Dolls and Accessories Gold Box
Graphic: Elizabeth Zimmerman
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It’s extremely likely that at least one child in your life enjoys playing with dolls. (If not, cheap toys can still be a worthy purchase.) Today’s Gold Box is a dream come true for kids who love make believe, with a selection of dolls and accessories — houses, pets, clothes, and more — to take tangible Sims-ing to the next level.

It’s not practical to keep a full-size photo booth in most homes, but dolls can totally do it. Living horses are expensive to take care of, but plastic ones require no maintenance. We have no actual royalty in America, but a handful of Barbie-sized Disney princess dolls are down to $6, which is as low as you can ever expect to see. Vicariously living your best life is what imaginative play is all about, so don’t miss out on the chance to make doing that even more fun.