjaDeals
  • Commeting on a Kinja Deals Post

Everyone else can learn more about submitting deals here:



What is Commerce Content?

Commerce Content is reader service product coverage, usually in the form of deals, recommendations, or reader conversation starters, that is sometimes monetized through affiliate links. In those cases, Gizmodo Media gets a small commission on sales.


Commerce operates independently of the Editorial and Advertising sides of our company and is not Sponsored Content.

Where do your deals come from?

While any retailer, reader, or member of our Editorial staff is welcome to tip us off to a deal, we choose whether or not to include them based on the quality of deal and quality of product, along with many other factors.


We generally shy away from deals that require legwork (physical or digital), deals that require paid memberships or specific credit cards, deals that are based entirely on rebates, or anything preceded by “YMMV”.

Is there an international version of Kinja Deals?

We are exploring options for international deal coverage but have nothing to announce at this time.


Do you favor certain retailers?

All major retailers support affiliate linking. We choose retailers based on the preference of our audience.


Do you only cover products and/or link to retailers where there’s an option to earn a commission?

No. We always cover the best deals and the best and most interesting products, regardless of whether a commission is available. This is especially true in Gear content, as most smaller brands do not have an affiliate program set up.


On Comments.

Commerce Content is neither Editorial nor Advertising. Commerce Content is monetized (sometimes) but not Sponsored. Commerce Content may feature “reviews” and reactions to, and recommendations for products without following any formal review structure. That’s all new and different, and we’re always happy to engage in a dialogue about it.


That being said, any comments that are hateful, toxic, abusive, and/or have no hope of constructive resolution and can only worsen the experience for other readers may be moderated.

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