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Alongside all of the announcements, gaming discounts are everywhere this week. We’ll be updating this post with the best deals we come across for console, PC and everything in between, so you won’t have to go digging around for ‘em.

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If you didn’t buy enough years for $40 back on Black Friday, you can get the exact same price today on PlayStation Plus from Amazon today in celebration of E3. If you own a PlayStation 4, or are planning to buy one soon, the only question is how many of these membership years you should buy, not whether you should buy them.

Thanks to a 15% off coupon from eBay, you can pick up a standalone Xbox One S console for a low $169. That’s practically impulse buy territory on this still capable gaming machine. Better still, unlike the all-digital version, this model can play games on discs, saving you space on your 1TB HDD and lets you buy discounted and rent games.


Just add the system to your cart, and the discount will automatically be applied. With what you save, why not pick up Cuphead, too?

Hollow Knight | $7.50 | Amazon
Screenshot: Amazon

If you own a Nintendo Switch, Hollow Knight is just as essential as Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey, and at only $7.50 today, it’s a lot cheaper. And by redeeming a digital code from Amazon, you’ll receive credit for Gold coins as if you paid the full $15 price. If you bought from the eShop, you’d only be credited for the discounted price.

Seriously; the atmosphere, the map design, the controls, and particularly the music are absolutely top notch here. If you like Metroidvanias, this is a master’s thesis in the genre.

We all know that the GameCube controller is the only appropriate controller for Super Smash Bros., and now you can use one for Smash Ultimate on your Switch, no wires required.

PowerA’s GameCube gamepad connects to your Switch over Bluetooth, no dongles required, and includes everything you need to play every modern Switch game, including home and screenshot buttons, and L3 and R3 clickable sticks, which the original GameCube controller lacked. Normally $50, you can snag one for $37 today, or $40 if you really want purple.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition [PS4] | $70 | Walmart
Graphic: Walmart

Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally out next March (along with, uh, just about every other video game?), and Walmart’s currently offering a $10 discount when you preorder the Deluxe Edition.


That includes the game, a steelcase, an art book, a sound track, and some exclusive DLC. With the discount, your price only comes out to $10 more than the standard edition, so if you were going to pick up the game anyway, this is worth considering. Kotaku got a hands on with the game (and details about its new combat system) at E3 this week if you’re on the fence.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild | $50 | Walmart and Amazon

If you own a Nintendo Switch, but don’t have Breath of the Wild, first of all...huh? Second of all, a copy will cost you just $50 at Walmart, a modest markdown on one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch ever.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order 
| $52 | Amazon | Discount shown in cart
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Of the two Avengers-focused games shown off at E3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order looks to be more promising. And Amazon just inexplicably dropped preorder pricing down to $52 from the usual $60, for the Nintendo Switch.

If you already preordered, Amazon will automatically give you this price when your game ships, and if you order today and it inexplicably gets even cheaper, the same protection will apply. Just add it to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe [Digital Code] | $40 | Amazon
Donkey Kong Country: Tropic Freeze [Digital Code] | $40 | Amazon
Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition [Digital Code] | $40 | Amazon
Super Mario Odyssey [Digital Code] | $40 | Amazon
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI [Digital Code] | $40 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Save big on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country: Tropic Freeze, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, Super Mario Odyssey and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI digital codes. These are about $10-$20 off their regular price and an excellent deal if you’re going the digital route.


For what it’s worth, these are cheaper than what’s currently available on the Nintendo eShop and will yield a larger Gold Point sum when you register.

New Nintendo 2DS XL With Mario Kart 7 (Orange or Purple) | $140 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Right now, you can score a Nintendo 2DS XL bundled with a digital copy Mario Kart for $140. That’s $10 less than usual and a great way to access Nintendo’s second most important handheld gaming system’s catalog of games.

Refurb Nintendo 2DS | $50 | eBay
Refurb Nintendo 2DS XL | $100 | eBay
Refurb Nintendo 3DS XL | $120 | eBay

Right now, Nintendo’s eBay storefront is discounting a number of refurbished 2DS and 3DS models.

