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Eight Sleep's Spring Sale Sees Discounts on Pod Mattresses, Pod Pro Covers, and Accessories

Save on Pod, Pod Pro Cover, and More | Eight Sleep
Save on Pod, Pod Pro Cover, and More | Eight Sleep
Image: Eight Sleep
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Save on Pod, Pod Pro Cover, and More | Eight Sleep

It’s no secret that our readers LOVE Eight Sleep’s Pod mattress and Pod Pro Cover, as evidenced by our Co-op responses when we asked commenters about their top mattress picks as well as the overwhelming number of people that read (and are still reading) our Pod Pro Cover review. Now you can treat your back to both in this rare special offer.


For $150 off the list price, you don’t want to sleep on this Pod mattress markdown. Well, you DO want to sleep on the mattress, just not the price cut. You get me. Just hear what one of our readers had to say:

I still really love my Sleep Pod (by Eight Sleep). I wouldn’t say it’s the most comfortable mattress but I’ll forgo some of that comfort for the ability to cool/heat the bed throughout the night. During the heatwave here in California (Los Angeles to be more precise), we didn’t need to run our HVAC overnight as the bed was cool and comfortable throughout the evening. - manueld

The Pod Cover, on the other hand, isn’t a mattress at all. Instead, it’s a topper designed to add Pod-like smarts to your existing mattress. And for a limited time, it’s also $50 less. In her review of the Pod Pro Cover, our own Chaya Milchtein wrote this:

When I upgraded my mattress two years ago to a Big Fig Mattress, specifically for large-bodied people like me, I thought that I was getting the best, most luxurious sleep of my life. It was the perfect firm bed, didn’t dip or sag and I slept like a baby. And I really was getting the best sleep of my life. Until now. After sleeping for a week on the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover, it turns out I was wrong. My sleep could totally get better. And get better without having to give up my beloved Big Fig Mattress.

On our first night sleeping on the Pod Pro Cover, we each set up the bed to what we thought our preferences would be. It’s not a one size fits all, and the app allows you to set different temperatures for falling asleep, mid-sleep, and waking up. My wife runs hot at night, often waking up sweating, so she set up her side to start off warm and cozy, but cool down significantly when the bed senses she has fallen asleep. But because she initially made the bed way too cold, she woke up in the middle of the night freezing. After 2 days or so spent toying with the settings, however, we arrived at the ideal sleeping temperature for us both. Now that we’re all set, we should be good to go ‘til spring.

As for the accessories, as long as you purchase either the Pod or Pod Pro Cover, you can shave 20% off those. Among them you’ll find carbon-infused foam pillows, sheet sets, and even a foundation to plop your mattress on top of—no box spring required. If you’re looking to spend your stimulus check or tax return on something a little more practical, you can’t go wrong with Eight Sleep.


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