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Home Depot’s automotive accessory sale, the DASH air fryer, and a refurbished Apple HomePod lead off Friday’s best deals from around the web.

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Today’s Best Tech Deals

Apple MacBook Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Need a new, beautiful laptop? Not a big fan of non-USB-C I/O ports? Today only, Amazon’s blowing out a bunch of refurbished MacBooks in the standard 12" and Touch Bar-equipped, 15" Pro models from mid-2017.

For those wondering, these are Amazon Renewed, not Apple Refurbished. Which means they have a shorter warranty provided by Amazon, not that amazing 1-year Apple warranty.


Just remember that this is a Gold Box deal, so the clock is ticking. These prices will go away at the end of the day, and I suspect some models will sell out early.

TP-Link N300 Range Extender | $15 | Amazon | Clip the $2 coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Wi-Fi range extenders aren’t a networking cure-all, but if there’s one spot in your house with spotty coverage, they can be a much cheaper solution than buying a new router. So at an all-time low $15, why not give this one a try? Just clip the $2 coupon to get the deal at checkout.

HooToo USB-C Hub | $28 | Amazon | Clip the 5% coupon and use code KINJAXLD
Photo: Amazon

If you own a modern laptop with USB-C ports—like, say, one of these MacBooks—you’re probably going to need an adapter like this one to plug stuff in, at least for awhile. Clip the 5% coupon and use promo code KINJAXLD at checkout to get it for just $28, which is a stellar price for one of these.

This particular dongle includes a USB-C passthrough port for charging, a 4K HDMI port, an SD card reader, and a trio of USB 3.0 ports for your legacy devices.

Elago AirPod Keychain Case | $8 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

AirPods are notoriously easy to lose, but with a keychain case like this one from Elago, it’s easy to attach a Tile tracker to locate them with your phone or Alexa any time they go missing inside the couch cushions. It’s a bargain at its usual $10, but today, it’s marked down to $8.

Refurbished Apple HomePod | $235 | Woot
Photo: Gizmodo

Apple’s HomePod is a lot more attractive now that AirPlay 2 is out, and you can get a refurb from Woot for $235 today, a big down drop from the usual $349. This is one of the cheapest we’ve seen this particular unit, about $5 off the lowest we’ve ever seen. (There’s a 90-day Woot Limited Warranty, too.)

Today’s Best Home Deals

Home Depot Automotive Accessory Sale | Home Depot | Today Only
Graphic: Shep McAllister

If you like to do a lot of work in the garage—or hell, even if you simply own a car—Home Depot’s Special Buy of the Day has some deals worth redlining your budget for.


The sale ranges from affordable basics like tire pressure gauges and cargo bags, to things that most people should own like jacks and jump starters, all the way to high-end two and four-post lifts. Just be warned; all of the prices go back to normal at the end of the day, so you’ll want to make good time on this sale.

Tide Eco-Box 96 Loads of Detergent | $18 | Amazon | Clip the $2 coupon
Image: Tide/Gizmodo

You might remember hearing about Tide’s Eco-Box a few months ago. Rather than a plastic bottle of detergent that’s put inside a box and shipped to your house, it actually is the box. Compared to a traditional detergent bottle, it’s made with 60% less plastic and 30% less water, and honestly, it seems like an unambiguous step forward in eco-friendly packaging, one that we’ll probably be seeing more of in the future.


If you’re curious to check it out yourself, Amazon’s offering a $2 coupon, bringing the 96 load container down to $18, complete with Prime shipping.

Amazing Grass’s superfood organic powder has insanely good reviews, and each serving includes three or more servings of greens, fruits and vegetables that you can mix into just about anything.


For a limited time, you can save 25% on the popular powder, in the formulation of your choice. Eating more veggies in 2019 just got easier. Just note that you’ll need to use Subscribe & Save for this coupon to work (you can cancel after your first shipment), and you won’t see the discount until checkout.

Zero Grid Passport Wallet | $13 | Amazon | Clip the $2 coupon and use code O8Z2MZKM

If you’re traveling abroad, you unfortunately have to throw your minimalist, front pocket wallet to the wind. But this Zero Grid RFID-protected passport wallet is just large enough to hold that oversized passport (and not a centimeter bigger), as well as cash and up to 10 credit cards. Get it for $13 today by clipping the $2 coupon on the product page, then adding promo code O8Z2MZKM at checkout.