The Nintendo 2DS is your economy class ticket to the 3DS’s deep game library, and you can score a refurb on eBay today for just $50. But for $50 more, you can pick up a Nintendo 2DS XL refurb with larger screens and a more powerful chip. And a Nintendo 3DS XL refurb is also down to $120.

Centipede Arcade1UP Arcade Machine w/ BONUS Arcade1UP Riser | $175 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

An Arcade1Up 3/4 sized arcade cabinet would be a perfect Father’s Day gift for the geeky dad with some extra basement space, and you can get the Centipede cabinet (which also includes Millipede, Missile Command, and Crystal Castles) for just $175 today, complete with a bonus riser that brings the controls and screen up to a more ergonomic height.


The machine includes original Cabinet artwork, a faithfully recreated joystick and button arrangement, and a 17" color display. The only thing they didn’t recreate from the original arcade machine? The coin slot.

Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset (Blue or Green) | $40 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Right now, Corsair’s HS50 gaming headset will cost just $40 in Xbox green and PS4 blue.

These cans feature easily accessible volume and mute control, plus a removable mic, which is helpful if you want to use them as regular headphones on the plane.


This is the best price we’ve seen on these particular units. The HS50 often hovers around $10 more normally, so this is a solid bargain on a very capable gaming headset.

PNY 128GB MicroSD Card | $21 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

With UHS-3 speeds capable of capturing high bitrate 4K footage with ease, this 128GB PNY microSD card is one of the fastest you can buy. And at $21, it’s also one of the cheapest from a reputable manufacturer. Pop it in your dash cam, your GoPro, your tablet, or your Switch; just don’t miss this all-time low price.

HTC Vive | $480 | Amazon

If you’ve been keeping a lustful eye on the HTC Vive (and if you have a computer that can actually run the thing), it’s down to an all-time low $480 now on Amazon.

That’s only about $20 less than usual, but this thing doesn’t see discounts of any size very often. If you want to whet your appetite, here are some game ideas to mull over.

PS4 Pro | $350 | Walmart

Unlike the (more powerful) Xbox One X, the PS4 Pro has been remarkably resistant to discounts since its release. Today though in celebration of E3, you can get it for $350, down from the usual $400. Just note that it doesn’t come with any bundled games.

If you haven’t picked up the nostalgia bomb that is Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee, you can grab it for $35 today on eBay, a new all-time low price.

These games are basically modern, 3D remakes of the original Red and Blue games that you played on your Gameboy, and while they’re a bit easy by modern Pokémon standards, the series has never looked so good.

It’s perfect to kill time before Pokemon Shield and Sword come out.

Humble Monthly | $12 | Humble
Screenshot: Tercius Bufete

This month’s Humble Monthly games include Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Moonlighter. And as always, more games will unlock every Friday until the end of the month.

If you’re not familiar, Humble Monthly is a $12 per month subscription service and releases a cache of PC games each month, plus 10% off in the Humble Store, and extra benefits on certain Humble Bundles. The best part? Even if you cancel your membership, every game you add to your Steam library is yours to keep.

CORSAIR K65 LUX RGB Mechanical Keyboard | $80 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Corsair makes some of your favorite mechanical gaming keyboards, and their K65 RGB model is marked down to $80 today, a couple of bucks off the best price we’ve ever seen.

Marvel’s Spider-Man [PS4] | $20 | Amazon
Screenshot: Amazon

Marvel’s Spider-Man features all the web-slinging fun you could want in an open world Spider-Man game, and it’s down to $20 today on Amazon, an all-time low. And yes, it has the Sam Raimi suit now.

Additionally, you can pick up “The City That Never Sleeps” DLC for a low $16.

