AeroGarden Gold Box | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAlliser
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AeroGarden Gold Box | Amazon

We aren’t all meant to be gardeners, and that’s fine. But the joy of eating food and herbs that you grew yourself is something everyone should enjoy, and that’s where the AeroGarden comes in. Utilizing LED grow lights, plant pods, and warnings to add more water, AeroGardens can grow your favorite herbs and vegetables year-round, indoors, even if you’re a serial plant killer.


Today on Amazon, you can grow six pods at once with the Harvest 360 for just $75, upgrade to the Harvest 360 Elite (which adds an LCD screen with more information) for $110, or opt for the larger Ultra model, which can grow seven pods, for $120. Those are all all-time low prices, but they’re only available today, so harvest these deals while they’re ripe.