Tile Pro 4-Pack With Replaceable Batteries | $76 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon
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Tile Pro 4-Pack With Replaceable Batteries | $76 | Amazon

Tile recently released new gadget finders with user-replaceable batteries, addressing a longstanding concern, and in my opinion, eliminating any reasonable justification for not buying at least one.

Now, you can pick up four Tile Pros for just $76, which is just $3 away from all-time low, and basically like buying three and getting one for free.


The new Tile Pro is water resistant, has a 300' range (twice as far as the Tile Mate), and an extra loud speaker. I have a Tile on my keychain, which I’ve used just as often to find my phone as I have to find my keys, and even if you can’t think of four things you want to keep track of, maybe you could go in on this purchase with a friend or two.