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Get Some Easy to Clean and Comfortable Beach Crocs for Just $18

Meleen Cross-Band Sandal | $18 | Crocs | Use code MELEEN50
Meleen Cross-Band Sandal | $18 | Crocs | Use code MELEEN50
Graphic: Elizabeth Henges

Meleen Cross-Band Sandal | $18 | Crocs | Use code MELEEN50

Everyone is so quick to call Crocs ugly, and that’s just really rude. You don’t have to buy the well-known clogs, you know! Crocs also offers things like sandals and flip-flops, and while they may not take everyone’s breath away at the runway, they’re still comfortable and functional... not to mention very easy to clean. Right now, you can get a pair of Crocs Cross-Band sandals for half off by using the code MELEEN50 at checkout, and start living your best Crocs life.

I find that Crocs are best for two situations: Either as someone that is on their feet all day (then the clogs are best), and when you’re doing something where it’s pretty likely your shoes are doing to get wet or dirty, like the beach or a water park. Crocs sandals are great for the latter, as when your day is done you can just rinse them off with a hose and set them in a shaded area to dry.


And we’ll be able to go outside again eventually, so consider these a future investment.

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