Kingdom Hearts III (PS4 and Xbox) | $25 | Amazon

If you’ve somehow managed to keep track of Kingdom Hearts’ story over the years—or even if you haven’t, and just want to enjoy a bizarre mashup of Disney and Square Enix IPKingdom Hearts III is down to an all-time low $25 on PS4 and Xbox One today.

Sony PlayStation Classic Console | $30 | Amazon and Walmart
Sony PlayStation Classic Console (Open Box) | $28 | eBay

The PlayStation Classic doesn’t have Suikoden II, which means it’s a skip for me. But people who know better than me say it’s relatively straightforward to add some yourself. And even if you don’t bother hacking it, there’s still plenty worthwhile pre-loaded games to keep you entertained.

While $100 was a lot to ask, this sale makes it *a lot* easier to just bite the bullet and buy it for $30 already. And if you want an even bigger discount, eBay has a few open-box units for just $28.

DualShock 4 | $40 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

$40 is about as good a deal as you’re likely to see on the DualShock 4 outside of Black Friday. Best of all, it’ll work with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV once iOS 13 comes out in the fall.

The Last of Us Remastered | $10 | Amazon
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition | $10 | Walmart
Graphic: Shep McAllister

They aren’t new games by any means (one is actually a remaster of a PS3 game), but The Last of Us Remastered and Horizon Zero Dawn are basically mandatory inclusions in any PS4 game library. Now, for E3, both of them are marked down to $10. The Horizon Zero Dawn deal is even for the complete edition!

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller | $50 | Amazon
Graphic: Shep McAllister

The Switch Pro controller isn’t just one of the best ways to control your Nintendo Switch, it might be one of the best gamepads ever made, period. If you have a Switch and still haven’t picked one up, $50 is about $15 less than usual.


If you’re thinking “but I have a pair of Joy-Con and the grip thing; what do I need this for,” know that I felt the same way for a long time. But when I finally caved and bought a Pro controller for a Super Smash get-together a few months ago, there was no turning back. It’s so much more comfortable to hold, and the buttons are so much bigger and nicer to press. I’m angry that I waited so long.

If you’ve ever had your game controller die in the middle of a game, you know true pain. In 2019, this should be a thing of the past, but shit happens and people forget to charge their controllers or change batteries. You don’t have to worry about this issue if you have a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, thanks to Amazon. Right now, you can get an AmazonBasics Charging Dock for Switch Pro Controller with USB Cable for only $5. Now, hopefully, you’ll remember to dock your controller when you’re done playing for the night.

Xbox One X 1TB Black Console NKA 2K19 Bundle | $300 | eBay
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you’ve been waiting to buy an Xbox One X, now is the time to spend your money. As a probable tie-in to the NBA Finals, you can get an Xbox One X 1TB Black Console NKA 2K19 Bundle for only $300 on eBay, the discount will appear at checkout. The bundle includes a black controller and Xbox One X, as well as a digital download of NBA 2K19. The Xbox One X has an AMD Octa-core CPU, 12GB RAM, 1TB HD, and 4K Blu-ray and streaming.

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit | $40 | Walmart
Nintendo Labo Robot Kit | $40 | Walmart
Nintendo Labo VR Kit | $40 | Walmart

Labo is Nintendo at its weird, wonderful best. The cardboard Variety Kit can turn your Nintendo Switch into a fishing pole, a motorcycle, a piano, and more fun toys. Again, this is cardboard!

So if you have a Switch and you have a kid (that second part is optional, it’s okay to play with this yourself), $40 is a solid $30 discount on the Variety Kit, VR, and the Robot Kit, which literally turns your Switch into a freakin’ mech suit, is also on sale for $40 at Walmart and $38 on Amazon.)

Cuphead [Digital Copy] | $17 | Humble and Amazon

Cuphead was simultaneously one of the best looking and most brutally challenging games of 2017, and you can pick up a Switch digital download from Humble and Amazon today for $17.

Of course, Nintendo’s eShop is also offering it at the same price but you’ll get more Gold Coins buying it from these retailers since they’ll base what you get from MSRP and not the sale price.