Philips Hue Refurbished Gold Box | Amazon
Photo: Amazon
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We’re expecting to see quite a few Philips Hue deals on Black Friday, but the prices won’t get anywhere close to what you’ll find in today’s Gold Box.

The one caveat here is that they’re certified refurbished (for the most part). But on the other hand...they’re lightbulbs; you plug them in and forget about them. So should it really make a difference? I don’t think it should when you can get a four-bulb color starter kit for $115, a white ambiance starter kit for $78, or a white starter kit for $51.

If you already have a Hue system, you can grab individual color bulbs for $25, easily the best price we’ve ever seen. There are also LightStrips, LightStrip extensions, and more on sale for incredibly low prices. The deal is only available today, but honestly, I’ll be surprised if it lasts through lunch.