Ozark Trail 22-Piece Camping Combo Set | $79 | Walmart
Graphic: Elizabeth Zimmerman

I have a theory that camping is what people do when their normal lives are too comfortable and easy. How else to explain the compulsion to sleep poorly and live without modern amenities? If you’re afraid your urban existence is making you soft, you can test your mettle with the Ozark Trail 22-Piece Camping Combo Set for just $79 — that’s $50 off and a pretty great price for all the stuff you get. I’m not going to list every single included item, but among them are a 4-person tent with gear loft, two sleeping bags with pillows and sleeping pads, two chairs, a lantern, and a partridge in a pear tree. JK on that last one, but maybe you could go camp somewhere that has both partridges and pear trees.