Snow joe Traction Mat | $23 | Daily Steals | Promo code KINJASJT
Photo: Daily Steals

Sometimes, you just need to get your car out of a snowy, icy driveway now. You don’t have time to shovel, and you can’t wait around for salt to work its magic. That’s where this Snow Joe traction mat comes in. Stick it under a wheel that’s spinning, and you’ll be on the road in no time. You can even roll it up and keep it in your trunk if you ever get stuck in a snow bank away from home.


It’s only $23 today when you use promo code KINJASJT, with free shipping. Just drive carefully, please.

DASH Air Fryer | $57-$59 | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

All foods are better fried, but because the world is a cruel place, fried foods are bad for you. If you are looking to fry without fear, look no further than this DASH Compact Air Fryer, now down to $57-$59 (depending on the color), which uses hot air instead of oil to make everything extra crispy. It’s also technically an oven, making baking easier than ever, and it’s tiny enough to not be a countertop eyesore. It’s also, as we learned this week, a great tool for reheating pizza. Order up one for yourself before this deal is burnt to a crisp.

51oz French Press Stainless Steel | $26 | Amazon | Promo code LYWSES4T

French press is your favorite way to make coffee, and it’ll be an even more aesthetically pleasing process with this 100% stainless steel press for just $26 with promo code LYWSES4T.

Most of the French press deals we see are for 34 oz. (1 L) models, but this one is 50% larger at 51 oz, so you can either make enough coffee to share, or just get dangerously caffeinated.

Buying headlight bulbs for your car before you need them will save you an inconvenient (and if it’s at night or raining, potentially illegal) trip to the auto parts store, and with this $4 Amazon coupon, you might as well stock up.


Philips CrystalVision bulbs are the brightest bulbs the company offers, and come in tons of different sizes to fit most vehicles. Just note that you won’t see the $4 discount until checkout, and don’t forget to do a little Googling to make sure you’re getting the right set.

Instant Pot Ultra 6 qt. | $128 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

The six quart Instant Pot Ultra is down to $128 right now, just $28 from an all-time low and discounted $22. You should buy one.


The Instant Pot Ultra features a completely revamped, dial-based UI that makes fine-tuned adjustments faster and easier than the older models. A new processor allows it to compensate for altitude and carry out completely custom programs, and it also has a few modes you won’t find on the standard Instant Pots, like cake, eggs, and sterilize.

If you’re worried that you won’t get a ton of use out of this thing, note that in addition to speedy pressure cooking, this is also our readers’ favorite slow cooker, and one of their favorite rice cookers too. Basically, it’s one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets you can own.

First Alert Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector | $36 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You should have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector on every level of your house, and in every bedroom, and this First Alert combines both into a single product for just $36, the best price since last summer. Do a mental audit of where all of your detectors are, and take advantage of this deal to fill in any gaps.

Most impressively of all, while it’s not truly a “smart” alarm like a Nest Protect, it does connect wirelessly. Plus, it can send mobile alerts and emails so you’re aware of danger whether you’re home or not.

Silhouette Slate Grey Cameo 3 Craft Bundle | $200 | Amazon
Image: Amazon

Amazon is sending you a not-so-subtle sign that it’s time to dig in to your next DIY with today’s Gold Box. For one day only, add the powerful Silhouette Cameo 3 in slate grey to your craft room, and cut any material your next project requires with ease and precision. The $200 bundle includes a blade, cutting mats, sketch pens, and even some vinyl to get you going, so let those creative juices flow.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Up to 60% Off Select Columbia Sportswear Styles | Columbia | Promo code 2FEB6
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Depending on where you live, winter is probably (hopefully) almost over, but just because the coldest season is soon to be in the past doesn’t mean you won’t need a jacket for the rest of the year. Luckily, several select items from Columbia that would be perfect for spring’s breeziest days are up to 60% off with promo code 2FEB60. Gear up now, and get ready whatever the weather throws your way.

Nordstrom Winter Sale
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Update: This sale ends this weekend, so get in there and let us know what you bought in the comments.


Nordstrom has only a couple large sales each year and today marks the beginning of their Winter Sale. Nordstrom is taking up to 40% off a boatload of styles through February 24, though the best stuff will surely sell out early. It’ll take time to look through all the stuff, so maybe pencil it in as a meeting at work or pretend you’re in the bathroom and avoid your family or something.

