Our call for Best Travel Mug contenders was one of the biggest and most contested we’ve ever had. You’ve poured and sealed an awesome list of five nominees, and now it’s time to vote.

Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel With Easy Clean Lid

The Contigo brand garnered huge numbers of votes, probably the most we’ve ever seen for a product in the preliminary round. Contigo detractors criticized the difficulty of cleaning the previous model’s lid, which has been fixed in the newest iteration. Available in 16oz and 20oz versions and in many colors.

Zojirushi SM-SA48-BA (New) or Zojirushi SM-KHE48AG (Old)

The Zojirushi brings with it an endless list of positive critical and consumer reviews. The latest version is an improvement, though The Sweethome notes (in the article where they declare the Zojirushi to be the best travel mug), that the newer model includes a non-stick fluorine coating that some may choose to avoid. 16oz.

Thermos Stainless Steel King 16-Ounce Travel Tumbler

I have the Thermos 16oz travel tumbler. Bought it 3 years ago. It has been through lots of abuse, including bouncing off asphalt (drove off with it on top of the car). It doesn’t spill, insulates VERY well, easily disassembles for cleaning, solid construction. Every few months, I drop a denture cleaner tablet into it, let it soak, and use a Oxo brush to scrub out the stains. - theimmc

Thermos Thermo King. Stylin’, spill proof, indestructible, and keeps my morning coffee drinkable hot well past noon. Mine is dented and scratched but after 3 years of constant use still seals wonderfully, has never spilled on me while in my bag, and keeps things HOT. One of the best things about it is that is also has a great “desk mode.” Meaning you can leave it open for drinking without it losing heat very quickly, and still protecting against disastrous spills. - gunglegym

Thermos 16-Ounce Vacuum-Insulated Travel Tumbler

I bike to work and don’t have a drink carrying device on my bike. I have used lots of “leak proof” tumblers but this is the first that I can actually throw into a bag, shake it all around, and absolutely have zero leaking.

It also keeps my coffee warm all day. One day I forgot to take it out of my bag until the mid-afternoon and my coffee was still steaming hot!

All the parts of the vacuum seal come apart so it can be de-gunked. I put all the parts in the dishwasher and I never have had to deal with dank gross stenches coming out of lid-cravasses as I have with other kinds of travel mugs.

It also has a hook under the lid where you can attach a tea-bag - if you are into that kind of thing. - Tiana

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle Wide Mouth with Hydro Flip Lid, 18-Ounce

First insulated drink container that I’ve ever used that actually works worth a damn. Damn near burnt my tongue off three hours after I bought the drink. - AOClaus

My experience has been as great as yours. I have the 40 oz and use it every single day for hot tea all day at work and cold water for workouts. Near-boiling water at 6am in the office is still lukewarm when I get home at dinnertime. To say I’ve been satisfied with this is an understatement. - SandpiperAir


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