I suggest sorting by brand using the sidebar tool after you select your gender. Fossil? Nike? Rag & Bone? 7 For All Mankind? Calvin Klein? You’ll be blown away by how many options there are.

For the fellas, we do have a couple of suggestions that we recently recommended on The Inventory. Belmar’s Quilted Shirt Jacket is a great transition layer to wear once the weather starts warming up, these River Stone joggers would be a great pair of Fourth Pants, and if you like to run, your feet deserve to experience Nike’s Epic React Flyknits. Seriously though, there are thousands of great deals, so get over there and start browsing.

40% to 60% Off Men’s, Women’s, Kids, and Plus Sale | Lucky Brand
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Lucky you: Today, you can get stock up on a slew of bohemian-cool clothes that also happen to be marked down significantly. Lucky Brand is taking 40% to 60% off sale styles for men, women, plus, and kids, meaning you can fill your closet with shirts, tees, jackets, pants, and beyond that make you feel like you just found a four-leaf clover. Don’t press your luck; stock up on apparel before this sale ends next week.

The Modern Boyfriend Jean (Mid Blue, Light Blue, Black) | Choose What You Pay | Everlane
The Mid-Rise Skinny Jean | Choose What You Pay | Everlane
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

It’s unusual for jeans enter the fold in Everlane’s Choose What You Pay section, but today, there they are. And not one, but two women’s styles are up for grabs at 30% and 20% off, respectively: The Modern Boyfriend Jean, a relaxed-fit style available in three washes (light blue, mid blue, and black) for $48; and The Mid-Rise Skinny Jean, a cropped slim-cut jean with a 9-inch rise going for $55. Don’t lose out on this rare chance pick up some quality Everlane denim at a discount.

Massdrop x Klymit Static V Ultralite Sleeping Pad | $50 | Masstrop
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Massdrop and Klymit teamed up to design an inflatable sleeping pad, and as is typical for these collaborations, it’s a really great deal. It’s basically a spitting image for the $60-$85 Static V Ultralite, except it’s black, has a MassDrop logo, and costs $50. This is a must-own for anyone that ever sleeps on the ground in a sleeping bag.

20% Off Tops and Sweaters | Anthropologie
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Does the point where you look at your closet and think to yourself, “I have too many tops,” even exist? No, in fact, it does not. And it’s because of sales like the one Anthropologie is currently running that we are (I am) like this. For a limited time, take 20% off a selection of boho cool tops and sweaters (which are just winter tops) from Anthro. These deals won’t last long though, so buy now, and figure out where you’ll store them later.

Today’s Best MEDIA Deals

Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series [Blu-ray] | $30 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Add the newest season of Twin Peaks to your Blu-ray collection for just $30, an all-time low. This set includes all 18 episodes of the Showtime series that picks up 25 years after Laura Palmer’s death, plus behind-the-scenes special content. Every day, once a day, you should give yourself a present, and this Blu-ray would be great.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck | $36 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

PAW Patrol is the hottest thing in the playground, at least that’s what my nephew’s parents told me. And this PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck can be the centerpiece of your likely growing collection of Chase and Marshall action figures.

Discounted to $36, this is the cheapest we’ve seen on this particular toy.

Legendary Omega Point Pathfinder skin and 5 Apex Packs | Free | Twitch Prime/Amazon Prime Exclusive
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

It seems like every month a new battle royale is released and Apex Legends is today’s new shiny thing everyone’s stoked about. And right now, Twitch Prime subscribers can add a legendary skin for their faux-Bastion character and five Apex Packs (or Loot Boxes) for free.


Sorry, I can’t really think about this right now. I’m wearing my NYXL hat and they looked really shaky against Boston last week. We have a game against the Valiant, which should be interesting though... but Overwatch’s meta is so weird right now...

Oh wait, yeah. Um, this deal. Right. Apex Legends is free to play and you’ll get the aforementioned freebies via the first platform you log into with your linked EA account.

Preorder Bayonetta 3 [Switch] | $50 | Walmart
Graphic: Nintendo

Bayonetta 3 comes out exclusively on Switch (hopefully) sometime in 2019, and you can preorder a copy for $50 right now at Walmart. That’s a $10 discount, and it’s open to everyone; no Prime or Gamers Club Unlocked membership required.

Hori D-Pad Handheld Mode Switch Controller | $20 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Hori’s D-Pad Switch controller isn’t without its compromises—notably, it only works in handheld mode, and the fact that it drains your Switch’s battery while it’s asleep—but for some games, there’s simply no substitute for a good D-pad.

It’s been priced at $25 since it came out last year, but today, Amazon’s marked both the Zelda and Mario-themed controllers down to $20.





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Deals You May Have Missed

Anker PowerCore Lite 20000 | $38 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Anker’s PowerCore battery packs dominate the portable charging landscape, and one of the most recent models packs in 20,000mAh of juice into a surprisingly svelte package.

There’s nothing radically new about the PowerCore Lite, but there are great refinements and thoughtful features throughout. The textured exterior looks and feels great, and makes it easier to hold. The dual microUSB and USB-C inputs mean you’ll almost always have a compatible cable to recharge them, though I wish the USB-C port doubled as an output. And finally, a trickle charging mode is perfect for charging things like Bluetooth headphones, which often don’t draw enough power to prevent batteries from turning themselves off.


Normally priced at $54, it’s marked down to $38 right now, no promo code required.

Mohu Leaf Metro | $13 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

We see deals on leaf-style HDTV antennas pretty frequently, but if you won’t settle for anything less than the brand that started the trend, Amazon’s discounting the tiny Leaf Metro to just $13 today.

As the smallest antenna in Mohu’s lineup, the Metro is only rated for 25 miles under ideal circumstances (compared to 30 for the standard Leaf), so this antenna is best suited for city dwellers who live close to their local broadcast towers. Check out Lifehacker’s guide if you aren’t sure that this is right for you.

Das Keyboard Model S | $100 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You can find a mechanical keyboard for under $50 these days, but premium models are definitely worth the splurge if you spend a lot of time at your desk. Das’s legendary Model S was one of the first modern keyboards to popularize loud and clicky Cherry MX Blue switches, and the Mac keycap model is down to $100 right now on Amazon, within $10 of an all-time low.

Up to 40% Off Select Home Items | Urban Outfitters
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Urban Outfitters wants to outfit your urban (or suburban, or rural, whatever) home for less. Right now, take 30% off on-sale bedding, decor, wall art, window treatments, tapestries, throws, and more — or 40% if you’re a UO Rewards member, which you should be — all of which possess that hip and cool flair that Urban has come to be known for. Go as big as a whole new look for your bed, or as subtle as a few unique accent pieces or candles; either way, you’ll be getting a good deal.

200-Count Solimo Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags | $16 | Amazon | Clip the 20% coupon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You need trash bags. Everyone needs trash bags. But it sucks to spend a bunch of money on something that is, by definition, going straight into the trash. Amazon makes its own trash bags now (of course), and you can get a box of 200 for just $16 right now, about $.08 per bag. Even at that price, they’re not bargain basement quality; they have great reviews, and draw strings for easy closing. Just be sure to clip the 20% coupon so you don’t throw away money unnecessarily.

Sunspots Outdoor Disk LED Light, Packs of 4, 8, 16 | $18, $32, $56 | Daily Steals | Promo code KINJALED

You worked hard to make your outdoor spaces great, so why not show them off during the day and at night. With these solar-powered Sunsports LED Disk Lights — now on sale in packs of 4, 8, or 16 for $18, $32, and $56 with promo code KINJALED, respectively — you can transform your backyard and/or front lawn into a bright beacon of light in the darkness. They’ll turn on automatically and shine for eight to 10 hours in any weather conditions. Plus, you’ll probably be less likely trip over a stray branch or rock.

24-Pack Roasted and Salted Pistachios | $14 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Pistachios, in my humble opinion, are the best snack, because shelling them slows you down just enough to force you to really savor them. The problem is that I can’t stop eating them. That’s what makes these individual serving packs so great—just grab one on the way to work—and you can get 24 delivered by Amazon for just $14 right now.

Kohler Purefresh Quiet-Close Elongated Toilet Seat | $54 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

Carbon air filter! Air freshener!! Night light!!! Soft close!!!! The only thing this Kohler toilet seat is missing is a USB charger so you can dick around on your phone indefinitely while you enjoy the pleasant air fresher scent of your choice, and at $54, it’s never been cheaper.